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Sari from Punjab with Phulkari Embroidery in Self and Golden Border

Butterfly Green
Caviar Black
Celery Green
Oyster White
Sterling Blue
Warm Apricot
Sari from Punjab with Phulkari Embroidery in Self and Golden Border
Despite its translucent appearance, chiffon is a very strong fabric. Made with twisted yarns, often with a shell-edged hem, it is the fabric of choice when it comes to the saree-clad actresses of Hindi cinema or any Indian woman with a predilection for soft, intimate allure. The diaphanous saree that you see on this page is one such chiffon number. It is youthful, and available in a variety of statement-making colours - from ivory and black to pastels such as azure and green, and black.

The elegance of this saree lies in the simplicity of its embroidery. The same motifs that are to be found on the solid-coloured field are on the pleats and end-piece as well. They are embroidered using the famous phulkari (‘phul’ is the regional word for ‘flower’, ‘kari’ for ‘embroidery’) technique of Punjabi fashion. Zoom in on the willowy wintry flowers that add some degree of opacity to the foundation chiffon. This number would make for a great conversation-starter at casual days-out and informal luncheons.

Sari Add-ons
Item Code: SDK95
Blouse/Underskirt Tailormade to Size

Phulkaaree was the original Punjabi word for 'embroidery' itself, which has now evolved to stand for a highly specialised variety of embellishment prolific in North India. The technique that yields phulkaaree embellishment is highly specialised - the embroidery is done beginning at the centre with raw silk floss on the purest Indian cottons, which then proceeds to spread to the whole fabric. As you can see from the different colours this saree is available in, the results yielded by this endemic method of embroidery are unique. Team it with the lighter gold ornaments in your collection and wear it to informal, daytime gatherings - but be ready to answer all the questions of where you got this from!


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