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Amber Pendants - Embrace The Earthy Energy

  • Amber stone, contrary to its name, isn’t exactly a stone but a fossilised tree resin. A beautiful stone that almost looks like it’s carrying the entire universe within, Amber has roots that go down the century and has a golden history of being as old as 300 million years. Exotic India encompasses a thoughtfully handpicked variety of these Amber stone pendants. Known for not just its scrumptious beauty but also its healing powers, Amber makes for a perfect pendant bearing. 

Amber stone has mystical healing properties that are known to benefit the one who wears the stone while the stone touches the skin of the bearer of the stone. It is also known as the stone of the solar system as it is often observed to get warm when it’s working its magic of healing the energies of someone. Some of the most popular emotional and mental healing characteristics of the stone are providing relief from fears, balancing your emotions, and clearing a fogged mindset. The physical healing aspects of Amber are relieving headaches, as well as respiratory problems. 

If you’re wondering who can wear the stone, anyone who is willing to release negative blockages, receive mental clarity, and keep their emotions in check can possess the Amber bracelet. Exotic India brings to you precious Amber stone pendants that help you connect with your sacral chakra, elevate your mood, release karmic related problems, and help you manifest your dreams.