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The Life of Buddha in Legend and Art

Article of the Month - May 2000
Viewed 70635 times since 2nd Oct, 2008

The legends surrounding the life of the Buddha have been the principal sources of inspiration for the creators of Buddhist art. A knowledge of these are needed for a meaningful insight into the nuances of Buddhist art, since each stage of the Buddha's many existences plays a part in the development of this art.

The young prince Gautama Siddhartha was born into the ancient Sakya clan, whose symbol was the lion; hence he is often known as "Sakyamuni" (the Sage of the Sakya), or as "Sakyasimha" (the Lion of the Sakya). His father belonged to the warrior caste. Soon after the young prince's birth, a wise sage named Asita predicted that the child would grow up to be a holy man, rather than following his father as ruler. Suddhodana, father of Gautama, tried to prevent this from happening by making sure that the prince lived a sequestered life of ease and luxury in the royal palace, ignorant of the world outside.

Even to this day Buddha is represented with extended earlobes, now empty of adornment, but which were once stretched out of shape by the weight of the costly jewelry he wore before renouncing his princely status.

When the young prince Gautama had passed childhood and reached middle youth, he learned in a few days the sciences suitable to his race, which others require many years to master; and the king, his father, sought for him from a family of unblemished moral excellence a bride possessed of beauty, modesty and gentle bearing, Yashodhara by name, after which the prince rejoiced in that princess. Gautama was sixteen then, and in due course, to the fair-bosomed Yashodhara there was born a son Rahula.

Until one day, by chance, while riding his chariot, he encountered an old man walking along the road. Intrigued by his first encounter with old age, the prince addressed his charioteer: "Who is this man there with the white hair, feeble hand gripping a staff, eyes lost beneath his brows, limbs bent and hanging loose? Has something happened to alter him, or is that his natural state?"

"That is old age", said the charioteer, "the ravisher of beauty, the ruin of vigor, the cause of sorrow, destroyer of delights, the bane of memories and the enemy of the senses. In his childhood, that one too drank milk and learned to creep along the floor, came step by step to vigorous youth, and he has now, step by step, in the same way, gone on to old age."

The charioteer thus revealed in his simplicity what was to have been hidden from the king's son, who exclaimed, "What! And will this evil come to me too?"

"Without doubt, by the force of time", said the charioteer.

And thus the great souled one, whose mind was but a store of merits, was agitated when he heard of old age - like a bull who has heard close by the crash of a thunderbolt.

He further encountered in such manner a sick man and a dead man, leading to great turbulence in his mind, seeking a remedy from this suffering.

Brass SculpturesOne day he came across an ascetic mendicant. "What art thou?" he asked. To which the other answered, "Terrified by birth and death, desiring liberation, I became an ascetic. As a beggar, wandering without family and without hope, accepting any fare, I live now for nothing but the highest good." Convinced that herein lay the way to quell his mental agitation, Gautama resolved to follow this holy man's example.

Having made the decision he requested his father to allow him to proceed in his search for truth. On hearing of Gautama's resolve, his father became extremely anxious and entreated him to revert his decision. To which Gautama replied thus: "Father if you can fulfill my four desires, I promise not to leave you. These are: First, I should not die; Secondly, No disease should ever afflict me, youth should never desert me, and finally, prosperity should always be my companion." Hearing these impossible demands, the king was extremely dejected and became resigned to his fate. Gautama left the luxurious palace of his father in the middle of the night.


Buddha attaining NirvanaWandering in his search for meaning, he came to a pleasant hermitage by the lovely stream Nairanjana, where he joined five mendicants in a way of discipline based on progressively severe fasting; until having only skin and bone remaining, emaciated to no purpose, he considered: "But this, certainly, is not the way to knowledge and liberation, which cannot be attained without strength." The Buddha then further thought "Perfect calm, the mind's self possession, can be gained only by the constant, perfect satisfaction of the senses. Contemplation is produced when the mind, self possessed, is at rest. And through contemplation that supremely calm, undecaying state is eventually gained which is so difficult to attain. All of which is based upon eating food."

Engaged in these thoughts, he was offered a rich bowl of milk, by the lovely and delicate maiden Nandabala the daughter of a leader of herdsman. This refreshing nourishment restored his body. But the five mendicants, scandalized, and considering him to have returned to the material world, departed. And he, Gautama arose and alone went to the Bodhi-tree, accompanied only by his own resolve and abandoned himself to meditation, vowing not to move from that spot until he attained full enlightenment.

Buddha and Mulachinda




Four weeks after he began meditating under the Bodhi tree, the heavens darkened for seven days, and a prodigious rain descended. However, the mighty king of serpents, Muchalinda, came from beneath the earth and protected with his hood the one who is the source of all protection. When the great storm had cleared, the serpent king assumed his human form, bowed before the Buddha, and returned in joy to his palace.

But as the great prince Shakyamuni was about to penetrate the last mystery of being, a light began to shine from his forehead over all the earth. Beholding this Mara, the Evil One, shuddered: he knew that his power to mislead humankind was threatened. Deciding to confront his opponent directly, he summoned his three attractive sons and his three voluptuous daughters (lust,delight and pining) to make Gautama abandon his meditations. Accompanied by his offsprings he repaired to the spot where Gautama was engaged in meditation:

Batik Paintings


"Up, up, O noble prince!" he ordered, with a voice of divine authority. "Recall the duties of your caste and abandon this dissolute quest for disengagement. The mendicant life is ill suited for anyone born of a noble house; but rather, by devotion to the duties of your caste, you are to serve the order the good society, maintain the laws of the revealed religion, combat wickedness in the world, and merit thereby a residence in the highest heaven as a god."


Observing that the blessed one failed to move by his words, he fixed an arrow to his bow: "If you are stubborn, stiff-necked, and abide by your resolve, this arrow that I am notching to my string, which has once inflamed Lord Shiva himself, shall be let fly. It is already darting out its tongue at you, like a serpent". And, threatening, he released the shaft, but without result. Perceiving that his weapon had failed, Mara wondered " He doesn't notice even the arrow that set the sun aflame ! Can he be destitute of sense? He is worthy neither of my flowery shaft, nor of my daughters: let me send against him my army." Immediately around the Shakyamuni, a demonic army crystallized, wearing frightening shapes and bearing deadly weapons. But lo! Amidst all these terrors, sights, sounds, and odors, the mind of the Blessed One was no more shaken than the wits of Garuda, the golden -feathered sun-bird, among crows. And a voice cried from the sky: " O Mara, take not upon thyself this vain fatigue! Put aside thy malice and go in peace! For though fire may one day give up its heat, water its fluidity, earth solidity; never will this Great being abandon his resolution. And the god Mara, discomfited, together with his army disappeared.

The Buddha's superior powers of intellect and yogic control enabled him to overcome the temptations of illusion and evil, personified as the demon Mara.

Mudras of the Great Buddha



Siddhartha becomes the Enlightened One

Finally, at age 35, on the night of a full moon, Sakyamuni attained enlightenment. (From this time forward, the pipal tree under which he sat would be known as the Bodhi tree, or tree of enlightenment.) As he was alone with no one to witness this momentous event, he called the Earth itself to be his witness by touching the ground with his right hand in a gesture known as the Bhumisparsa mudra.




Nepalese Sculptures



The Buddha's First Sermon

The Enlightened One gave his first public sermon in the Deer Park at Sarnath, near Benares, setting in motion the wheel of the Dharma (or spiritual law) as he expounded the doctrine of the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path. This first sermon is represented by the Dharmachakra Mudra, a two-handed gesture symbolizing the setting in motion of a wheel. This mudra is also used to show the Buddha in his role as a teacher.




Origin of the Buddha Image




In Mahayana Buddhist art, the Buddha is typically represented as a young, ideally proportioned man dressed in simple monk's robes. But he is distinguished from ordinary humans by thirty-two sacred identifying features, or Lakshana. Among the most frequently observed are: the Ushnisha, a cranial bump on the head of the Buddha symbolizing wisdom; the Urna, an auspicious tuft of hair between the eyebrows of the Buddha which looks very much like a third eye on his forehead, and which represents his power to illuminate the world.




Thangka Paintings




Death of the Buddha

At the age of 80, after 45 years of teaching, the Buddha entered into a deep trance and died peacefully in the Sala Grove in Kushinagara. This event, often called the (Maha)parinirvana, is depicted with the Buddha reclining gently on his right side, often surrounded by sorrowing attendants and disciples. Sometimes his body appears already shrouded with muslin, as is follower Ananda prepares for his master's funeral.




Ritual Sculptures




The Buddha's coffin proved impervious to ordinary fire, but a divine flame came from within; it burned for seven days and reduced Buddha's earthly remains to ashes. These remains, or sharira, were divided into eight parts, and sent throughout the world. The recipients reverently enshrined these holy relics in special mounded shrines called stupas, where they became the subject of worshipful reverence, often serving as the focal points of Buddhist monasteries.





Evolution of the Buddha Image




In time, Mahayana Buddhist iconography incorporated many more obvious characteristics of divinity into representations of the Buddha -- perhaps in order to compete with the images of Hindu deities. A halo-like aureole often surrounded the Buddha's head. Flamelike projections sprang from his shoulders, and streams of water flowed from his feet, recalling the miracle at Sravasti which had made manifest the Buddha's transcendent power in the face of those who doubted him. Wheel-like chakras appeared on his palms, and on the soles of his feet.

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  • I have two antique brass Rattanakosin Buddha Staues with brass base for sell? I have had these statues for over 25 years and want them to go to someone who can appreciate them and their worth>
    If anyone is interested please e-mail me at [email protected] Thank you
    by Antonio on 11th Jan 2013
  • Try2BKind said it perfectly in his/her review; the beauty of Buddhism is its non-dogmatic offer of perfect peace and serenity, here and now, without the requirement for any commitment to a particular "god". Isn't that the most refreshing and consoling concept in all of philosophy and religion? I am happy to be able to say that my catholic upbringing helped, rather than hindered, my abilty to now revel in the serenity of Buddhist practice. The flow of my life to this point has certainly mixed suffering and pain with joy and happiness but as the Buddha taught, suffering is every bit as much a part of life as any other manifestation and that realization is the key to finding peace.
    by dennis on 7th Feb 2010
  • Who has determined the Original Religion of the modern world that we know it
    Not God, Buddha, Allha, but our our self belief in an almighty being, that controls our future and therefore our destiny
    May YOUR GOD be with you
    by A the ist on 5th Jan 2010
    by ezet elneser on 14th Jun 2009
  • This is the main problem with most organized religions. "Christians" trying to persuade people from believing what they want to believe. The greatest thing about the buddhist middle way is that we do not force beliefs on others nor do we have a problem with other religions. The basis of all religion is about being a good person, living a humble life, and knowing that there is more than meets the eye out there. I was born into a catholic family that had no problem with any religions which therefore made it easy for me to explore many religions. They all say the same basic things. It is the people involved that corrupt the religion. And one last thing, Buddha is not the god that is prayed to. He was a man that attained enlightenment that we pray to for guidance. There are many buddhas, in fact the most commonly represented buddha is siddhartha yet he technically was not the first. Learn your religious history and you will understand all religions better. If you are a christian reading this i hope you realize that at one time your religion was a pagan religion too. thanks.
    by trI2BKind on 9th Jun 2009
  • Apologies, that question was a response to CJK...
    by KAIION™ on 11th Dec 2008
  • Many thoughts you bring up in your message, and I believe that the truth that you say reveals other truths that that you seem to misunderstand, I only have a clue to the many workings of our Creator, whoever you may call Him by…with that said, I would like to expound on some of your viewpoints, and questions.

    Do Buddhists follow the Bible? : It would be quite impossible for Buddhists to follow a testimony from the revered holy figures of Christianity, since the Inception were the years 556BC -488BC (B.C Before Christ).

    The concept of ‘follow’ still feels a bit awkward since the answer is still Yes! The concept of God requires us to move out-side of space and time because that limitation is conditional to our earth’s rotation and the sun’s position, not the Creator of those very tools! That these Holy Figures come from God all know to be true in their own respect. Therefore, it is safe to assume these Holy Figures come from a place that is beyond our mind’s limitation or the earth’s gravitational pull. And Holy Writings such as The Holy Bible and the Thripitaka (Holy Book known to Buddhism) are all in deed from the Unknowable Essence who we call God. These evidences are logical conclusions made to express that these Holy Figures come at a specific time, for a specific purpose.
    About the Thripitaka, this is known to be even more translucent than most holy Books because no one has a ‘true’ copy of it, and ‘if’ we did… And it still exists, then we’ll have more proof about balance, and moderation, and not who’s God is better… They are All from the One Creator, They say, and I believe them. I am a Bahá’i!
    by KAIION™ on 11th Dec 2008
  • there no such thing as true religion, true religion is fr the heart.we all can believe in the greatest gods of all, but sori to say shd yr heart is rotten thi greatest gods of all is nothing compare to the that comitted crime n repented.
    by tan on 12th Nov 2008
  • if nt pray to buddha than pray to who?
    by tan on 12th Nov 2008
  • Dude Im totaly plagerizing all this shit for my school project.
    by Bob Shat-ner on 9th Nov 2008
  • i need a full biography on Buddhism, eg:
    hisotry,festivals,timethey woship and what day do they worship,their god, their holy books,their symbol/s, what do they wear and what do they wear on special occassions?
    thank you.
    by vanessa on 9th Sep 2008
  • Who ever follow the Religion of Noah /Abraham / Issac /Jacob /Joseph /David / Solmon / Mosses / JESUS / Muhammed /[peace be up on them all] what was their Religion ? Their Religion Was Islam .which was the CHOSEN RELIGION OF GOD AL MIGHTY?
    READ THE BIBLE AND most important THE holy Quran is the last revealations from God Al mighty , for the guidance of whole of Mankind . so follow the True Religion , www.islamguide.com .www.iiie.net.com /
    we need to search for the true Religion, www.alquran. all other so called religions are not corrupted ?
    by Abdul Noor on 18th May 2008
  • Eldin that was nicely put. The true pratice of BUDDHISM is not praying to a buddha.
    by buddhismdailypratice on 30th Mar 2008
  • Oh, and to Billy Jesus wasn't greedy his followers were.
    by buddhisndailypractice on 30th Mar 2008
  • I have to say I respect all religions but I frown on those that fight and kill in the name of GOD. I believe that there was a number of teachers put on this earth to teach but the word (which ever one you decide to follow) was properly understood. Buddhism teaches to respect, love and take control of your life. With out having a middle man. If you believe that you can accomplish something, then you can. If you think you can not then that's true as well either way you are right. What I am saying is that all of the great SAGE'S were teaching the same thing, but only a few were listening and a lot of people were mislead. All of the teachings are great... just find one that's works for you.
    by buddhismdailypratice on 30th Mar 2008
  • Compared to religions such as Christianity and Islam, Buddhism is more of a way of teachings and practices such meditations, and the means of changing oneself in order to develop the qualities of consciousness, kindness, and knowledge. What particularly interests me is that Buddhism teaches how to overcome suffering by yourself, after you have a clear understanding of the teachings of the Buddha. It does not focus on God helping you overcome your suffering or God being the cause, but in the contrary oneself being the only cause for everything good and evil.
    --This is basically what Buddhist is, it's simple
    by Eldin on 5th Mar 2008
  • it was long so i got bored but the start was cool
    by girl on 9th Jan 2008
  • I'm very interested in learning more about the teachings of buddah please email me back..
    by billy on 18th Dec 2007
  • hey man I am on bored with you in complete form I was raised pentecostal and I just recently converted to buddhism.. I like how you brought up how jesus is greedy and stuff..
    that was always my biggest problem with him he was all to angry and violent so god should be that way.
    I'm turned from that and pray to my buddah every morning and night.
    by Billy on 18th Dec 2007
  • The article was confussing to understand. I was visiting this site because I have recently met a Buddist whom said Budda and Jesus were the same thing. She tried to explain what he did but her English isn't the greatest, which she said, so I thought I would find out myself. This article doesn't really explain it to me. Do Buddists follow a bible? What year was Budda's teachings taught? I am a Christian and Christianity is not a religion it is having a relationship with Jesus. It is hard for me to understand Buddhism. Jesus's teachings seem they were similar to Budda's, but Jesus knew when he was a baby why he was born. He knew he was God's son. Did Budda know who he was when he was born? Is the calendar made around Budda's life or Jesus's? Jesus knew his mission, he knew he would have to teach the truth to as many people that he could so that they could have eternal life in Heavan with his Father. He loved everyone one of us so much that he knew he would die a slow and painful death for all of us nailed to the cross and he continued to be kind and loving to everyone he knew. He took the pain of being nailed to the cross for so long, breaking his bones, think about how he must have sufferend for all of us! He loved all of us then, and loves us all now. Perhaps God sent Budda to the people to help them to be kind. Perhaps Budda didn't know about God or Jesus when he gave his teachings? We don't know this, at least I don't think we do. God has every hair on our heads numbered. He knows all of us more than we know ourselves. Perhaps Budda was teaching us to clear our mind so that we could hear what the Holly Spirit has to say. There are a lot of bigger things going on in the world today than we know of. Bigger spiritual baddles than we could even imagine. The Devil is taunting us all the time and God is always there to prove him wrong, if we would just let him come into our lives. And don't you think it is VERY strange that EVERYONE beleives in the Devil and Hell but not everyone beleives in God! That is so wrong of us, we are letting the Devil win, he is sitting back in pure extasy over all the different religions and teachings. He is winning over this earth and until we all come together and read the word of the Lord and make the Lord our main priority in our lives, he will continue to to win and I don't think ANY of us want that - I don't want to swim in the lake of fire, do you??? Just remember God can hear our thoughts, he knows our hearts, if we know the truth and choice to ignore it, shame on us. I believe that God will not judge the ones who do not know the truth if they were never told it. Also, Satan can not hear our thoughts but can put thoughts into our heads.
    by CJK on 12th Nov 2007
  • Gloria Mcnelly, have you not seen the poor ethics that America currently exhibits. you can see it daily in the newspapers, on tv...etc. let's see, there's the daily murder, the usual rape, the swearing, cussing,casual sex... do I need to say more? America, without Christian morals, would become a new Soddom and Gamorah. Is it not the Bible who says 'Thou shalt not kill', or, thou shall not steal nor covet thy neighbor or treat thy neighbor as you would want to be treated. But these virtues are clearly lost when seen on tv or the cinema. Plus, ever since all signs of Christianity were not to be seen in shool, the rate of teenage pregnancies have risen to what, once, was thought improbable. Do you get the point? I hope so. I hope there is a Christian revival.
    by Jesusistheway on 24th Oct 2007
  • email me i want to know more
    by irene santiago on 25th Jan 2007
  • Buddhism is not just a religion it is a way of life.
    by Tei len on 18th Sep 2006
  • Buddhism is the way to find a true calling in life and become truely enlightened.
    by John on 18th Sep 2006
  • America might have been based on Christian ideals when it was founded.But has since evolved. Now Christianity is the major religion,not the basis. (i.e.. Laws that do not coincide with Christian ideals are becoming more popular. Thank MY god!!) What in the f-ck does ANY religion have to do with the prosperity of the U.S.? (again look at history,since when does war= prosperity?) In my opinion, The road was paved before Christopher Columbus ever arrived! And America and all other nations would be better off if religion never would've come to exist. Think about it And without feeling as though you've lost or betrayed your god (if you can.) The nation that protects Isreal will prosper? Is that supposed to isinuate that the U.S. is going to do that? Have you seen some of the descisions U.S. leaders have been making lately? What are we going to protect them from piece? Josh Nelson Your attempt at selling us on your religion reminds me of when I bought my piece of s--t Camry!
    by Gloria Mcnelly on 9th Sep 2006
  • Boy. Some of you Christians are about the stupidest, most closed minded people on eARTH. It is sad to read people who speak so ignorantly and who are so intolerant of others.

    I love the Christians who are Pro Life but who love war and the death penalty. you really are sick hypocrites, way too stupid to understand a profound and beautiful religion like Buddhism.

    boy are you dumb!!!
    by Barbara on 28th Jul 2006
  • dont worry we are all going to be judged befor we go to hevean from god so dont worry

    P.S God loves you all
    by bryson on 17th Jun 2006
  • I read the article and found righteousness in the story of buddah. Buddah learnt patience in many ways and in many worlds. He learnt and taught about humility and love. JESUS is the LAMB of God, he is also however the LORD of LORDS and KING of KINGS. I do not judge or stand to judge for the GREAT PRINCE of PEACE the WORD OF GOD DIPPED IN BLOOD but my humble opinon is that I pray and hope that Buddah is now within Zion the Kingdom of Heaven with JESUS. Because Buddah was not evil.

    Bryan (its my girlfriends e-mail address if you want to tell her about the Gospel, I believe that beautiful woman preaches it all over the orient)
    by I died and meet buddah on 24th Apr 2006
  • Thanks for this article, the pictures are truly inspiring and as a christian myself i can say that all religions are meant to bring peace and happiness, something more to life and anyone who feels that they can openly critisise another religion so harshly isn't a real member of any religion, thanks again.
    by anonymous on 11th Mar 2006
  • i wanrted dto no a day of a life of a buddah
    by emmma on 8th Dec 2005
  • excelente!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    by raul on 23rd Nov 2005
  • i am offended by what some of the people said about Lord Buddha and his teachings.

    I was a catholic for 11 years of my life and i wasn't happy or compassionate. When I converted to Buddhism when I was 12 almost 13 it was like i found part of me that was missing. When I told the people at my school, it was if i had threatened someone(i live in the bible belt). BUDDHISM IS A RELIGON ,RONNIE, and for what some of the people said about us not being "saved", salvation is not physical it is a state of our mind because happiness(salvation) is dependant,it can be controled,it is from within not from a god, or even a Buddha.
    And I am an open minded person but it is good for all to be mindful so as not to make mistakes. 2 things to think about;
    1) all though u christians always talk about how your saved you still are not perfect and can treat others badly, just like lay buddhists, and hindus and so on, yet the people at my school always say "well, i'm not perfect,only god is." but i've read the bible before(when i was a christian) and it talks about how your god killed those at those 2 cities, got angry, and will "smite" at the end of time those who weren't loyal! he sounds greedy and angry!sounds like he is unenlightened to me.

    2) didn't jesus tell you to love and exept? i know Lord Buddha and Arya Tara told me to love every being more than a mother for her only child no matter what.

    i don't mean to come across as a christianity-smiting person, i'm not, my parents are christians, i just want people to realize that just because you don't agree with something, doesn't make it untrue! all i know is that buddhism as been making people happy for 2,500 years and no one as the right to take that away from anyone.

    hats of to Quynh Nguyen
    compassion and sorrow for ronnie

    for the benefet of all sentient beings,
    love,compassion,and wisdom

    ps this is a great articule, very indepth, i though the tibetan form is much more appealing to me.
    by Robbie on 19th Nov 2005
  • You guys have got to be kidding! i am doing a report in school on Buddhism u people got it all wrong. christianinty is a free way to heaven and i don't know what u people say about that. and also jesus and buddha are not brothers who ever wrote that gots problems there may be many gods in ur eyes but there is only one true God.
    by Nikki on 21st Oct 2005
  • id have to say that this article clearly illustrates that Buddhism is a way of life rather than a full-blown religion.
    i was born and raised Baptist. I attended non-denominational Christian churches for several years and I believe in the Virgin Birth, the Resurrection and the Crucifixion.
    I havent attended church in a couple of years now but that doesnt mean that I dont believe and that i dont have faith. I just havent found the exact mixture of what I am seeking out.
    I think after seeing two friends live the buddhist "lifestyle" and reading this article....I think Im safe to say that I am a Buddhist-Christian. a laid-back peaceful child of God. A disciple to The only and one true king, Jesus Christ.

    Seeking out Truth
    by wwjd on 21st Sep 2005
  • My heartaches for u people say what religion is good.i pray to god that you will find jesus(the truth)and buddha to guide you to the truth. to nirvana (heaven)jesus says"god is in me,i am in god,you are in me,as you are in god,so that all would be one"(oneness) in buddhist the universal law"there is no remainder in the mathmatic of infinity.(the oneness)
    jesus"you will know the truth,and the truth will make you free"buddha "one who acts on truth is happy in this world and beyond"jesus"everyone who believes in me will never die"buddha "those who have sufficient faith in me,sufficient love for me,are all headed for heaven or beyond"
    GOOD..... the truth
    the way to heaven(nirvana)"blessed are the pure in heart,for they will see GOD"jesus in matthew 5.8.
    "anyone who withdrawa into meditation on compassion can see brahma with his own eyes,talk to him face to face and consult with him"buddha, digha nikaya 19.43
    GOD,BRAHMA,UNIVERSE,ALLAH....JESUSBUDDHA,MOHAMMED....HEAVEN,NIRVANA all one all part of the truth, the oneness.the GOOD
    but evil,hell. that is what u should be against.jesus says"i say to you that if you are angry with a brother or sister you will be liable to judgement: and if you insult a brother or sister,you will be liable to the council,and if you say,"you fool"you will be liable to the hell of fire"and buddha"here,student,some man is of an angry and irritalbe character:when criticised even a little, he is offended, becomes angry, hostle, and resentful, and displays anger,hate ,and bitternes,because of performing and undertaking such action,after death,he reappears in a state of deprivation,in an unhappy destination,in perdition, even in hell."
    heaven and hell is here with us it is up to u to pick one, no one can tell you.
    buddha help me find jesus,jesus made me love buddha.everyday my heart is full with their joy.i am just so sad to see you people still debating on who's right.THEY ARE BOTH RIGHT BECAUSE THEY R BOTH FOR GOOD.please pll for your sake,for the love of god reach way more deeper into your hearts and there you will find jesus and buddha as brothers........
    by princezencire on 4th Sep 2005
  • Amithaba
    by lim on 8th Aug 2005
  • Hey Ronnie, there's one more person to pick on you. That's me. Show some respect to other religions, will you. I'm a Buddhist, and dude, I'm pissed at what you wrote here. Let me tell you. Just the other day, I was walking on campus, and a guy and two girls stopped and wanted to know if they could ask me a question. I said, "Please go ahead." They asked,"Are you sure you'd go to heaven if you died today?" I said, "Yes." They said, "Why?" I said, "Because I didn't do bad things." They went on to explain that I could only saved through Jesus. I told them I really respected Christians and their beliefs, but at that moment, my belief was (it still is) in the teachings of Buddha's. I said that I agreed that some Christian teachings which basically also tell you to be good. The guy said, "Well, a lot of people already said that, and other religions say that too, but you have to believe in Jesus to be saved." He was pushing like that for ten minutes. And I told him, "Sorry, I gotta go." And he said God'd forgive me. If I hadn't been a Buddhist at the time, I could've beat up that guy (I was violent before becoming a Buddhist). Who is he to judge me and my religion? I didn't judge his religion. What proof can he show that only Christians are saved? Other Christians, please don't misunderstand me. But I believe if forgiving is generous as many believe as long as they believed in Jesus they'd be saved. If so, those who have screwed up will keep screwing up. And with the belief that people can only be saved through Jesus, Christians themselves have separated themselves from others thinking that they are on a higher level than others. But Christianity teach people to be humble. How can you reconcile this difference? I totally agree with Melissa saying that as long as people are good they should be given space in heaven. With that said, I just wanted to tell Ronnie that by not showing any respect to other religions he himself will be damned.
    by Quynh Nguyen on 10th Jul 2005
  • When I was small until now, I just know how to pray to God only. After I read Buddha's article and teaching, I understand that Buddism is a way of life. I really enjoy this article as it tells the journey of Buddha's life. Thank you for the sharing of this article.
    by C.H.Tan on 13th Jun 2005

  • so much interest to know about buddha

    and like to be your friend also

    thanks n reds
    by angie ng on 3rd Apr 2005
  • pls advise where to get the book for

    "purpose_driven_Life which i wish to


    by angie ng on 3rd Apr 2005
  • no matter what ronnie thinks but matters what only i who reads this

    Share this matter for matter is now
    by TJP on 5th Mar 2005
  • Buddhism is a wonderful religion which promotes peace, compassion and wisdom wherever it goes. Christians who condemn it have no idea of its teachings. The Buddha said that his teachings can be summarised as "Avoid evil, Do good, and Purify the Mind". Buddhism is the only religion that speaks of purifying our minds - the source of all the world's misery. By contrast, most religions are just tribal myths that became estalished worldwide through quirks of history. If you take an objective and deeper look at Buddhism, you'll find so much wisdom and joy, it'll eradicate the prejudices ingrained into you by your pastors.
    by Pilgrim on 22nd Feb 2005
  • Thank you
    by patrick on 5th Feb 2005
  • TRy going to library to bollow book about Buddhist
    Actually you no need to become a buddhist to be buddhist.
    Just follow its teaching and understand what buddah teaching is all about
    by usuls on 15th Jan 2005
  • There is no God. Christians use religion the way I use alcohol. Buddism thus makes much more sense.
    by Awake on 24th Dec 2004





    I'm really sad that I had to capitalize that, but certain people I've read comments from sound very ignorant when their comments are read. Don't think I'm trying to start a fiery, heated debate-- I'm just trying to point out some facts that my fellow Christians don't seem to understand, and can't get past.

    by Melissa on 5th Nov 2004
  • And Kim, Buddhism does not concentrate on whether or not there is God. To many, it is not a religion, but a way of life-- The Buddha even specifically told others not to worship him, though some do. He does not claim to be a messiah or a reincarnation of God of any kind, though Hinduism did absorb Buddhism by making The Buddha a reincarnation of God (All Hindu gods and goddesses are representations of a one, ominescent power, if I am correct.)
    It is also against the word of God to be discriminatory. He is a God of love and mercy. Buddhists focus on peace and justice as well, and if they truly do live life with upright morals, then there should be no reason that they should be denied heaven. Are you against Jews, Muslims, and Hindus as well, because they do not believe in Jesus?
    As I've said, Buddhism is more a way of life-- It is really up to the individual to decide whether or not God exists, and whether they will believe in him. I think it's wonderful that this man has decided to be baptized a Christian through choice of his own, and that his thinking is right on target. Love all man, respect everybody's beliefs, and don't discriminate. I believe that all religions are a path to God (with some exceptions, because there are some which blatantly reject him, i.e. Satanism).

    You are the ones concentrating on sins, and what you see as sins. You're judging-- Don't. I was born and raised Christian (Catholic, if you want to know), and I am very proud of my faith, but I have the utmost respect for the beliefs of others.
    If you don't, keep it to yourself. It's really not your job to judge, and no one cares to hear your tell them that-- You are not going to convert anybody through this way. I'm sorry to say it, but it's the truth.
    by Melissa on 5th Nov 2004
  • I loved reading this article-- It not only helped me on my homework, but also helped me be more knowledgable about a religion other than my own. I'm an avid lover of both religion and art, and this title caught me.

    I don't understand how people can be so discriminatory (reference to Ronnie)-- In fact, a lot of people think that Buddhism isn't a religion at all. It's more of a way of life. I have deep respect for Buddhists. If I weren't confirmed already, I would seriously think about becoming one. I think anything that promotes peace is a wonderful thing.
    by Melissa on 5th Nov 2004
    by COOLCHRISTIAN16 on 5th Nov 2004
  • i'm still not understanding all the comotion re: Ronnies' article, i woudn't because i didn't read it, but from reading all of the remarks regarding it i'm guessing this Ronnie person isn't open minded, Christianity teaches us to love thy neighbor, not to despise them or ridicule them on how/what to believe in there own lives, that is the key word, THERE own lives, whomever you pray to is your own will, again, we were put on this earth to have our own free will, that means free will to religous beliefs, sexually preferances, chosing between good and bad, FREE WILL TO ALL MAN... if God put us on this earth to think exactly the same Ronnie, we would be Robots,nothing else but Robots, Open your heart to those you look down to so much, open your mind in all the possibilities there are in our world and worlds we don't know of. Know that i have free will, and you have free will , thats why we're able to speak our mind, and believe what ever it is that we believe in, HEY RONNIE, give praise that we at least believe in something, even though it may not be your God, my GOd, but at least we believe in GOD, BUDDHA, and all those other GODS out there. May Buddha be with you, May God always be with you, I pray that you find peace within yourself. God Bless.
    by May on 14th Oct 2004
  • Hi, i'm Livia from Hungary.
    Please , send me email ,if you are interested in the Buddha and the Buddhism , and if you want a friend.I'm very interested in this religion! :)
    by Livia on 24th Aug 2004
    by LB on 14th Aug 2004
  • To anybody who needs the truth. Buddhism is certainly not a religion for it was meant to worship Siddharta. It is a philosophy, Buddha's teaching to a path from this sea of suffering and wheel of never ending pain. This "religion" is contained in any religion that is good natured, that was meant to open people's hearts to the potential of attaining enlightenment. It does not matter if you are a Christian, Jew, Islamic or even a Wicken, all were created to lift the human spirit out of this ocean of sickness and ignorance. The only difference is that buddhism goes into details about this newfound path to freedom. Unfortunately, most of the scripts that was written by the disciples of the buddha 30 years after his death is not easy to grasp even by the dahli lama himself! Unlike Jesus but like the prophet Muhammad however, the last buddha, Gautama, did not claimed to be God but firmly stated that he was just a regular humans. Being a buddhist myself, I strongly disagree about how some tharavatan buddhists treat buddha as a diety or even worship buddha. I am truly glad to rediscovery this lost inspiration that has been found by this article. The pics were truly inspirational. I sincerely feel much pity and sorrow for ignorant ones who deny the truth in the palm of buddha that is right befor their foolish faces (ronnie).
    by Phung on 7th Jul 2004
  • Andy, First of all lets establish the Jesus you are talking about. Is this the Jesus that was a good man, a prophet or the Jesus of the bible that claims to be God and claims to be the only way to heaven? John14:6 "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." God plainly tells us in the ten commandments Exo20:3 & Deu5:7, "You shall have other gods before me", Chr19:26 "For all the gods of the nations are idols, but the Lord made the heavens. Another point I want to make Romans3:10 "There is no one righteous, not even one; Romans 3:21"But now a righteousness from God apart from law, has been made known,to which the Law and the Prophets testitfy. This righteousness from God comes through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe. There is no difference, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus. God presented him as a sacrifice of atonement, through faith in his blood". I think it is pretty obvious that although you claim "baptism into Christianity" you have been misled. Baptism is done out of obedience to God and to show the world you identify yourself with Christ through his death, burial and ressurection. You have died to yourself and you now have a new nature in Christ. In other words, you have been born again. I don't think this is what happened with you because your words definitely do not line up with the word of God. I pray you will pick up your bible and reexamine The Truth which comes only from God. As for concentrating on the sins of the world, it is just indicative of the world turning away from God and doing their own thing. All the more reason to make up your mind on whether you are for God or against God. You won't have a another chance once God decides your time is up. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life John3:16. John12:44 "when a man believes in me, he does not believe in me only, but in the one who sent me. When he looks at me, he sees the one who sent me. I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness. As for the person who hears my words, but does not keep them, I do not judge him. For I did not come to judge the world, but to save it. There is a judge for the one who rejects me and does not accept my words; that very word which I spoke will condemn him at the last day. For I did not speak of my own accord, but the Father who sent me commanded me what to say and how to say it. I know that his command leads to eternal life. So whatever I say is just what the Father has told me to say". I think this verse speaks for itself. I pray that God will open your heart and mind to recieving Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. If you have any questions feel free to write back. Christ commanded all of us to go spread the good news and this indeed is the best news you will ever hear for all eternity.
    by kim on 12th Jun 2004
  • Aloha: First of all, I am on this website because I have a Buddist friend that I need to witness to and help and I really did not know the real history behind the belief of Buddah so this is why I am on this website. I am a firm believer of Jesus Christ- The only and one true King!! He is the alpha and the omega -- the beginning and the end.
    Going through some of these comments, it really grieved me to see a lot of you pick on Ronnie who is trying to defend his christian faith....
    There is only one God...God Almighty who created the heaven and the earth - spoke it into existance. Because there was so much sin in the world he had to send his son Jesus Christ born of a Virgin to come to earth to save mankind from sin...And he did
    Read the Holy Bible KJV --there is only one bible...
    Jesus came to earth and healed the sick gave hope to the poor and even cast out devils...
    He died for me and he died for each and every one of you. Upon his back in Galgothia (Calvery) every stripe he took upon his back was for our sins so that man could be reconciled again with the Father...
    Please all of you, I know that Buddah was a good man and a man of peace but God said that we are to worship him alone and no other...
    Jesus paid the price so that when we die and face the father in heaven...he will say well done my faithfull servent, enter into thy rest...
    But to those who worship other Gods there will be no mercy
    You will be cast into the lake of fire...
    Open your eyes, open your hearts to the one true God and repent that Christ may save you from the wages of Sin.
    Love you all and always remember Jesus paid the price and defeated the devil so the devil cannot distort your minds into thinking of these false religions that will cause you to be distracted.
    2 Peter 2:20 By his stripes you are healed. If you have never heard the story of what Jesus did for you and continually do for you...Go and see the movie the Passion and see for yourself.
    It was even worst than the movie but that is the best and the closest that the media will come to it.
    God said in John 3:16 For GOD so LOVED the world (that is you and I) that he gave his only begotton son that whosoever believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life...

    Love you brothers and sisters in Christ
    **Find the truth*** Winnie
    by Winnie on 31st May 2004
  • Thank you for the inspiration on my journey to inner peace. I truly enjoyed this article.
    by Julie on 23rd May 2004
  • i think that people do not give buddhism enught credit. i think that it is a very interesting thing to learn. in my history class we are learning about it and i can't get enough of it. what youare doing is really great.
    by Veela on 20th May 2004
  • It is good to know there are people who are interested in keeping a "check" on themselves, their own behavior, this is the challenge.
    by iris on 5th May 2004
  • great story, could have used more of his teachings though.
    I personally never judged the prophets, only the biblical authors who use them to bend the truth to get there way; power, riches, power over races, sexes, religions and power in numbers.
    I am a buddhist, and i respect and listen to all the teaching of our worlds religions. the buddah means the inlightended one, the one who elimenates all want and desire in order for enlightenment. In the hindu religion, instead of inlightenment you get a boun (not how its spelled), a villian once stood in a medition for 3 years (grew moss on him) and he basically got a wish (he wished for power).
    by josh on 15th Apr 2004
  • Noy I like what u had 2 say about buddha and ronnie need 2koolit
    by D on 16th Mar 2004
  • Ronnie has the right to believer whatever he wants, but he obviously lacks the intelligence and the compassion needed to be truly enlightened. Live and let live Ronnie and quit striking out at others because they do not share your particular beliefs.
    by Jude on 29th Feb 2004
  • I enjoy reading the story of Buddha - It brings calm to the soul and renewed energy to face the world and do what is right and good. It should be respected and held high in this troubled world we all live in.
    by Jude on 29th Feb 2004
  • Ronnie, i think you have a really bad attitude prob. If you cant accept that there are other religions, how can you believe in Christ fully? If im right, one of the things that he said was to accept everyone no matter what race, sex, or even religion they are. People have the right to believe in what they want to. You have to look outside your circle. see how many religions actually relate back to god. There are more ways then just one. Just like their are more countries out there than the one you live in. Travel outside your circle, you might find some deeper meanings in things.
    by sammy on 17th Feb 2004
  • Hi, I was raise up buddhis, and was baptize into Christianity, this question is for Ronnie.. You seem to have a very strong Faith in christianity, but dont u think ur going the wrong way about all this? first off , what are you doing in this website if u detest it so much? is that something christ would do, or want you to do? look down on ur brother, a seek to change thing? doesnt the bible says, he will be the one to judge other and take care of things, not not you,... it seems you have lots of anger inside you, and your giving other christain and our relationship with god a bad name... 2nd in order to give ur point of view on things, you should be open minded and find out what it is ur argueing against, instead of picking fights with others who share the same principle .. to love, help one another, and live a peaceful rightous life, you should be focussing ur concern among other things, like, drugs, violence, prostitution, ... I think theres many religion for many ppl, and who is o say whose right and whose wrong. if all the religion would stop critising each other, and work together for the good of mankind, I think. I think the world we live in today, would not be as difficult for us to reach our goal as much as now.. christ wants us to be one and not hate each other, buddhis has the same principle, so pls stop putting down ppl, faith... if you find that difficult to do Ronnie.. I suggest you only go to christain .com or something, cause you are sowing a bad seed for yourself, for having that hatred in ur heart dear brother... thank you, God Bless!
    by Andy on 7th Feb 2004
  • it's true a judgemental attitude is a sign of ignorance. Youre great co'z your not the type of person that judging other religion in fact you've learned more about them
    by tess on 5th Feb 2004
  • buddhism is not a religion, it tells about how to respects all living creature
    by TESS on 5th Feb 2004
  • think that buddhism is a nice religion
    by melissa on 2nd Feb 2004
  • chritina is stupid!!!
    by dummb on 2nd Feb 2004
  • it was a wonderful thing to read not that i red it but looks very nice
    by bri on 2nd Feb 2004
  • thank you for the story on buddhas life.ive finally know something know about the great man.Thank you.
    by Peter on 18th Jan 2004
  • great. good for cheating on your r.e homework
    by Christina on 13th Jan 2004
  • Josh Nelson,

    Interesting you say that because the USA has many religions represented. The difference between Christianity and Buddhasim is many and wide yet their are similarities.

    Christianity is for the sole whereas Buddhasim is a way to live your life here and now. Buddhaism repects all other religions as being equal whereas you need to question others and their beliefs.

    The United States Karma is coming and all great civilisations come and go - THe ROmans, THE Greeks, THe egyptians have all come and gone. Change happens with or without reason.

    Do you think that the Unitied States is the only Christian Population?

    I wish you peace and harmony as you travel life's journey.
    by DP34 on 3rd Jan 2004
  • THis article is awsome! Orange
    by Bobber on 2nd Dec 2003
  • Another thing I have to say is How can America, which is based on christianity be the most prosperous nation in the worls if the religion doesnt help. The bible says the nation that protects Isreal will prosper and the US's #1 allie is isreal
    by Josh Nelson on 26th Nov 2003
  • Hay man, Look, Im not gonna shoot you one. Im a christian and im going to tell you that this is a religion and thats all. Christianity is a one on one relationship with christ. Look at a histiry book and then read the bible, i think youll find it interserting that they tell geographically the same thing. Also the mark of the beast which is desribed i revaltion is coming true. Instead of prople using cedit cards they are putiing chips in peoples hand.
    by josh nelson on 26th Nov 2003
  • 11
    by Claudio on 11th Nov 2003
  • life of budha
    by tanwir on 9th Oct 2003
  • Thanks for the article. I must say it is very impressive as far as describing the History of Buddahism and all. I still however feel that you could improve on a number of issues, that is to really point out the pholisopy of buddahism, the fundermental pillars that it operates on, the teachings, which part of the world practise buddahism and maybe look at similarities and differences with other religions of the world. Apart from that, l think you did a good Job!
    by Diesel on 26th Jun 2003
  • include the 32 sings one by one please
    by angel on 22nd Jun 2003
  • this is a good site, i myself am looking for information on becoming a buddhist, if any one can send me any information
    it would be a ppreciated
    by jared on 14th Jun 2003
  • I liked your article. I am a Buddhist myself so is my mother. I did not like what Ronnie said, I would like to know where is christ body, to my understanding he was human like we are and there is no fact that christ even walked this earth, so how dare ronnie for saying that Buddha is not a Religion. I really think that people like Ronnie needs to do his studying.
    by lil kim on 25th May 2003
  • This is a great site
    by Louis on 17th May 2003
  • this guy is really ignorant about any religion because if he were a true christian then he would know that christ accepts EVERYONE. It's christians like you Ronnie that make life terrible for everyone I hope you find peace.
    by kevin on 9th May 2003
  • Any site that talks about great people in a good way are always great websites!
    by Lee on 24th Apr 2003
  • This is good, but I still dont find any thing that match my purpose...
    by Yao Ming 2 on 24th Apr 2003
  • This article was extremely interesting, I enjoyed it very much.
    by Yao Ming on 22nd Apr 2003
  • id like to know about buddahism
    by nichole on 10th Apr 2003
  • review only
    by butt on 5th Apr 2003
  • What a wonderful site this is! I was looking for information on Buddha and Buddhaism for my grandson's school project and this one was gorgeous, fascinating and I loved the story. Oh, how I would love to have all that beautiful artwork. Just wonderful. Thank you.
    by Jeanne on 3rd Apr 2003
  • buddhist history
    by dinh nguyen on 26th Mar 2003
  • i really like this site.As i want to know about life of budha and all about budhasim, and this site really help me allot.this is admireable

    by madiha on 24th Mar 2003
  • i cant judje any religion.im a chilean girl(from chile),and that country has many religions.you just have to know it to judje it.
    by cristina on 11th Feb 2003
  • i think that buddhism is a new religion for me and for a lot of people.nobody should judje any religion til you know it well.
    by cristina on 11th Feb 2003
  • hi,this is a really cool website.i got a social studies project to do about buddhism.i'll be really thankful if you could send me all you know about buddhism, and even more thankful if you could send me pictures!!!!
    thank you very much
    by Cristina on 11th Feb 2003
  • my brother, buddha is such a beautiful religion. you really need to open up your heart and realize that christ is not the only religion in the world.
    by Noy on 4th Jan 2003
  • pareha po tayo ng apeliyedo. taga saan po kaayo.mg email ka naman.( transalation) hi we have the same family name. From where are you? email me when you have the time. tnx you... Buddha the enligthenment of spirit and life. Buddah Bless us All. Ame Tabah
    by vincent on 29th Oct 2002
  • COOL thissite really helped me with my RME project thnx alot
    by robotic (warcraft 3 name) on 21st Oct 2002
  • this site was a great help with my religions of the world assignment it gave me great information on budha's life!
    by me on 18th Sep 2002
  • Buddhaism is no religion, it is way of life, therefore I do not find any contradiction ot other religions in this world today. I am a Christian myself, adn I admire all who practise Buddhism....God Bless and may you find enlightnment......
    by raymond roy tiruchelvam on 17th Sep 2002
  • Your website, which was pointed out to me by an Indian friend, proved very informative. I own an art gallery, where amongst other "fair trade" products I sell thangkas and buddhist statues. This info helps me provide my customers with accurate and comprehensive background information!
    by Elisabeth on 4th Sep 2002
  • Greetings! I have been a Nichiren Daishonin Buddhist my entire life. I was born into it. Many thanks to the writer of this article! I found it very interesting! I have studied many different religions and beliefs (I even go to a Catholic school!). I encourage others to study other religions with a non-judgemental attitude. A judgemental attitude is a sign of ignorance.
    by Jeff on 7th Aug 2002
  • you really need to find christ in your life. budda is a false religion that really has no meaning and i dont know if it should even be called a religion. christ is the way my brother, i lie to you not, i have no reason to. seek and you shall find.

    by ronnie on 3rd May 2002
  • Hi
    how are u? I am one of the buddhist person.I am looking for buddha life . What buddha did in his life ? I am looking for that . If you help me about it I am very happy also if you have buddha pictures can you send my e-mail please
    by Jony Barua on 28th Feb 2002
  • I think this is a fantastic website. It is a great source for my R.E. homework about the life of Buddah!
    by O.S.Lincoln on 27th Feb 2002
  • I found the article enlightening, I am very happy to be a member of your excellent ezine. Please continue the great job.
    by Mark Robertson on 4th May 2001
  • I greatly enjoyed your version of the life of Buddha. I am a teacher of comparative religion in a boys' school outside of Washington, D.C. and I wonder if you would permit me to use your story with proper citation, of course. I shall also enjoy, now, going to your web site.
    by E. A. Johnson on 3rd May 2001
  • In the begining of your story you state that the story of budhism is legend of stories. Then you celebrate this by selling material items to remind you of the path. More people join you in this material reminding....when its a fact that all enlightened have given up the material world to become a Hue-man Be...ing..... It will soon be your turn..
    by Ronald on 3rd May 2001
  • I thoroughly enjoyed this article about Buddha! Thank you for the enlightenment of the unknown! Please keep me on your list!!! Sincerely
    by Linda Abellera on 3rd May 2001
  • Fantastic. Somebody finally took the time to reveal this historical information to the ignorant West. I hope to see more of these writings in the future!
    by Jason B. on 3rd May 2001
  • I enjoyed your email. Thanks for the gentle reminder of the wisdom of the Buddha in the middle of the working, wired world.
    by Dave on 3rd May 2001
  • This was very interesting. Although I was familiar with the life of Buddha in general, your email contained details and information unknown to me. Thank you.
    by Thyme on 3rd May 2001
  • It is with deep thanks that I contact you to say thank-you for your wonderful article and artwork on the "Life of Buddha in Legend and Art" (May 2000). I have been looking for some time for an article such as yours and wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your sending it to me. I found it to be not only very informative but also quite inspiring as well. The included artwork was excellent. So excellent was the entire article that I printed it in its entirity for repeated reading and study. Thank-you once again for such a wonderful piece of inspired endeavor. Sincerely
    by Ward Jones on 3rd May 2001
  • Thank you for the little scripture, it was very detailed i will enjoy more of them in the future and i will enjoy more business in the future.
    by Chong Li on 3rd May 2001
  • Thank you so much for such a lovely and creative illustrated depictment of the Buddha's live. I thoroughly enjoyed it and have already visited your online store to look at your other beautiful objects. All the best,
    by Hsu Teh Wei on 3rd May 2001
  • How very interesting! I learned so much in such a short time! Thank you very much! Regards,
    by Xia on 3rd May 2001
  • Just wanted to send you a note to tell you how much I appreciated your article on Buddha. Thank you for taking the time and effort to send out these little pearls. They are not only helpful but enjoyable as well. Thanks again and best wishes to you and yours.
    by Sandra Evans on 3rd May 2001
  • Thank you for sending me the article, I enjoyed reading it. Sincerely
    by Terri Ellis on 3rd May 2001
  • A SEEMINGLY SIMPLE TELLING OF A BEAUTIFUL STORY.. WELL DONE- I have read lenghty presentations of Buddah's life, but none so enlightning in so few words. Thank You. I shall share my copy.
    by Stephen Peck on 3rd May 2001
Order a rare set of books generally not available. Received in great shape, a bit late, I am sure Exotic India team worked hard to obtain a copy. Thanks a lot for effort to support Indians World over!
Vivek Sathe
Shiva came today.  More wonderful  in person than the images  indicate.  Fast turn around is a bonus. Happy trail to you.
Henry, USA
Namaskaram. Thank you so much for my beautiful Durga Mata who is now present and emanating loving and vibrant energy in my home sweet home and beyond its walls.   High quality statue with intricate detail by design. Carved with love. I love it.   Durga herself lives in all of us.   Sathyam. Shivam. Sundaram.
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I just wanted to let you know that the book arrived safely today, very well packaged. Thanks so much for your help. It is exactly what I needed! I will definitely order again from Exotic India with full confidence. Wishing you peace, health, and happiness in the New Year.
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Gautama Buddha in Bhumisparsha Mudra (Tibetan Buddhist)
Tibetan Thangka Painting
Size of Painted Surface 10.7 inch X 14.8 inch
Size with Brocade 23.6 inch X 34.5 inch
Gautama Buddha in Bhumisparsha Mudra (Tibetan Buddhist)
Dictionary of Buddhist Iconography: Volume-3 (Cayan Acala - Dhupa)
Dictionary of Buddhist Iconography: Volume-3 (Cayan Acala - Dhupa)
Lokesh Chandra
Dictionary of Buddhist Iconography: Volume-3 (Cayan Acala - Dhupa)
Prayer Wheel on Canvas
Prayer Wheel on Canvas
Tibetan Thangka Painting
Size of Painted Surface 13.2 inches X 17.2 inches
Size with Brocade 21.5 inches X 30.5 inches
Prayer Wheel on Canvas
ABSENCE OF THE BUDDHA IMAGE IN EARLY BUDDHIST ART (Toward its Significance in Comparative Religion)
ABSENCE OF THE BUDDHA IMAGE IN EARLY BUDDHIST ART (Toward its Significance in Comparative Religion)
ABSENCE OF THE BUDDHA IMAGE IN EARLY BUDDHIST ART (Toward its Significance in Comparative Religion)
Bhumisparsha Buddha
Bhumisparsha Buddha
Kaima Wood Sculpture
Artist Vishwakarma family
14.5" x 9.0" x 5.0"
Bhumisparsha Buddha
Sarnath Buddha (Pedestal Engraved Dharmachakra with Deer Pair, Disciples and Devotees)
Sarnath Buddha (Pedestal Engraved Dharmachakra with Deer Pair, Disciples and Devotees)
Brass Sculpture
21.5" X 8" X4.5"
Sarnath Buddha (Pedestal Engraved Dharmachakra with Deer Pair, Disciples and Devotees)
The Mountains of the Buddha
The Mountains of the Buddha
Javier Moro & Translated by Asha Puri
The Mountains of the Buddha
Yajneshwar S. Shastri
The Medicine Buddha (Tibetan Buddhist Deity)
The Medicine Buddha (Tibetan Buddhist Deity)
Brass Sculpture
9.5" x 11.5" x 13.5"
The Medicine Buddha (Tibetan Buddhist Deity)
The Buddha Head (Carved in Amethyst)
The Buddha Head (Carved in Amethyst)
Amethyst Sculpture
2.0" X 1.2" X 0.7"
The Buddha Head (Carved in Amethyst)
The Way Of The Buddha
The Way Of The Buddha
The Way Of The Buddha
The Life of the Buddha (According to the Ancient texts and Monuments of India)
The Life of the Buddha (According to the Ancient texts and Monuments of India)
A. Foucher, Trans. By. Simone Brangier Boas
The Life of the Buddha (According to the Ancient texts and Monuments of India)
Where the Buddha Walked: A Companion to the Buddhist Places of India
Where the Buddha Walked: A Companion to the Buddhist Places of India
Rana P.B. Singh
Where the Buddha Walked: A Companion to the Buddhist Places of India
Buddha in Twin Bhumisparsha Mudra
Buddha in Twin Bhumisparsha Mudra
Copper Sculpture
8.0" X 5.5" X 3.5"
Buddha in Twin Bhumisparsha Mudra
The Origin of the Buddha Image
The Origin of the Buddha Image

Ananda K. Coomaraswamy
The Origin of the Buddha Image
The Buddha from Dolpo A Study of the Life and Thought of the Tibetan Master Dolpopa Sherab Gyaltsen
The Buddha from Dolpo A Study of the Life and Thought of the Tibetan Master Dolpopa Sherab Gyaltsen
Cyrus Stearns
The Buddha from Dolpo A Study of the Life and Thought of the Tibetan Master Dolpopa Sherab Gyaltsen
Buddha and the Gospel of Buddhism
Buddha and the Gospel of Buddhism
Buddha and the Gospel of Buddhism
Discourse in Early Buddhist Art: Visual Narratives of India
Discourse in Early Buddhist Art: Visual Narratives of India
Vidya Dehejia
Discourse in Early Buddhist Art: Visual Narratives of India
The Indian Buddhist Iconography
The Indian Buddhist Iconography
Benoytosh Bhattacharyya
The Indian Buddhist Iconography
Mahiparinirvana Buddha from the Caves of Ajanta
Mahiparinirvana Buddha from the Caves of Ajanta
Kaima Wood Sculpture
Artist Vishwakarma family
3.5" x 10.5" x 2.0"
Mahiparinirvana Buddha from the Caves of Ajanta
Gandhara Buddha Meditating on Lotus Against the Aureole of a Hand
Gandhara Buddha Meditating on Lotus Against the Aureole of a Hand
Stone Sculpture
7.7" X 5.0" X 2.0"
Gandhara Buddha Meditating on Lotus Against the Aureole of a Hand
The Buddha at Sarnath
The Buddha at Sarnath
Kaima Wood Sculpture
Artist Vishwakarma family
9.0" x 5.0" x 2.5"
The Buddha at Sarnath
(Tibetan Buddhist Deity) Crowned Buddha in Earth -Touching Gesture
(Tibetan Buddhist Deity) Crowned Buddha in Earth -Touching Gesture
Copper Sculpture gilted with 24 Karat Gold
8.5" X 5.5" X 3.5"
(Tibetan Buddhist Deity) Crowned Buddha in Earth -Touching Gesture
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"The Buddhist art, which... revolutionized the art scenario of the entire ancient Indian sub-continent, was essentially a narrative art.... In that age with little literacy... oral and visual narration... was the traditional tool of... stimulating a mind to know; and, the Buddhist art seems to have best exploited it... Narration... was thus the prime or perhaps the only mode of communication in the entire ancient world, not India alone...Buddhist art was conceived thus more or less as a visual alternative of its scriptures, and narration was the essence of both...The legend of Buddha's life, in this birth as also in previous births, is the main subject-matter of Buddhist narratives...The events emerging...might belong to more than one story. This Buddhist model of narrative visual art...is the proto-model of India's visual narrative art."
The Narrative Essence of Buddhist Art
"The Buddha image...has constantly been under debate as to its origin and evolution...Some believe that the first Buddha image had come into being during the lifetime of the Buddha himself...For most scholars however...he earliest Buddha images come from around...some five hundred year after Buddha's Mahaparinirvana...early Buddhist art...sought to represent him by a number of symbols, or material motifs, which had remained associated with him...These motifs, the empty throne and stupa in particular, depicted rather, and with utmost thrust, only Buddha's absence, as it was in his absence that his devotees realized the presence of their Master...the artists, working as per the Buddhist tradition itself, saw Buddha more in the Dharma rather than in a human form...Even during the subsequent late phase...not a single Buddha image...has so far come to light, which does not depict one aspect or the other of the Dharma...It does not so much portray the Buddha as it does the Dharma..."
Putting The Ocean in a Bowl - The Origin of the Buddha Image
"Christ and Buddha, two manifestations of divinity, showed us that true salvation lies only on the path of humanity and compassion towards all. Indeed, through their humanity they are both related to us, and through their divinity, to god... 'Buddha and Christ are but local inflections of a universal archetype: the Cosmic Person imaging wholeness.'... Just as Buddha gained enlightenment by conquering the five senses, Christ, pinned in five places... nails down the five senses... Since they both embodied universal human aspirations and their ultimate realization... the art they inspired too would develop motifs which would elaborate similar principles, though the metaphors deployed would vary, being dependent upon local contexts."
Buddha and Christ - Two Gods on the Path to Humanity
"The Buddha's journey to spiritual awakening or 'Nirvana,'... perfectly mirrors the ... progressive development of a hero... Not at ease with his immediate environment... a constant unease gnaws at his heart, prompting him to question the very nature of his existence. This inner strife is the first inkling that a greater destiny lies ahead of the potential hero... Buddha was born an ordinary mortal. His path to fulfillment... was a journey full of exciting experiences and mistakes made. He learned from each of his mistakes, making it a springboard for all future, and finally the ultimate success... each of us... is capable and deserving of Nirvana, having a potential Buddha hidden in us..."
Buddha - A Hero's Journey to Nirvana
"In its characteristic unique way, Buddhist thought divides the eventful life of its founder into twelve glorious "events." These defining incidents of his life are given visual form in densely packed sequences narrated in a special genre of paintings... These artworks not only delineate Buddha's gradual progress towards spiritual enlightenment, but also present a visual depiction of a vast number of abstract philosophical notions underlying esoteric Buddhism..."
The Life of Buddha and the Art of Narration in Buddhist Thangka Paintings
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