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Bamboo-Yellow Phulkari Embroidered Dupatta from Punjab with Sequins

Bamboo-Yellow Phulkari Embroidered Dupatta from Punjab with Sequins
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Phulkari ('phul' means 'flower' in the vernacular, while 'kari' means 'embroidery') plays a very important role in the life of a Punjabi lady. She is given one by her grandmother at the time of her birth; wears one during the all-important phere ( as an integral part of her trousseau); and wears one when she steps out for the first time after becoming a mother. The dupatta that you see on this page is more than a fashionable odhni that would merely look great at a party or a pooja. It is a slice of history, a work of folk art that you could wear. From the vibrant colours of the phulkari to the sequins that punctuate the embroidery, this one is a characteristically cheerful number.

Traditionally phulkaris were not commercially produced. They were the domain of women who made these wonderful textiles at home for the daughters and other women of the subsequent generation. It is no wonder then if this gorgeous dupatta, should you decide to buy this, becomes a precious hand-me-down in your family. It is long and luscious, decidedly youthful in its appeal, and fashionable in a way that will not fall out of trend. An ethnic classic, this piece of folk fashion would more of an investment in your wardrobe.

Item Code: SWE51
6.4 ft x 3.8 ft

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