Self Woven Wool Digital Print With Embroidery Salwar-Kameez Suit
  • Ash Rose
  • Roasted Cashew
  • Porcelain Green
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Pure Velvet Solid with Kaani Woven Dupatta Salwar-Kameez Suit
  • Dark Purple
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Salwar Kameez Fabric from Kullu with Kinnauri Hand-Woven Border
  • Nugget
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Salwar Kameez Fabric from Amritsar with Aari-Embroidered Maple Leaves
  • Biking Red
  • Jet Black
  • Nomad
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Cozy yet regal Woolen Salwar Kameez for all your upcoming winter tales

Social changes are linked to the appeal of the salwar kameez amongst young Indian women. When Indian females got married, and that was usually soon after adolescence, they would switch to donning the saree. Nevertheless, as women in India began to wed later, they were confronted with the new challenge of selecting what to dress when they were still single people. Although they could no longer wear their youthful clothes, they did not feel nearly ready to wear a sari just quite yet. They consequently chose the salwar kameez because it was considered to be an appropriate outfit that met with their decency requirements. And that is why we need them for the wintry nights too!!

To keep warm this winter, woolen salwar kameez can be an amazing choice!! It is a great combination of style and necessity. One of the most famous fabrics that is used to make a Woolen Salwar Kameez is velvet. There are several multiple kinds of fibers that can be employed to make velvet, with silk historically being the most valuable. Cotton can also be used to make velvet. Velvet can be made from a variety of fibers, including wool, cashmere, and linens. Cashmere is a kind of wool made from the fleece of a specific breed of goat that is native to Central Asia. Cashmere has long been recognized to be one of the smoothest and most luxurious types of wool in circulation and is highly prized to be used in jackets, shawls, and other lighter chilly apparel. While cashmere is less insulative than some other types of wool, it is additionally smoother and thinner, enabling the production of incredibly dense yet lightweight fabrics. Even though it won't protect you as well as traditional sheep wool, this type of wool is soft enough just to wear close to the skin, making it ideal for undershirts, and salwar kameezes too.

Styling a woolen Salwar Kameez

Kashmiri Salwar Kameez are heavily embroidered but flowy and airy. It can be embellished with Kashmiri jewelry. Traditional Kashmiri Jewelry can pair excellently with embroidered Woolen Salwar Kameez. The best examples of ingenuity and mystic art can be seen in traditional Kashmiri jewelry. Each item of jewelry pairs flawlessly with the Woolen Salwar Kameez and enhances the appeal of the ensemble worn. Jiggni and Tikka were the most popular and worn forehead jewelry items in the past. Depending on the type of Woollen Salwar Kameez, they might be triangular, semi-circular, or round in shape.


Q1. Where can you wear salwar kameez to?

It can be worn at occasions including marriages, award ceremonies, anniversary parties, and get-togethers with friends or loved ones.

Q2. Where does the term “salwar” come from?

It is a Persian term that alludes to “female trouser”.