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Embellishments - Amping Up The Drama

While laces and embellishments add soul to ethnic attires, the kinds you choose adds a lot to your personality. Laces designed to be sewn on to hemlines and the edges of sleeves are by far the most popular kinds of embellishments that Indian women stock up on, and then pull out when it is time to get a new suit or choli stitched. This section features a distinctive collection of laces, each characterised by superb handiwork and dramatic width.

The palette is diverse - no matter the dress you have in mind, you will find something in this section. Rare pastel tints, feminine neutrals such as white and cream and ivory, and rich metallics such as velvety reds and golds. Silken and velvet bases bring out the beauty of the embellishments, be it zardozi cutwork, skillful crochetting, or elegant prints. Some of these come embossed with silver mirrors for added drama. The motifs employed are decidedly folk - chakras, paisleys, local florals - designed that way to be sewn on to Indian suits and saree blouses.