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Sleep in luxury and celebrate the cultural wealth of India with our bedspread collection. Exotic India makes available the finest selection of bedspreads online, all available through our convenient and secure online shopping experience. Enjoy the hand embroidered details, the lush patterns, and sumptuous cloth.


Each bedspread tells its own story, containing the visual motifs and styles of the regions in India where they were made. They come in multiple color options, expanding your choices in our collection that spans hundreds of designs.


These beautiful bedspreads come in a variety of designs, each more colorful and intricate than the last. We have mandala designs, as well as your favorite patterns from every region in India. These fantastic pieces are as much works of art as they are covers for your bed.


Our pieces come from multiple regions of India, including Banaras, Gujarat, and Sanganer. Banaras (now more commonly known as Varanasi) is renowned for the woven fabrics that come from the region. That notoriety has made it the go-to destination to find bridal textiles in Northern India. Working in locally grown silk, these bedspreads are the height of luxury.


In Gujarat, embroiderers have made a name for themselves by crafting unsurpassed designs by hand. These bedspreads celebrate the local culture of Gujarat and bring you the finest in embroidered fabric. Sanganer is another famous center of Indian handcrafted textiles. This town in the Jaipur district began printing textiles around 500 years ago, and that tradition continues to thrive today.


If you are looking for luxurious Indian bedspreads for sale, you’ve found the best online collection. Exotic India has a tremendous amount of variety, with every piece coming from an important local cultural tradition in the subcontinent. These bedspreads are guaranteed to deliver you the most comfortable sleep you’ve ever imagined.

The home is one's personal Garden Of Eden, and the bedroom a sacred precinct within the same. It is practically where you spend the major part of your life at a stretch, retire to and emerge from in between your days. Dress up your bed in these sumptuous bedspreads from our collection, each of which is an example of premium Indian textiles. Fashioned from the finest cottons and silks, most of these bedspreads come with pillow-cover accompaniments that the match the colours and work on the base spread. The colour palette ranges from neutrals dark and pristine, exquisite metallics, and the choicest pastels that give away the ethnic appeal of the make of these pieces.

What sets the pieces in this collection apart from your run-of-the-mill ethnic bedspreads is the unique handiwork on each of them. We have handpicked them from rural pockets across the subcontinent, where the particular weave and/or embroidery has been perfected as a skill over generations of artisan families. This section includes fine examples of jamawar, ikat weave, folk styles of block-printing, vibrant applique, and eclectic batik. The sheer range of motifs employed would set the mood for your bedroom - local fauna, rangoli-esque patterns, and spiritual icons.