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zardozi borders

Zardozi Embellishments - Regal Undertones

Zardozi, with its lustrous gold- and silver-wire embroidery, adds to any and every dress an unparalleled elegance without being blingy. The centres of excellence for such skill lies in pockets of North India, and it is our handpicked selections from these places that are featured in this collection. From laces and patches to embellishments designed strategically for the bust and sleeves, each of these pieces are characterised by intricate workmanship and vibrant colours. Vibrant pastel tones and metallics abound, most of the zardozi is punctuated by faux pearls, crystals, and mirrors that serve to make a powerful feminine statement. Mostly done on coloured silks that are easy to work with when it comes to teaming these embellishments with the right dress, the motifs are wide-ranging. Peacocks, paisleys, an abundance of florals - in other words, typical rangoli-esque motifs brought to fashion. Stitch these on to your choicest Indian suits and cholies, and watch how the embellishments alone turn heads towards you.