Joyful Living Through Remedies of Vastu

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Author: Tilak Raj
Publisher: All India Federation of Astrologers Societies
Language: English
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 9788194105923
Pages: 96
Cover: Paperback
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description
About the Author

Embellished with Jyotish Maharshi and Vastu Rishi by AIFAS, Shri Tilak Raj Ji is a distinct name in the field of astrology. He is absorbed in the study of these sciences for the last 20 years. Particularly for the last four years he has devoted all his time only to Astrology & Vastu.

He has contributed a lot in initiating teaching of Astrology under the aegis of AIFAS. As a Chapter Chairperson and Examination controller of the Federation, he took active part in all the activities of the same. His works continue to be published in 'Future Samachar' from time to time. He critically analyses events whether in the country or abroad. e.g. Earthquake - why particularly in Bhuj? He has done extensive research events like terrorist attacks on America and Indian Parliament, accident of Columbia spacecraft etc. He has worked on the Yogas that might make people astrologers after studying horoscopes of more than one hundred astrologers in the course of Jyotish Maharshi. He is a life member of International Federation of Astrology and Spiritual Science and is the Chairperson of Delhi Chapter. He is also the life member of ISKCON. He is actively involved with popularising the Bhagawad Gita. Apart from Astrology, he also possesses knowledge in Vastu, Numerology and Lal Kitab. He has done a splendid job by making an apt appreciation of astrological remedies. In his work "Easy remedies of Vastu" (Saral Vastu Upaya) he has mentioned easy and practical remedies by making a sound study of Vastu. We wish him success in life.


Back of the Book

Scholars have mentioned some remedies to overcome Vastu faults. Some advise to perform Vastu Shanti and some to propitiate the planets. Some others advise to adopt remedies mentioned in Tantra-Mantra whereas some to wear Rudraksha. Yet some more scholars advise to overcome the faults by worshiping Yantra, some advise to use pyramid or to adopt remedies mentioned in Feng Shui. Some advise changes in directions of different goods of house. Apart from these scholars, Vastu practitioners advise to reconstruct the building whereas some advise to sellout the house. There might be difference among the scholars on remedies for Vastu as to which remedy is the best and the quickest for a particular native.

However, all the remedies may prove to be effective, but the thing essential is to take necessary steps as mentioned in Vastu and that too on time. It is not possible to mention all the remedies here. Therefore, easy remedies have been incorporated in the book which could be adopted by a common man.

This book has specially been designed for the students of All India Federation of Astrologers' Societies but the students interested to know this subject can also get benefitted equally with the study of this book.


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There is a branch of Atharva Veda called Sthapatya Veda . This particular branch is the base of our Vastu Shastra. When the job of creating the world was allotted to Brahamaji by the grace of god, He produced four Vedas by his four mouths. He also created Vastu Vidya, DhanurvidyaAyurvidya and Samgeeta Vidya. There are 242 Shlokas in Vedas on Astrology. Of these 37 are in Rigveda, 44 in Yajurveda and 162 in Atharva Veda. These very Shlokas are base of Astrology. Sthapatya Veda is also a part of Atharva Veda. Knowledge of Vastu is incomplete without the knowledge of Astrology. There is a perpetual association between Vastu and Astrology. There is a great importance of Muhurt in Vastu and Muhurt cannot be cast without the knowledge of Astrology.


Vastu Shastra has got a scientific and spiritual base. You must have faith in Vastu if you have faith in Vedas and the God. The members of a family will live happily if the five elements are kept well into consideration while the building of the family is under construction just as the said Mahabhootas have been used in our physical constitution. The five elements are: earth, water, fire, air and ether. Our universe is also made of these five elements. Therefore it is said "Yatha Pind Tatha Brahmande". The God has rendered these five elements among which B stands for Bhoomi (Earth). G for Gagan (Ether), A for Agni (Fire) and N for Neer (Water). The God is also represented by Aum (om). In Aum (om) also A stands for Agni (fire), U for Jal (Water), M for Vayu (air), crescent (half-moon) for Bhoom (earth) and dot over crescent for Akash (void). Likewise, the word Vastu has all these five elements in it in which V stands for Vayu (air), A for Agni (fire), S for Srishti i.e. Bhoomi (earth), T for Tat i.e. Akash (ether) and U for Jal (water).


The soul transfuses with mind, wisdom and egotism in the body after it is formed with the combination of the said five elements. All the five elements are represented by five planets in the following manner: Earth is represented by Mars, water by Venus, fire by Sun, air by Saturn and ether is represented by Jupiter. Mind is governed by Moon, wisdom by Mercury and egotism by Rahu Ketu is the Karak of Moksha, the salvation. Any irregularity in the balance of these elements makes the members of the family suffer.


Very often it is asked as to why the Vastu Shastra has got momentum only recently Can the Vastu faults be overcome by remedies? In this regard I would like to say that the agonies of the man have been aggravating since he has started dwelling in multistoreyed flats as they are built like boxes where Brahmasthan is not kept open.


The sun and air are not allowed in the house. Some people keep their windows close to protect themselves whereas some do it to save their household goods from dirt. Earlier a courtyard kept open in the middle of the houses so that sun, air and celestial elements might reach the rooms. There is nothing wrong if a man seeks advice from a Vastu consultant to ward off the faults existing in his house like an ailing person sees a doctor to have his advice. A Vastu consultant advises renovation of a building only when it is essential and there is no way out. He is like a good doctor who advises a patient to go for a surgery when the disease the later is suffering from can not be cured by medicines or by any other means. Vastu faults can also be removed without any renovation by changing the place of the goods in the house and by selecting right direction for meal and slumber. They can be removed by performing worship of gods and deities. Feng Shui, Pyramid, Yantra-Mantra can also be chosen as hands in getting happiness and prosperity.


In this book, apart from a brief description of Vastu, different methods of remedies have been mentioned. I hope that the book will prove to be useful for the students, and for those practicing Vastu.


Shree Arun Kumar Bansal, President, AI/India Federation of Astrologers' Societies and Vastuvid Acharya Awatar Singh inspired me write this book. I am thankful to them.




I have tried to mention in this book some parts (excerpts) of the theories of Vastu Shastra rendered by Lord Vishwakarma, the psychic progeny of Lord Brahma. Lord Krishna thought of constructing a new city for the people dwelling in Mathura and asked Vishwakarma to construct such a city in which the people of Mathura and Braj could live happily. Lord Vishwakarma constructed a city named Dwarka, buildings of which were made of gold and jewels. He built deep wells, ponds, lakes and gardens. Apart from these, he built separate dwells for all the four casts, army, chariots, elephants and horses. Deity Varuna sent black horses to Dwarkapuri, Kuber sent high quality chariots and gems whereas Indra sent Sabha named Sudharma.


By the example cited above, I want to say that the construction of a building will be accomplished smoothly without any obstruction or hurdle if Lord Vishwakarma showers His benedictions. Worship of Vastu Purusha is also performed before starting construction of a canal, fort, city, house, building, reservoir of water and garden. Vastu Purusha was born in the Muhurta of Kulik, constellation of Kritika, Vyatipata Yoga, Vishti karan, mid Bhadra, on Saturday the third day (Tritiya) of Krishnapaksha of the month of Bhadrapada. Vastu Purusha is worshipped at the time of starting the construction of a building and house warming ceremony. The workman, who starts construction, is also worshipped as he is considered to be Lord Vishwakarma.


Vastu Shastra : Its importance and use


The nature has got a vast sphere of universal energies that run the world and its development and destruction all depend on them. In Vastu shastra, three forces or energies of the mother nature are considered apart from the Panchamahabhootas i.e. the five elements. These three forces are: 1. Gravitational force, 2. Magnetic force and 3. Solar energy.


Gravitational force: The earth has a power of gravitation, which is called gravitational force. The force with which the earth pulls things from sky, is called gravitational force. It pulls heavy things more quickly than from the light. The lighter things take much time in landing on the earth. Keeping this particular gravitational force of the earth in mind. it is determined as to how far a certain plot of land will prove to be suitable for the construction of a particular building. A building on a hard and rigid plot of land will have much stability. On the contrary, buildings on plots of land not so hard, or is sandy can not have much stability.


Magnetic force: The whole universe, the planets, the Nakshatras and the stars in it do possess magnetic waves. This is these magnetic waves that keep them dynamic in the universe. A magnet has two poles-North and South. Similarly, the earth has also two poles. The power of attraction and detraction of magnet keeps the universe dynamic. Our physical constitution is also influenced by these magnetic waves. Our head is considered to be the north pole whereas our feet is considered to be the south. On this scientific basis, a man is advised to sleep having his headrest in South, so that there might not be any hurdle in the flow of magnetic waves.


Solar energy: The Sun is the main source from which the earth gets energy. It gives us light and energy and thus makes our life dynamic. Sun beams always keep falling on some parts or the other of the earth. The rays have been divided into three categories the rays of the morning Sun are called Ultraviolet rays, of the Sun in noon direct rays and that of the Sun in the evening are called Infra-red rays. The rays of the Sun in morning have less heat. We get Vitamin D from the rays in the morning. These ultraviolet rays also kill the viruses prevailing in the atmosphere. The more the rays become red the more they become harsh (intolerable). It on this scientific base that it is advised to keep the east direction more open so that the rays in the morning can keep the atmosphere free from viruses and give required energy and warmth to life. To keep our self safe from the effect of Infra-red rays of the Sun, one is advised to build less windows in the western portion of one's building. Huge trees are also advised to be planted in the Western part of the house for the same purpose.


Five Elements of Vastu (Panchamahabhoot)

People living in a house will remain prosperous enjoying good physical and mental health if the house they live in has got the balanced ratio of the elements of fire, earth, air, water and sky. The physical constitution of a person becomes diseased in case of deficiency or excess of these five elements. Similarly, the environment of a house turns unbearable if the said elements in it are not in a balanced ratio.


Earth: A place of dwelling and existence of life can not even be imagined without the mother earth. The Earth is the centre of gravitational and magnetic powers. With these powers, the earth gives a firm and strong base to a building or a house on it. In Vastu Shastra , the plot of land is examined before the construction of the house is started. Besides, the quality, slop, shape and size of the land, the good and evil effects of the things found under the land while digging it and the approach and Vedha to the site are also considered.


Water: There comes water after earth since water is the base of our life. Most of the towns and inhabitations in the world are situated on the bank of seas, rivers and lakes. There are many spiritual qualities of pure water. Excess of water causes flood whereas it causes draught iffalls short. In Vastu Shastra taps, boring, well, underground reservoir of water, over head water tank, septic tank, sewage, drains, slope of the roof are considered well to ensure the availability of water.


Fire: The Sun is the main source of fire, the warmth, enfulgence and light of which keep the world dynamic. The days and nights occur due to the relatively of the Sun. The Sun keeps the seasons changing. It also keeps the atmosphere changing. In Vastu Shastra, the proper places for verandah, windows, doors, electric meter, fireplace in kitchen etc. are considered to keep the fiery elements balanced.


Air : Air keeps the atmosphere of the house congenial as it keeps the physical constitution of a man healthy. For a good house open space, verandah, height of the roof, doors, windows and plants and trees are kept into consideration to keep the people of the family sound both physically and mentally.


Sky: The sky is boundless. Sound is produced by it. Velocity of energy, light, rays, waves, magnetism and the power of gravitation are different on earth and other planets. In Vastu shastra, it is suggested to keep the Brahma Sthan open to have the better effect of the celestial element-sky. Similarly, the height of the roof, verandaha, windows and doors are also considered.


The atmosphere of the house of a person can be made congenial by keeping the ratio of the five elements balanced. Everybody needs religion, money, physical enjoyment and Moksha, the salvation. Money is needed for physical enjoyment, religion to keep the wisdom pure, physical relationship to keep the mind happy whereas Moksha, the salvation is essential for eternity of the-soul. The proper use of the five elements is essential for a man to keep his life happy and prosperous.



Chapter-1 Introduction 1
Chapter-2 Domestic Vastu 7
Chapter-3 Commercial Vastu 13
Chapter-4 Industrial Vastu 17
Chapter-5 Vastu and Environment 21
Chapter-6 Vastu and Astrology 35
Chapter-7 Vastu and Muhurt 51
Chapter-8 Vastu and Numerology 59
Chapter-9 Vastu and Lal Kitab 67
Chapter-10 Agony caused by Vastu faults 73
Chapter-11 Remedies for Vastu Faults 81
Chapter-12 Remedies Mentioned in Feng shui 121
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