7.5 inch Height X 11 inch Width X 10.5 inch Length
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4 inch Height X 5.5 inch Width X 3 inch Length
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3.30 inch Height X 3.20 inch Width X 3.20 inch Depth
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14.50 inch Height X 15.50 inch Width X 15.50 inch Depth
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2.70 inch Height X 4.20 inch Width X 3.20 inch Depth
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3.20 inch Height X 2.20 inch Width X 2.20 inch Depth
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3 inch X 4.5 inch X 4 inch
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2.70 inch Height X 2.50 inch Width X 2.50 inch Depth
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3.20 inch Height X 4.60 inch Width X 2.80 inch Depth
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8.50 inch Height X 8.00 inch Width X 1.20 inch Depth
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1.00 inch Height X 9.80 inch Width X 9.80 inch Depth
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1.50 inch Height X 2.50 inch Width X 2.00 inch Depth
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1.20 inch Height X 7.20 inch Width X 5.20 inch Depth
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1.5 inch Height X 6.4 inch Width X 4 inch Length
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Q1. Which Direction the Vastu Related Products should be Placed and Why?


Vastu-related products are placed in your space to bring a balance of all life elements and energies. There are specific rules for placing Vastu-related items- pictures and idols of gods and goddesses should be placed in a space assigned for them and never face north, the Sri Yantra should be placed in the east direction, a Buddha statue should be placed near the main door and the Vastu tortoise should be kept in the northeast or Southeast direction. Similarly, a laughing Buddha statue can be placed in the east, northeast, or southeast section, statues of elephants should face the interiors of your house, and Sun (Surya) wall hanging should be placed in the East or Northeast direction.

Q2. Which are the Vastu-related Statues you have?

We have in our large online collection all types of statues related to Vastu, made from pure materials such as brass, bronze, and stone. We have the Sri Yantra (Maha Meru), Vastu tortoise, elephant figures, and Surya (sun) wall hanging, all of them made in such a manner that they fill your space with positive and nurturing energies.

Q3. What is Maha Meru?


Maha Meru is the three-dimensional form of Sri Yantra, which is the symbol of the divine feminine paragon. The conical shape of the Maha Meru represents the mysteries of this material universe. It is believed that it is the concentrated form of all the Goddess’ energies in one sacred pyramidal form. This enormous energy transmits prosperity and abundance, hence, keeping the Meru on the altar of the house is considered to be very auspicious.

Q4. Which direction can the vastu tortoise be kept?


The turtle brings a great deal of bliss and success to the house. Along with Lord Kuber, it governs the north direction of the house. As per Vastu / Feng Shui, keeping a crystal tortoise in an office or home facing the north direction is highly recommended.


The optimum directions for brass-colored Vastu tortoises are North-West or South-West. Wooden turtles or tortoises should be placed in the east or southeast corner of the property, attracting positive energy.


Tortoises prefer to live outdoors. They should be housed in a spacious outdoor enclosure with plenty of fresh air and natural UV light from the sun.


Placing a tortoise within a water bowl or a small fountain amplifies its effects.