Books on Vastu Shastra

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Books On Vastu Shastra

Important Book on Vastu are:

1. Visvakarma-prakasa of Vasudeva – perhaps earlier than the Matsya Purana (q.v.).

2. Mayamata – tenth century AD or earlier.

3. Samarangana-sutradhara of Bhoja – eleventh century AD.

4. Manasara – the extant version probably dates back to a period between the eleventh century and the fifteenth.

5. Silparatna – attributed to Srikumara (sixteenth century AD).

6. Vastu- ratnavali.

7. Amsumadbheda – attributed to Kasyapa.

8. Vastusutra-upanisad – attributed to Pippalada, it is the earliest known work on image-making. In six chapters, it deals with stones, compositional diagram, carving disposition of part of the image, the basic emotions connected with images, total composition of the image panel. The metaphysical question of the origin of form and its importance for the attainment of moksa is the central idea.