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The Glory of Indian Art and Architecture

Indian art and architecture provides the world with awe-inspiring works that have captivated global audiences for millenia. As the home of one of the most ancient civilizations, it has a legacy that stretches far back into the mists of time. But the history of India also includes constant infusions of new ideas from cultures that arrive throughout the many centuries of its history. That makes Indian art and architecture endlessly fascinating, beautiful, and unique.

Exotic India has a collection of almost two thousand books covering all the many features and stories from Indian art and architecture. Whatever your interests, we have the book you are looking for. We also include many hard to find and rare volumes, ones that you can only find at Exotic India.

The architecture of India is renowned around the world for its majesty and grace. It includes the greatest jewels of world construction, like the Kailash Temple cut out of rock, the Mughal’s Taj Mahal, the incredible Adina Mosque, among so many others.


These amazing feats that survive to this day did not appear out of thin air. We also have books that jump into the archaeological record to find the roots of these traditions.


The art of India is, like its architecture, a long and varied story that has produced some of the most beloved works in world history. With strong ties to the religious beliefs of the country, this art brings the sacred into focus, allowing us to appreciate the hidden reality of the universe.


In our many volumes, you can learn about the cultural output of specific regions, the development of artforms, and the nuances of folk traditions. You can learn how the presence of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam shaped Indian art and architecture. You can also get an understanding of more contemporary topics, like Indian graphic design.

This astounding collection from Exotic India brings you the most enjoyable and informative books on Indian art and architecture, all with the convenience of an online shopping experience.