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Kutch & Gujarati Bedspreads

From The Looms Of Gujarat

Gujarat is famous for its earthy Indian culture and its handcrafted textiles that are a rage across the subcontinent and beyond. Typically characterised by riotous colours, folk prints and patches, and a finish that is at once traditional and quirky, home decor fashioned in Gujarat promise to cheer up your space like no other. These bedspreads, each of which haven been woven from homegrown base fabrics using endemic techniques, are not only aesthetically stunning but also undyingly fashionable.

The colour palette includes creamy whites and ivories, pale pastels, and bright earthy tones that would cheer you up after a long day. The motifs are distinctly Indian folk - richly adorned elephants, elongated paisleys, complex booties and florals. Each of these have been fashioned from pure homegrown cottons, designed for maximum comfort and aesthetic appeal. For a look and feel that remind you of all things Indian and that have got to do with home, a few picks from this section is a must.