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Kristofer, the Netherlands
14th May, 2021
I got my order today and would like to express my appreciation for the extremely careful packaging. The statuette arrived in perfect condition. Thank you!
Jacopo, Italy
14th May, 2021
Om Namaḥ Śivaya, Yesterday the order has finally reached my home, even if I might not be super happy with UPS service, I am as always very very happy for what concerns your service and you support. The package was in perfect conditions and you just packed every single item with so much care, so thank you once more for your great job and kindness. Until next time,
Marc, UK
24th Apr, 2021
Thank you sincerely for dispatching the package so quickly. It arrived today. My brother has been sick and I'm going for puja at the temple next week. Thank you again for the exceptional support.
Daya, USA
23rd Apr, 2021
We received the Nataraja yesterday on the auspicious day of Ram Navmi. My daughter is extremely happy. The idol is beautiful just as we saw online in your website. I wanted to thank you for the wonderful customer service  you provided with a lot of efficiency in shipping it on time. I have recommended  to my friends as well. Hoping to buy many more items from your store in future.  Thanks again.
Zerish, USA
10th Apr, 2021
Thank you Exotic India team, I really appreciate a business/company like yourselves. Your honesty was a gem of a facet of your business, and I wish you guys lots of success. Keep up the good work. I especially appreciate that you have made publication of texts in Hindi,  subjects/topics, etc. available to citizens of the world. I don't think this was very possible before I had the fortune of stumbling upon your website.
Shalaka, India
4th Apr, 2021
Your website is doing an amazing job of preserving and providing rare and regional books, thank you :)
Gaurav, USA
2nd Apr, 2021
I always had a good experience ordering things from your website and I will continue to use it.
Prem, USA
2nd Apr, 2021
Andre, USA
27th Mar, 2021
Namaste, I'm so happy to inform Exotic India the Lord Krishna statue arrived- in perfect condition.  The packaging/crating is a perfect solution.  Thank you very much for the exceptional customer service.  Exoctic India is an exceptional firm.  Thank you once again.
26th Mar, 2021
I purchased a lamp from here. The product and service has been excellent. Yash was absolutely amazing!He is very trustworthy and professional. He kept me informed of every detail from start to finish. The package was very well packed and arrived in less than a week . Will always do business with Exotic India.
Bernadette, USA
22nd Mar, 2021
I've always been pleased with my purchases from Exotic India - it has been 12 years or more!
Graciella, USA
20th Mar, 2021
Thank you for your excellent customer service! I look forward to receiving your shipment. And thank you also for offering pure and natural cotton fabrics since I do not wear synthetics. And the garments are lovely works of art!
Yuvaraj, USA
17th Mar, 2021
Thanks sir for helping me with these two books. May your sacred service continue for decades.
Alexander, Moscow
10th Mar, 2021
Namaste !  Yesterday I received Seven Wick Yali Lamps and 2 items in excellent condition.  Thank you very much. 
Revathi, USA
6th Mar, 2021
Namaste and many thanks! Lovely collection you have! Tempted to buy so many books!
Manju, USA
6th Mar, 2021
I received my order. Thanks for giving the platform to purchase artifacts of our culture. You guys are doing a great job. Appreciate it and wish you guys the best.
Sonia, Sweden
3rd Mar, 2021
Fantastic! Thank You for amazing service and fast replies!
Hithesh, USA
25th Feb, 2021
I’ve started receiving many of the books I’ve ordered and every single one of them (thus far) has been fantastic - both the books themselves, and the execution of the shipping. Safe to say I’ll be ordering many more books from your website :)
Colleen, USA
25th Feb, 2021
I have received the book Evolution II.  Thank you so much for all of your assistance in making this book available to me.  You have been so helpful and kind.
I Gede Tunas
14th Feb, 2021
Thanks Exotic India, I just received a set of two volume books: Brahmasutra Catuhsutri Sankara Bhasyam
Lulian, UK
11th Feb, 2021
You guys are beyond amazing. The books you provide not many places have and I for one am so thankful to have found you.
Probir, UAE
8th Feb, 2021
This is my first purchase from Exotic India and its really good to have such store with online buying option. Thanks, looking ahead to purchase many more such exotic product from you.
5th Feb, 2021
I received the kaftan today via FedEx. Your care in sending the order, packaging and methods, are exquisite. You have dressed my body in comfort and fashion for my constrained quarantine in the several kaftans ordered in the last 6 months. And I gifted my sister with one of the orders. So pleased to have made a connection with you.
Michael, USA
5th Feb, 2021
Thank you for your wonderful service and amazing book selection. We are long time customers and have never been disappointed by your great store. Thank you and we will continue to shop at your store
Robert, UK
3rd Feb, 2021
I am extremely happy with the two I have already received!
Parvathi, Malaysia
2nd Feb, 2021
I have just received the top and it is beautiful 
Vladimirs, Sweden
2nd Feb, 2021
I received ordered books in perfect condition. Thank You!
Dr. Lagdhir, India
1st Feb, 2021
You offer the best services for books, which normally others cannot provide.
Scott, USA
31st Jan, 2021
A wonderful and amazing company...Exotic India.
Usha, USA
25th Jan, 2021
Rec'd. It is very very good. Thank you!
Vivek Sathe
22nd Jan, 2021
Order a rare set of books generally not available. Received in great shape, a bit late, I am sure Exotic India team worked hard to obtain a copy. Thanks a lot for effort to support Indians World over!
Henry, USA
21st Jan, 2021
Shiva came today.  More wonderful  in person than the images  indicate.  Fast turn around is a bonus. Happy trail to you.
Rekha, Chicago
19th Jan, 2021
Namaskaram. Thank you so much for my beautiful Durga Mata who is now present and emanating loving and vibrant energy in my home sweet home and beyond its walls.   High quality statue with intricate detail by design. Carved with love. I love it.   Durga herself lives in all of us.   Sathyam. Shivam. Sundaram.
Daksha, USA
19th Jan, 2021
People at Exotic India are Very helpful and Supportive. They have superb collection of everything related to INDIA.
Susan, USA
18th Jan, 2021
I just wanted to let you know that the book arrived safely today, very well packaged. Thanks so much for your help. It is exactly what I needed! I will definitely order again from Exotic India with full confidence. Wishing you peace, health, and happiness in the New Year.
Utpal, USA
15th Jan, 2021
Thank you guys! I got the book! Your relentless effort to set this order right is much appreciated!!
Devin, USA
14th Jan, 2021
You guys always provide the best customer care. Thank you so much for this.
Alexander, Moscow
13th Jan, 2021
On the 4th of January I received the ordered Peacock Bell Lamps in excellent condition. Thank you very much. 
Joan Carlos, Spain
13th Jan, 2021
Gracias por todo, Parvati es preciosa, ya le he recibido.
Sarabjit, USA
9th Jan, 2021
We received the item in good shape without any damage. It is simply gorgeous. Look forward to more business with you. Thank you.
Deborah, USA
9th Jan, 2021
Your sculpture is truly beautiful and of inspiring quality!  I wish you continuous great success so that you may always be able to offer such beauty to all people throughout the world! Thank you for caring about your customers as well as the standard of your products.  It is extremely appreciated!! Sending you much love.
Renato, Brazil
4th Jan, 2021
I’m glad you guys understand my side, well you guys have one of the best international store,  And I will probably continue being pleased costumer Thank you guys so much.
Eric, USA
1st Jan, 2021
I'm always so appreciative of Exotic India. You have such a terrific website, and great customer service. I wish you all the best, and hope you have a happy new year!
Rita Wason
30th Dec, 2020
A Statue was ordered on Dec 22nd and Paid 194.25 including FREE DELIVERY for me as a GIFT for Christmas and they Confirmed that it will be there in 4-5 days but it NEVER arrived till 30th of December and inspite of my various emails they only replied that it is being finished and will be shipped in 24hrs but that was a LIE and no further delivery information was every sent to me. I called and left a message on the phone number listed on their website which is a NY number but no one answered that phone and I left messages but no reply or update on my Statue was sent to me inspite of my daily emails to know the status. I still await this Statue but NO RESPONSIBLE REPLY.
Nirmaladevi, USA
29th Dec, 2020
I got my order today. It was well packed and looks lovely.
Fotis, Greece
28th Dec, 2020
How can i express my gratitude for all the great books i've ordered from you,two years now. You are an oasis! To all the team, wish you''ll have a beautiful journey...
Ani, UK
27th Dec, 2020
Beautiful website, hassle free orders and deliveries, incredible discounts on purchases, its such a pleasure to shop on your site
Bryan, USA
26th Dec, 2020
Thank you for providing first class service. I continue to purchase high quality literature from your business.
Sarah, USA
25th Dec, 2020
Thank you so much for your quick response. We are excited to get the rest of the books and love the ones we received in the first package. Much gratitude 
Victor, Greece
23rd Dec, 2020
As a longer term user of exotic India I am very happy to have some connections with the Indian culture! Thank you for being here!
Savita, USA
22nd Dec, 2020
I've always found just what I was looking for and need here on exoticindiaart. Whether it's religious books for my Nana or now incense and a few additional important things.
22nd Dec, 2020
John, USA
11th Dec, 2020
Thank you for your excellent books and outstanding prices!
Jaydev, USA
11th Dec, 2020
excellent website & Service
Salina, USA
9th Dec, 2020
Wonderful!! Thank you for such great customer service!! Wonderful site and I’m sure I’ll be back!
P K DAS, India
9th Dec, 2020
Excellent website. Please do keep it up.
Pascal, France
8th Dec, 2020
It is always with the same pleasure that I come back on your varied and rich site. Thank you!
Dr Ufi Cullen, UK
8th Dec, 2020
I am so delighted with the purchase and cannot wait for my bracelets. Thank you. Your website is amazing and so fun to spend time on. The products are amazing and the designs are really beautiful. Kind regards
Radha, Australia
6th Dec, 2020
I'm happy with Exotic India in regards to its reliability and making products available across the world. It makes the products available and delivery at cheaper rates than Amazon.
Linda, USA
6th Dec, 2020
 Love your website and your products! Many thanks.
Joy, USA.
5th Dec, 2020
Thank you so much , my order was delivered today in perfect condition! A special thank you to the packing assistants! Well done! Blessings for safety and health.
Kimia, USA
30th Nov, 2020
Thank you for really great prices compared to other sellers. I have recommended your website to over 40 of my classmates.
Urvi, USA
28th Nov, 2020
I am so happy to have found you!! What a wonderful source for books of Indian origin at reasonable cost! Thank you!
Sam, USA
26th Nov, 2020
I very much appreciate your web site and the products you have available. I especially like the ancient cookbooks you have and am always looking for others here to share with my friends.
Charles, Switzerland
26th Nov, 2020
Very good service thank you. Keep up the good work !
Lizette, Puerto Rico
17th Nov, 2020
Namaste! Thank you for your kind assistance! I would like to inform that your package arrived today and all is very well. I appreciate all your support and definitively will continue ordering form your company again in the near future!
Drea and Kalinidi, Ireland
16th Nov, 2020
I just wanted to thank you again, mere dost, for shipping the Nataraj. We now have it in our home, thanks to you and Exotic India. We are most grateful. Bahut dhanyavad!
12th Nov, 2020
I am extremely very happy to see an Indian website providing arts, crafts and books from all over India and dispatching to all over the world ! Great work, keep it going. Looking forward to more and more purchase from you. Thank you for your service.
Elizabeth, USA
12th Nov, 2020
We have always enjoyed your products.
Frans, the Netherlands
11th Nov, 2020
Thank you for the prompt delivery of the bowl, which I am very satisfied with.
Mr. Forget from Montreal
7th Nov, 2020
I have received my books and they are in perfect condition. You provide excellent service to your customers, DHL too, and I thank you for that. I recommended you to my friend who is the director of the Aurobindo bookstore.
Kiran, USA
24th Oct, 2020
Thank you so much. Your service is amazing.