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embroidered borders

Width - 1.7 inch / 3.0 cms

The Diversity Of Indian Embroideries

Diversity is India's forte. The breadth of religion, language, and thought within the subcontinent has captures the imagination of travellers and artists (and invaders) since time immemorial. Needless to say, such eclectic variety spills over into its food and temperament and fashion. When it comes to fashion, the sheer variety of fabrics and weaves and embroideries is enough to stun the ethnic fashionista. A wide selection of these embroideries characterises the borders and patches in this section.

From dense zardozi to luxuriant threadwork coated in gold and silver (zari), from one-of-a-kind pieces handpicked from Banaras to superbly fashionable mainstream motifs (paisleys, petals, the works), these skilfully embroidered embellishments would enable your outfit to make a glamorous statement. The palette ranges from vibrant pastels to irresistible metallics, and the motifs employed are distinctly Indian.