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Item Code: NAJ734
Publisher: Divya Prakashan, Haridwar
Author: Shyami Parashar
Language: English
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 8189235605
Pages: 541 (15 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 9.0 inch x 6.0 inch
Weight 600 gm
Fully insured
Fully insured
Shipped to 153 countries
Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
100% Made in India
100% Made in India
23 years in business
23 years in business
Book Description
Back of The Book

The head office of the world famous Divya Yog Mandir Trust is located in Kripalu Bagh Ashram in Kankhal. Kripalu Bagh Ashram was founded by Kripalu Dev Maharaj in 1932, who originally be- longed to the brave land of Mewar (Rajasthan). His name prior to his initiation to Sannyas was Yati Kishore Chandra. During the Freedom Movement, Yati Kishore Chandra played a successful role of a constructive revolutionary. He had intimate and affectionate relations with Swami Shraddhanandaji, founder of the Gurukul Kangri University. Later, he came in close contact with Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Madan Mohan Malviya, Motilal Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi, Chittaranjan Das, Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi, V J Patel, Hakim Azmal Khan among others.

Yati Kishore Chandra associated himself with the Bengal Revolutionaries and undertook the hazardous task of publishing their newspapers 'Yugantar' and 'Lokantar' in North India. The Bengal Revolutionary Party was responsible for the Delhi Bomb blasts, master-minded by Ras Behari Bose. The British Government had announced a reward of three lakh rupees for any clues about Ras Behari Bose. Yati Kishore Chandra sheltered him in his ashram in the jungle. Having led the life of a freedom fighter and a revolutionary, Yati Kishore Chandra developed an intense interest in spirituality and became an accomplished Yogi. In 1968, he bid farewell to the world.

His disciples have undertaken the management of Kripalu Dev Ashram Bagh the holy place of revolution, Yog and spirituality with devotion and dedication. Shri Swami Shankar Dev is one link in the same chain whose disciple is Swami Ramdevji Maharaj who has illuminated the ashram with the divine light of Yog, Ayurved and Vedic culture and spread its glory in the whole world.

The life sketch of such an austere saint will definitely prove to be a great help in inspiring the common Indians towards spirituality and awakening a new consciousness in them.



Swami Ramdevji's centre of activity, Kripalu Bagh Ashram, Kankhal was established in 1932 by his guru, Swami Kripalu Devji - who was the divine light and saint luminary of his times. The multi-faceted activities of this ashram are reflective of the multi-dimensional personality of Swami Kripalu Devji. He was a detached ascetic and a spiritualist. However, he had great love for the country, religion and culture. He was deeply devoted to the Ganga river, and the Geeta (the religious book of Hindus) and the cow. His life had been devoted to God from the time of his birth. He delved deep into the spirit to discover the mysteries of life. He was a very bold and daring person who enjoyed playing with dangers. His life was full of miracles. His life was elevated from the desires for son, wealth and fame. He never tried to propagate himself. He was devoted to yog practice and at the same time worked actively to open schools, a library and reading room. He published a journal 'Vishwa Gyan Patrika' as well. He wrote poetry and prose. He fought for the protection of the cow and against communalism. His contributions to the freedom struggle are valuable. His life is not only excitingly adventurous but also very inspiring.

About 65 years ago, his devoted disciple Pt Shyamji Parashar wrote his biography in Hindi on his illustrious life (in majestic year 1996) as the 8th flower to Mother Shiv Devi Smarak and published it on behalf of Rashtriya Nirrnan Granth Mala, Karol Bagh, New Delhi in March 1940. The first edition of two thousand copies was distributed on the spot. Evidently, his followers were in thousands. Only one copy of this rare and valuable book was available with Swamiji's disciple and the current manager of the ashram, Swami Shankar Devji. However, when Divya Yog Trust wanted to get it published it had disappeared mysteriously. They searched for this book in various libraries in Hardwar in vain. Dr Surendra Singh Kadiyan, the Managing Editor of 'Yog Sandesh' who was pursuing the matter actively, looked for a copy of the book in many libraries of Hardwar but could not find one. Then one day in the ashram he accidentally met an old disciple of Swami Kripalu Devji - Lehrilal Paliwal, Mahavir Colony, Badh Village, Bedla Road, Udaipur who possessed a copy of the book. He lent the book and Diamond Pocket Books began working on it by getting the matter typed on the computer. When the proofs of the book were being seen the manuscript got misplaced by whose fault, no one knows. But, since some pages were torn and a few chapters were incomplete its publication got delayed. When Dr Surendra Singh Kadiyan spoke about his problem to Acharya Satyanand Naishtik he said that he had a copy of the book in his collection. Finally, with the help of Satyanandji Naishtik the book reached the stage of publication. Therefore, he deserves our special gratitude. Shri Lehrulal Paliwal undoubtedly deserves our sincere gratitude.

With the grace of God, we are happy to present the English edition of this book to the readers despite the various obstacles. We are grateful to Divya Yog Mandir Trust for their cooperation. Divya Yog Mandir Trust is carrying on the work started by Swami Kripalu Devji not only in India but the whole world. By making the Ayurvedic stream of medicine popular, Divya Yog Mandir is teaching the importance of indigenous treasures to the Indians. While Swami Kripalu Devji fought for the freedom of the country, Divya Yog Mandir Trust is fighting with the multi-na- tional companies for the cultural and economic freedom of India. There is no doubt that we will be successful in this holy war because our struggle has begun from the holy land of Saint Kripalu Devji Maharaj from which we derive constant inspiration and spiritual strength.

This book has changed the perspectives of thousands of people, of which the disciple tradition of Swami Kripalu Devji Maharaj is a living testimony. Swami Shyamji Parashar was a prolific writer, and he wrote this biography with devotion in the presence of Swami Kripalu Devji. The readers will find a pleasant mix of prayer, devotion, yog, sadhna, spirituality, patriotism, social service, religion, culture and humanity in it. On behalf of Divya Yog Mandir Trust I am deeply grateful to all the people who have made it possible to bring out this English edition of the book and hope that it will once again touch the heights of its popularity and inspire readers.



Saints are the glory of the nation and the lives of saints are the immortal treasures of the nation. The lives of saints are like light houses that show the way to wayward travelers. Whenever life has become miserable for the multitudes, whenever atrocities have crossed all limits of tolerance, saints appear to find solutions, to provide the healing touch and to allay their suffering. For as long as the sun and moon illuminate the universe the holy Ganga will adorn the neck of this our motherland, India. For as long as the great guardian Himalaya unfurls the glorious flag on the highest peaks of Kanchanjunga and so long as Varuna Dev (the god of waters) washes the feet of Mother India who can forget the great sages of Indian history - Vishwamitra, Parshuram, Buddha, Shankar, Mahavir, Gyaneshwar, Guru Ramdas, Guru Tegh Bahadur, Guru Gobind Singh, Rishi Dayanand and Mahatma Gandhi?

Saints are the foundation of Vedic culture. When, in the last millennium, India was reeling under the consecutive invasions of Ghazni, Nadir Shah and Gauri Shah, it tolerated everything with the belief that the promise made by the Lord will be fulfilled:

A handful of saints have come and changed the picture from time to time. If we are desirous of awakening the spirit of the nation, if we want to eradicate poverty, slavery, and ignorance from the world and if we want our future and the future of our children to be bright, we must study the lives of these saints and learn from them.

I am presenting the eighth flower in the series of national reconstruction. I hope that it will be received as warmly as my previous books, Bharat Sandesh, Jawahar Digvijay Bharat me in Swarg etc. (all in Hindi).

In this book I have written the life sketch of a mahatma, a great man. I met him for the first time two years ago in the Kumbha Mela. He had organized the Hindu-Navjeevan Conference presided by Shree Khushal Chand Khursand (Mahatma Anand Swami), which was the result of this great man's untiring efforts. I had heard a lot about him from my dear friends and got an opportunity to spend some days with him. That was when I got the idea to present his life story in the Rashtra Nirman Granth Mala to inspire the youth of the country, which will do a lot of good to the country and the community. It was with this hope that I got the courage to get this book published.

Readers will find an image of selfless service in every action of the hero of this book. Readers will find the life force that he longed to attain spread all over Sant Darshan and will feel blessed. It is an attempt to catch the spirit of detached action and pure devotion of Swami Kripalu Devji. He combined in himself the devotion of Prahlad, the determination of Dhruva, the fearlessness of Balbir Shakuntal, the courage of Rama, the ethics of Krishna, the renunciation of Buddha, the austerities of Mahavir, the wisdom of Shankar, the tolerance of Guru Nanak Dev, the bravery of Sarnrath Guru Ramdas, the self confidence of Vairagi, the celibacy of Rishi Dayanand, the patriotism of Rana Pratap, the spirit of sacrifice of Guru Gobind Singh, the popularity of Jawahar and the innocence of a rustic saint in his multi-dimensional personality. Readers will find hope and courage to deal with erstwhile hopeless situations in life.

I am grateful to the publishers for bringing out this book in spite of the economic crisis after the Second World War. I have not left any stone unturned in doing my duty. However, if there is any shortcoming in the book, I hope the readers will pardon me for it.




Part I The Brave Child 5
1 Mewar- Land of the Brave 7
2 A Unique Flower 10
3 An Unusual Child 16
4 Phool Kunwar 21
5 A Promising Lad 24
6 Inside the Belly of a Crocodile 27
7 Parting with a Friend 32
8 A Wandering Traveller 35
9 The Unique Pair 40
10 Education in Bedla 44
11 The Kashi Obsession 47
12 Towards Kashi Again 50
13 In the City of Baba Vishwanath 55
14 A Dream 57
15 From Kashi to Hardwar on Foot 61
Part II On theWaytoUttrakhand 67
16 In the Camp of Robbers 69
17 The Mystery of the Secret Cave 74
18 The Shrine's Ascetic 79
19 Congregation of Adhori Saints 84
20 Meeting of Saints 90
21 In Hardwar 94
22 Day One in Hardwar 96
23 From Phool Kunwar to Nand Kishore 99
Part III   103
24 Brahmachari Nand Kishore 105
25 The Perplexing Business of Witchcraft 112
26 On the Testing Ground 121
27 Deliverance of a Leper 130
28 Memories of Previous Life 134
29 The Second Fire-Test 138
30 Enhancing Physical Strength 145
31 At the Feet of the Master 151
32 The Glory of the Redeeming Mantr 163
33 Meeting with the Kings 171
34 Missing Ikling 174
35 The Intoxication of Love 177
Part IV The Ascetic, Yati Kishore Chandra 183
36 The Ascetic, Yati Kishore Chandr 184
37 The Lover 188
38 In the Lap of the Lord 193
39 Neither Here nor There 196
40 On the Path to Infinity 201
41 A Journey to Paradise 204
42 Mysterious Sages at Neel Kanth 207
43 The Mountain Fairies 211
44 Journey to Siddha-Strot 214
45 The King of Ayodhya 218
46 Pilgrimage to Shakumbhari Devi 222
47 A Friendly Dog 228
48 Beehive on Neel Parbat 233
49 A Unique Sight at Daksh Ghat 235
50 A Visit to Siddhanath 239
51 In the Group of Fakirs 243
Part V The Freedom Lover 247
52 A Meeting with Lolananya Tilak 249
53 Anand Sewak Panth - The Path of Blissful Service 253
54 The Volunteer of Kumbh Mela 262
55 The Nature Worshipper 269
56 The First Flag of Independence 275
57 The Two Newspapers- Yugantar and Lokantar 279
58 Teaching CID a Lesson 285
59 Attack on Lord Hardinge 290
60 To Hell with Three Lakhs! 295
61 Rasbehari in Benaras 301
62 The Devil in the Form of Giriji 305
63 Bharatiji's Debt 309
64 The Martyrs' Blood 315
65 Amritsar Congress 318
66 The Katarpur Case 321
67 Protection of Cow Worshippers 326
68 The Brave Soldier 332
69 A Strange Scene at Sultanpur 343
70 In the Guise of a Mulla 353
71 Author of Many Books 361
72 In the Storm of Gandhi 366
73 In the Burning Holi 372
74 The Ideal Patriot 375
75 Incarnation of Self-Respect 378
76 Gifting the Library to Mahatma Hansraj 384
Part VI Traveller on the Blissful Path 387
77 Yatiji's Nag Kutiya 389
78 A Yogi's Strange Play 393
79 Sant Darshan 403
80 Spiritual Current 409
81 Profound Secrets of Yoga 415
82 The Form of Death 423
83 Outcome of Pure Thought 433
84 Two Child-Rishis in the Sound of Aum 437
85 Sant Literature 440
86 Lion in Moni River 459
87 Yogic Miracle 464
88 The Singer 470
89 The Wheel of Purity 475
90 The Bugle for Organization 477
91 Yatiji and Sanyas 480
92 Swami Kripalu Dev 482
Part VII Sant Kripalu Dev 483
93 To Kashmir with the Guru 485
94 All India Pilgrimage 490
95 Kailash Darshan 499
96 From Mansarovar to Nepal 503
97 The Liberating Gita 206
98 Vedanta Sudha 515
99 Vishwa-Gyan Mandir 523
100 Hindu Rejuvenation Conference 530
  Epilogue: Rashtra Dharma Mahamandal 533
  Appendix: Towards Life's Evening 538

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