3 inch Height
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16.0" Necklace Length2.6" Earrings Height
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17.0" Length
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16.5 inch Length
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17.5 inch Length
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18.0 inches Necklace Length2.2 inches Earrings Height
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17.0" Length
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29" Length6.3" Dangle Height
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Ethereal Ornamental Beauty: Fascinating Pearl Necklaces For Women

Pearl necklaces are the symbol of elegance, charm, and beauty. They have been adorned by rich and sophisticated women for centuries and they continue to captivate every woman’s heart. The lustrous pearls are gemstones which are extensively used in making captivating jewelry pieces. Although white pearls come in different shapes and sizes, round or oval pearls are commonly found and seen. The colors of pearls range from pure white or cream yellow to silver. Apart from its visual appeal, Pearl is associated with several attributes such as wisdom, royalty, and protection.

A stunning Pearl necklace is an excellent piece of jewelry to enhance your attire and be the head turner wherever you go. The vast collection that you see on this page showcases a wide range of classic styles of handpicked Pearl necklaces that you can wear on any occasion. From simple and elegant designs to wear every day to more intricate and elaborately designed necklaces, this assortment has everything for you.

All these masterpieces exhibit excellent craftsmanship to the core. Some of the Pearl necklaces come with matching earrings and are studded with other gemstones that complement the Pearl stones wonderfully. The base structure of these jewelry pieces is highly durable sterling silver, an alloy of pure silver and copper. The soothingly radiating sterling silver glorifies the mystical appearance of pearl gems. Choose your favorite necklace and adorn your neck with the enchanting beauty of Pearls to level up your outfit. This opulent jewelry also makes a timeless gift for your loved ones to put a joyous smile on their face.

Q. Why choose a Pearl necklace?

The natural radiance of Pearls appears extremely magnificent and makes it stand out from other gemstones. A Pearl necklace complements all skin tones and goes well with almost any type of outfit such as casual wear, formal wear, a flowy dress, and party wear.

Q. Can I wear a pearl necklace with casual outfits?

Yes, you can absolutely pair a pearl necklace with casual outfits. The smooth and lustrous appearance of pearls will add an element of unmatched grace and sophistication to your overall attire. Going for a simple chained Pearl necklace would be an excellent choice for complementing a basic outfit. 

Q. How should I care for a pearl necklace to maintain its luster?

Although pearls are durable and strong, they still require care to maintain their natural beautiful luster. It is advised not to expose your Pearl necklace to harsh chemicals, lotions and perfumes as they take away their shine. Do not forget to remove it when going to sleep and keep it in a clean jewelry box, separate from other jewelry pieces to avoid scratches and abrasions.