Salwar Kameez Suit with Chiffon Striped Dupatta and Woven Bootis all over
  • Golden Straw
  • Lemon Drop
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Georgette A-Line Salwar Suit with Mirror-Sequins Embroidery and Dupatta
  • Baby Pink
  • Chiku And Pink
  • Grey And Rani
  • Sky And Pink
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Georgette Designer Salwar Suit with Sequins-Thread Embroidery
  • Peach
  • Sky
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Georgette Abaya Style Salwar Suit with Sequins-Thread Embroidery
  • Chiku
  • Dusty Lavender
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Georgette Mirror, Sequins, Thread Embroidered Anarkali Salwar Suit
  • Purple
  • Red
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Chanderi Silk Floral Butta Pattern Foil Print Kurta Pant Set
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Chanderi Silk Floral Leaf Vine Printed Kurta Pant Set
  • Brown
  • Charcoal Grey
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Pure Maslin Digital Kalka Motif Print Kurta with Parallel Style Pant
  • Brown Black
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Pure Muslin Palazzo Salwar Kameez Suit with All-Over Digital Print
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Salwar Kameez, for the traditional diva in you

Keep the western dresses aside, and let the Salwar Kameez enhance your traditional beauty. The Mughals, who were Muslim conquerors of India, are considered to be the genesis of the salwar kameez's appearance. The salwar kameez, which used to be traditionally the local costume of Punjab, gradually grew in popularity among Indian women. Especially girls between the ages of 12 and 16 were supposed to wear the salwar kameez at governmental institutes in India in the early 1980s. Most of these girls kept donning the salwar kameez even after they joined higher education institutions and started to work. Cultural developments are connected to the prevalence of the salwar kameez amongst adolescent Indian women. Whenever Indian girls decided to get married, which was normally shortly after maturity, they would switch to donning the saree. Nevertheless, as women in India chose to get married a bit later, they were confronted with the additional issue of selecting what to wear when they were still single women. Since they could no longer recommend their youthful outfits, they certainly didn't feel quite prepared to don a saree just yet. They consequently picked the salwar kameez because it was considered to be an appropriate outfit that matched all their decency requirements. The salwar kameez is seen by many Indian women as a utilitarian outfit that adequately suits their requirements for a modern lifestyle than that of the traditional saree. In contrast to the saree, the salwar kameez doesn't really summon up a significant association with heritage or worries over understanding how and where to look presentable in it. Furthermore, since they're so light and comfortable, women can maneuver around much more effortlessly in the workplace.

There are many options when it comes to Salwar Kameez, including Sharara and Punjabi suits. Designer suits for women and the latest suit designs are also available, allowing you to stay fashionable while embracing tradition. So if you're looking for a stylish and practical outfit, consider the Salwar Kameez - it's a timeless choice that has stood the test of time.

India is a land of different styles of Salwar Kameez-

  1. Churidar: Churidar Pajamas or pants are generally cut at a 45 ° angle to the fabric's seam to give it a stretchable look. They are greater than the length of the leg. Once pleated at the ankles, the extra space mimics bangle (Churi). As a response, it's been assigned the nickname "Churidar," which originates from the Indian word "Churi '' for bangles. Men typically sport a kurta with this classic article of clothing, which now has adorned all forms of Indian ethnic dress and culture for centuries. It is commonly worn with a Kameez, or Kurta by women.

  1. Anarkali: A long, poofy dress top that creates a lovely, fluid silhouette constitutes an anarkali ensemble. The Anarkali suit is famous for its mix of tight-fitting churidaar and lengthy, billowing kurta, which beautifully accomplishes the appearance of any woman in a majestic, aristocratic, and magnificent way. The bodice is tightened underneath the bust and the remainder of the kameez is free. It has a remarkable beauty and a floaty aesthetic.

  1. Lehenga-Choli: These days, lehenga cholis are increasingly fashionable owing to its elegance and uniqueness. The lehenga choli comprises a lehenga, which really is comparable to a skirt, combined with either a short choli that only conceals the bosom or a lengthy choli. These outfits have an artistic charm and are therefore not simply modern as well as have intricate and unique work! Indians found prominence for the lehenga choli after the Mughals invaded the nation in the 10th century. Ever since, everything else about the lehenga has evolved, such as the needlework, sewing, and textiles like silk and brocade. Even during the Mughal Empire, the lehenga eventually developed into a regal gown. Rather than being the standard for the majority of Indians, this regal garb has become a show of style.

  1. Designer Salwar Kameez: Shararas are the new designer Salwar Kameez. A three-piece ensemble called the Sharara is commonly worn to weddings and includes ruffled pants for the bottom half and a connection at or below the knee. Under the knee, there is a significantly flared contour that mimics a skirt and is termed as a "trumpet skirt." The other components of the three-piece ensemble are a Kurti and one or two Dupattas.


Q1. Where is the Salwar Kameez worn?

In a geographical region which includes Eastern Europe, West Asia, Central Asia, and South Asia, salwars have customarily been worn.

Q2. Can salwar kameez be a formal wear?

Yes, it can be worn as a stylish formal wear.

For the clear-headed woman of today, the salwar kameez is the dress of choice. Falling in line with upper part of the female anatomy, the 'kameez,' or the tunic tapers outwards as it reaches the delicate waist, drapes the expansive hips and then once again continues with its grip over the limb until it reaches the knees. Under this long top is a pair of loose-fitting trousers held together at the abdomen by a drawstring. This composite garment thus makes a healthy woman look lissome and a delicate one substantial. And then there is the dupatta, the preserver of modesty, which with just the slightest slip can transform itself into the most tantalizing statement. Keeping in with today's fashions we have both shoulder cut and elbow length tops, in elegant georgettes, sophisticated silks and cool cottons.

Salwar Kameez are available with Choodidaar, Patiala, Parallel, as well as with the regular baggy salwar trousers. Unless otherwise mentioned, each salwar kameez suit is a three piece ensemble, including the Salwar (trousers), Kameez (top), and the Dupatta (stole). Our collection of Salwar Kameez suits is classified as per US sizes. All Salwar Kameez showcased here are in stock and can be shipped out within 24 hours of receipt of your order.