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Shiva Statues

24.50 inch Length X 11.00 inch Width X 25.50 inch Height
6.00 inch Length X 4.00 inch Width X 4.80 inch Height
17.50 inch Height X 12.50 inch Width x 3.80 inch Depth
12.00 inch Height X 10.00 inch Width x 3.70 inch Depth
1.70 inch Length X 2.20 inch Width X 1.80 inch Height
8.30 inch Length X 6.50 inch Width X 13.50 inch Height
2.20 inch Length X 3.50 inch Width X 3.10 inch Height
17.50 inch Height X 8.40 inch Width x 4.20 inch Depth
18.00 inch Height X 72.00 inch Width x 2.50 inch Depth
23.20 inch Height X 17.50 inch Width x 6.00 inch Depth
11.00 inch Height X 8.50 inch Width x 4.60 inch Depth
14.5 inch Height x 21 inch Width x 11 inch Depth
8.70 inch Height X 6.70 inch Width x 5.70 inch Depth
21.50 inch Height X 13.00 inch Width x 10.70 inch Depth
13.3 inch Height x 10.2 inch Width x 3.6 inch Depth
11.5 inch Height X 8.5 inch Width X 3 inch Depth
9.50 inch Height X 8.00 inch Width x 2.40 inch Depth
9.80 inch Height x 4.80 inch Width x 3.30 inch Depth
10.5 inch X 6.2 inch X 4.2 inch
2.2 inch Height x 2.6 inch Width x 1.6 inch Depth
9.2 inch Height x 7.2 inch Width x 2.4 inch Depth
14.2 inch Height x 3.3 inch Width x 3.3 inch Depth
16.00 inch Height X 14.00 inch Width x 8.50 inch Depth
28 inch Height x 22 inch Width x 8 inch Depth

Statues of Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is known for His quick generosity, which has earned Him the epithet of ‘Ashutosh’ or the ‘One who is easily pleased’. He is said to be extremely swift in handing out boons to devotees who worship Him. No wonder then that there is a marked affection for this fascinating, unconventional and benevolent deity, amongst a huge part of the human populace. This is also the reason that creating statues of Lord Shiva has been extremely popular with Indian sculptors since time immemorial.

The Indian tradition visualizes Lord Shiva in numerous forms, each loaded with spiritual symbolism. The foremost of all statues of Shiva is the Linga or Lingam. The Linga signifies the cosmic extent of Shiva and its dome represents the infinite sky (shaped like and inverted bowl) above. The word Linga means a ‘sign’, though here it has a higher connotation, suggesting that Lord Shiva is beyond any sign, i.e. He cannot be represented by any forms and is hence ‘Nirakara’ – the Highest Formless Reality. This is also what is signified by His Ardhanarishvara statues, namely Shiva is beyond gender.

Of course for His loving devotees, Shiva reveals Himself as an ideal householder, for example in the sculptures showing Him with wife Parvati and one or both of His sons Ganesha and Karttikeya. The most popular sculptural representation of Lord Shiva (after the Linga), is of course His form as Nataraja, literally meaning the King of Dancers. This is a highly complicated composition with each part of the statue pregnant with profound symbolism. The statues of Nataraja for sale here encompass within themselves the complete cycle of life – creation, preservation and destruction.

Other popular sculptures of Lord Shiva show Him in meditation; blessing His devotees; as an ascetic wanderer; as the wrathful Bhairava and in his cosmic form as the five-headed Sadashiva. Here you can buy statues of Lord Shiva in brass, bronze, crystal and other gems, marble and wood.