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Restart or reset your love life with astrology

Dating is loaded up with misleading beginnings, unfortunate projections, and heaps of experimentation. So couldn't having some knowledge about expected lovers before the final meeting be useful? What's more, since both parties deserve equal credit here, it's consistently useful to acquire a more profound comprehension of your assets and shortcomings with regard to sentiment. As per the lessons of astrology, the main data you really want for more understanding into the experience of dating somebody is in their birthday. A sun sign is fixed by date of birth; somebody's sun sign addresses their personality. However sun signs are just the start of a more perplexing visionary investigation, even the eldest pro astrologers actually consider them fundamentally significant. The sun sign uncovers how we connect with the world, and how we oversee relational elements. It additionally reveals insight into our assets and shortcomings and the manner in which we explore connections. 

A few signs are excessively hopeful (Aries, Gemini), while others lead with a more reasonable methodology (Virgo, Capricorn). While getting a handle on another relationship, certain signs look for strength (Cancer, Libra), while others are about blazing energy (Leo, Scorpio). Each sign has its own novel approach to taking care of connections, and understanding the subtleties of each approach is significant. Whether you have chosen to propose to your first love with a novel wedding band for women or go in for an arranged marriage, understanding your life partner and their personality is vital. It can assist you with developing conjugal similarity and work on your relationship. We as a whole realize that Venus is the planet of adoration. It is named the Goddess of affection, magnificence, and delight, so it's a good idea that it rules over these equivalent regions in astrology. It is about esteem.

It administers your relationship to money, style, and what you see as sumptuous. Be that as it may, maybe more famously, our Venus signs educate us regarding our way of cherishing and romancing — how we are a tease, show fondness, experience erotic joy, fall head over heels, and value our connections, and the list goes on. In this way, in the event that Venus is your ruling planet, you are honoured in light of the fact that you have a strong association with affection and friendship, and your life will be loaded up with affection and sentiment. In the event that you are a Taurus or Libra, view yourself as fortunate in light of the fact that Venus is your ruling planet. Venus will impact your character, and you will continuously have a feminine substance. On account of Venus' impact, you will be delicate, touchy, and empathetic. It will likewise make you more understanding and serene, and the effect on your character will be unlimited. It will impact your personality, yet it will likewise influence your relationship.


Q1. What happens if planet Venus is in the wrong position?

Venus is accepted to be great in the second, third, fourth, seventh, and twelfth houses. In the event that Venus is in any previously mentioned positions, it will positively affect you. Be that as it may, it is negative in the event that Venus is in the first, 6th, or 10th houses. These circumstances are believed to be hurtful, and consequently, Venus' erroneous position will have various negative ramifications in your day-to-day existence. You can have numerous arguments and issues in your love life, and marriage may likewise become difficult to stay in. You can not deal with your feelings, which will impact your way of behaving, and you might end up doing destructive things to yourself. Since Venus administers love, friendship, and feelings, it essentially influences love connections assuming it is in a horrible position.

Q2. What is the difference between the sun sign and the moon sign?

The word ‘sun sign’ mostly rules the horoscope section, a point where most people begin their journey with astrology. Sun sign, simply put, is the position of the Sun at the time of birth. It determines the individual’s true nature, what he is drawn to, and how much effort they will put in to achieve their desires. It largely talks about their self-image and their will to fulfill their purpose. The Moon moves around the Earth swiftly and hence, can decipher the day to day operations and sensations. It foretells the inner core emotions, and abilities which are then reliant on the circumstances, and provisions. Moon also throws light on the individual’s childhood and can depict any tangible actions or instincts that may have developed since.

Q3. How do I know my marriage is love or arranged in astrology?


The conjunction of the lords of the fifth and seventh houses indicates a love marriage. The interchange of the fifth and seventh Lords in each other's zodiac sign (Rashi), also known as parivartan yoga, indicates a love marriage. When the birth chart or Kundali has a Rahu-Moon combination or when Moon combines with Mercury that means a love marriage. A love marriage is certain when Venus joins this combination or Planets such as the moon, Venus, or Rahu are placed in the chart.


Astrologers also look at the connections between the 2nd, 5th, 7th, and 11th houses during marriage yoga analysis. If Moon connects to the 7th house lord or is aspected by Saturn or Mars, it is your love marriage.

Q4. Does astrology affect love marriage?


Yes, horoscope/natal chart in Astrology does matter in love marriage. The Kundli or horoscope is the governor of all the aspects of human life, and marriage is, therefore, no different. The planets, stars, and heavenly bodies do have an impact on marriage, even love marriages. One’s birth chart indicates clearly whether he will have a Love Marriage or an Arranged Marriage. When Planets Saturn and Venus combine, it will lead to a relationship breakup. As Venus is responsible for the success in love but if it is weak, it can also lead to breakup.


When there is a threat to someone’s love life due to Manglik dosha then certain remedies, and suggestions are provided to wait a few years before entering into marriage.

Q5. Which line in hand is for love marriage?


Definitions of love line: a crease on the palm- palmists says it indicates one’s emotional nature.


Synonyms: heart line, love line.


Type of: crease, crinkle, furrow, line, seam, wrinkle (a slight depression in the smoothness of a surface).


The marriage line sits just above the love line. The heart line or Love line is a short, small line above the love line starting immediately under/below the base of the little finger. It reflects one's romantic relationships and marriage. If one has an affection line or two, he has a strong relationship that will span through his whole life.

Q6. Which house belongs to marriage?


In a horoscope, the 7th is the house of marriage. Astrologically speaking, the second, eighth, and 12th house play a very important role in marriage. The conjunction of Rahu and Venus in planets of Libra, Pisces, and Scorpio, or Houses like 5th, 8th, and 2nd gives a strong indicator that the native will have Love Marriage. The combination of Arudha Lagna and Upapada Lagna increases the chance of a Love Marriage.


Rahu and badly afflicted Venus's placement in the 7th house give multiple marriages. Positioning of the 7th house lord in the 4th house again leads to the second marriage. The placement of Mars in the 7th house and Saturn or Rahu in the 8th house also indicates a second marriage.