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Showing 1 to 10 of 959 results

Sterling Silver Pendant with Rose Quartz Stone

A jewel that has its own beauty to tell! Rose quartz range from rose-red to pale pink with a cloudy texture and the same can be well observed in this pear-cut stone pendant. Although the design and style are very basic, this simplicity is the key factor for enhancing the elegance of this rose quartz pendant. The sterling silver frame attached around the circumference induces a contrasting shine to the dull hue of this rose quartz gemstone. The stylized hook at the top is the chain supporter that helps the pendant easily hang on any chain of your choice.

You can pair up this beauteous jewel with any of your sober attires like a sari, suit, or any other western or Indo-western outfits to have their best use. Rose quartz not only escalates your beauty and personality, but it also emits strong vibes of love and compassion, hence also called the stone of universal love. Purchase this pendant and spread love and beauty within and around.


Embellished Laughing Buddha (Tibetan Buddhist)

Budai was a historical Chinese monk who was introduced to the popular name, Laughing Buddha because of his jolly nature, always smiling face and fat belly. It is strongly believed that he is oozing good luck and great fortune and because of his benevolent nature; he came to be regarded as an incarnation of the Boddhisattvas who will be Maitreya (future Buddha). He is available in various postures and each posture holds a significant meaning. With happy eyes and a carefree and charming face, a Laughing Buddha can be an immediate mood lifter and can also take away stress and financial worries.

The sculpture shown here is carved in wood in a realistic posture in a blend of red, yellow, gold, and wine shade. Laughing Buddha holds a great significance in feng shui; he stands erect with his hands up and palms facing upward holding a lotus carved bowl and an ingot (ball) in each open palm symbolizing abundance and prosperity. It is said that if you rub his oversized belly, you can be an achiever of good luck. He is garbed in a multi-shaded robe, scored gracefully in a plethora of stylized floral patterns; his robe falls beautifully on his legs from the front in a flower petal style. Entire body is beautifully decorated with large floral golden patches accentuating the elegant and divine carving.

To beautify his work, the sculptor has chosen to ornament this sculpture in alluring jewels of Buddha's faces- two beaded necklaces having laughing Buddha pendant, robe ornamented with similar kinds of Buddha beads, earrings styled in bearded Buddha heads which complement with the similar heads decorated at the back of his robe along with two semicircular vines loaded with fruits and leaves.

The sculptor’s professional skills and laborious time is enlightened by the way he has highlighted each and every aspect of Buddha’s iconography and the realistic look of his smile.

Fine Quality Peacock Urli with Diyas and Hanging Bells
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Fine Quality Peacock Urli with Diyas and Hanging Bells

In South Indian culture, lamps are very much popular and that’s why it involves a huge variety of lamps out of which ‘Urli’ is considered to be an auspicious holy lamp. This is a royal and rich looking ‘Urli Lamp’ with decorative bells along with beautiful peacocks adorned around it. The use of depiction of creatures like peacocks represents the power of brightness and importance of the environment around us as it is also a way of representing the heritage of our nature along with such an amazing assembled craft.

Urli is a great invention of India and it also spreads happiness and joy among the siblings of the house. In festivals such as Diwali, Kartik Maas, Dhanteras, and Gurunanak Jayanti, Urli is used in decoration on the floors along with the colorful rangolis which brings out a vibrant look.

This Urli is very much spacious and thus it can be filled with a good amount of water and flower decoration. The small and little diyas around the spherical radius of this composition adds a highlight to this masterpiece.

Sterling Silver Pendant with Black Onxy Stone

Tantalizing and amiable, this ravishing pendant styled with onyx gemstone delicately will give mesmerizing vibes. The pendant is filled with the black charm and the spiritual properties of this stone. The beauty and elegance of this chic will incite your neckline with its ethereal design.


The black onyx stone is best known for its protective properties. The purpose of this luscious black stone is to aid stop the depletion of energy of the wearer by transforming and assimilating negative energy at the same time. The black onyx gemstone is grounding and protective and due to its black color, it merges each hue of the spectrum. The black color help with assistance and in communicative skills like adaptability and communication.


Majestic Cubic Zirconia Designer Pendant
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Majestic Cubic Zirconia Designer Pendant

This stunning designer pendant is styled with cubic zirconia stone makes a fashion statement. The dazzling necklace pendant is a mark of beauty with its bewitching look that will look enticing on you. The deep historical meaning of the precious cubic zirconia stone will enhance the value of this pendant.


Cubic zirconia stone escalates clarity that eliminates the ego and, promotes the focus.  This stone is also known as the stone of practicality. It is also used to exclude illusion and remove selfishness.  

Bhagawan Parashurama With Shiva Linga

Bhagwan Shri Parshuram is the ansh avatar of Supreme Personality of Godhead ‘Shri Vishnu’. He was incarnated on earth to fight against ‘Adharma’ and has performed huge tapasayas (Meditating on the Lotus feet of God while leaving all the comforts for a long time). By Varna, he is a Brahmin and has huge beards and shreds as we can see in the depiction.

Here in the sculpture, we can see the characteristic features of Lord Parshuram. He is a devotee of Lord Shiva thus standing along with a shivlingam which shows his respect and faith in the lotus feet of Godhead Shiva. He carries an axe, holds a bow in his left arm with a quiver hanged on his left shoulder. As a tapasvi, he wears valkal vastra (unstitched simple clothes) and a round aureole behind his divine head shows him as a great spiritual practitioner.

Sterling Silver Ring with Multi-Tourmaline Crystals

Tourmaline stones are considered to be the most colorful mineral and gem materials that exist on Earth with each color symbolic of pertaining to a different healing property and they are very popularly used in jewelry decorations. The sterling silver ring shown here is one of the beauteous treasures to embellish your finger and its sole presence on the other hand, is enough to determine your taste for a trending fashion. The sterling silver band complements wondrously with the six tourmaline crystals of three different colors- pink, green, and black, carved in a unique hexagonal shape with just the five sides beauteously visible and the base studded in the sterling silver frame. The characteristic beauty of a tourmaline stone is that it shows a high level of dichroism, which makes it furthermore charming.

The pink (rubellite) tourmaline is connected to the heart and induces self-love, green (verdelite) helps to overcome jealousy and promote stamina. Black (schorl) tourmaline is the most popular one and creates a protective shield from negative energies, hence keeping you grounded. The beauty of this tourmaline ring is enhanced by the way each colored stone is placed at alternate places in two layers of three each, hence displaying a wonderful interplay of colors. The black stone in the middle creatively balances the brightness of the green and pink stones.

Shiva Family with Nandi and Lion (Wall Hanging Flat Statue)

There is a fine depiction of Lord Shiva's family in this wall hanging. If you ever had wished to explore a family having unity in diversity, then the family of Lord Shiva Parvati would be the perfect example of that. This carved work describes that how we can reside within a family happily and peacefully even after having diverse natures and forms.

This one is a suitable display through which we can learn how to adjust ourselves even in opposed conditions and unequal natures. As we can see lord Shiva is residing peacefully along with the family on Mount Kailash in the great Himalayas. Here, Lord Shiva is seated with his wife, Goddess Parvati, and their son Lord Ganesha, who has an elephant face. He is sitting on the lap of his father. On the right hand, we can see that a great ox (Nandi) is sitting and on the left side we can see a huge Lion (Singham), who is the vehicle of Mother Parvati. Shiv Ji is wearing a necklace of a cobra snake, named Anantshesh or Sheshnaag. Throughout the family, one can easily notice that even after having a divergent nature, whether in choice or informs, they all are fearless and love each other with the core of their hearts. This is the perfect unity every family should have.

Besides the family's unity depiction, we can also have a view of the detailing done on all of the respective deities. Lord Shiva is wearing a half-moon crown along with a lion's skin on the waist, Rudraksha necklace, and earrings. We can have a view of the aureole behind Lord Shiva's head. Tradition-wise, Parvati Ji is wearing a saree along with a lot of jewelry. Lord Ganesha is also seen wearing a dhoti and both mother and son are wearing beautiful crowns which add a highlight to this sculpture.

Double Turquoise with Coral Trio Sterling Silver Ring

Alluring and unusual, this exquisite ring features two turquoise and three divine coral gemstones. This ring is a piece of artistry with ravishing grace and grandeur charm. Adorning this ring with any of your casual or fancy outfits will give gorgeous look. 

Turquoise stone with a stunning sea-green hue symbolizes peace, good luck, hope, enlightenment, and strength. In ancient, the people believed that this gemstone has the ability to protect its wearer with great spiritual meaning. Turquoise permitted openness of knowledge, ideas, and thoughts.


Goddess Saraswati holds the position of being one of the most beautiful and youthful ones in the entire Hindu pantheon. That graceful look of her expressions and the charm in her posture is marvelously carved in this Saraswati brass sculpture; as she sits in lalitasana in sharp curves of her legs on a stylized lotus pedestal, chiseled with larger size petals. The slight curve of her torso can be seen as she holds the veena with her left posterior hand and the larger globe rests on her right knee.  She with veena is an indication of Goddess Saraswati being associated with music and arts. As you zoom in to her alluring face features, you will be able to make out the beauty and elegance of her persona. The tilted head is an obvious posture to maintain a stable balance with her torso and leg positions.

Clad in a simple and sober sari, highlighted by the multiple gold treasures around her neck, large kundals, and the long arched jewel reaching up to her legs, thus forming a major aspect of her divine aura. One of the unique features is the stylized shape of her crown, decorated in vertically chiseled patterns, and the cosmic halo behind displaying superfine designs of flowers in the outermost, visible layer. Ma Saraswati blesses of learning, arts, and spirituality. The soft gesture of her eyes and the elegance of her mudra make this Saraswati sculpture a worth carved masterpiece.