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The 7th House: A Book on Vedic Astrology

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Author: Er. Suresh Tanwar
Language: English
Edition: 2015
Pages: 320 (Throughout B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description
About the Book

Marriage is a sacred ceremony performed in the life of a native. After marriage, the active social life of couple begins.

This book is written only on the marriage part of the life. According to author the 7th house becomes most important house of a horoscope. The entire life of native is rotates around this house.

This book consists 8 chapters. Exchange of 7th house with other house lords, various planets in the 7TH house and theirs effects, effects of 7th lords when I occupies the other houses, yogas & timing of marriage etc.

The book provides excellent information about the 7th house of the horoscope. This will help the astrologers to assess the merits and demerits of the 7th house.


About the Author

Sh. Suresh Tanwar, now 71 is qualified astrologer. He is basically a Civil Engineer. He served the department of public sector of Rajasthan government. On 31st July 2000 he was retired from the post of Executive Engineer. He wrote more than 250 article on various topic of astrology. This is his first book.



With placing my head in the feet of the Ganesh. I submit this forward to the astrologers and the reader, this my work entitled “7th house”.

Ganesha point out Indians do not say it Astrology. The say “Jyotish” which means of God.

It is a most useful service which can help manking is solving many problems by remedial measure, worship, prayers etc.

In our lives everybody has to obey the law of planets Everything is predetermined. Saint Tulsidas ji has stated in “Ram charit Manas” that

In the birth chart of a native there are twelve house signifying the different components of life. Such as 7th house marriage partner and other related matter of matters of married life.

The editor of famous Indian panchang – Shree Vishwavijay Panchang – Sh. Hardo Sharma Dwivedi used to till in his last phase of life that. As we have separate doctor for various human body components like, Eyes, Heart, Stomach, Nose etc. Similarly the coming yong generation of Astrology must specialize themselves in the study of various house i.e. 1st to 12th. He died on 03-08-1994.

Being inspired by his statement we have made a attempt of writing a separate this book in eight chapter,


1. Chapter 1- Introduction.
2. Chapter 2- Imortance of 7th house.
3. Chapter 3- Effect of various planets occupying 7th house.
4. Chapter 4- Effects of various placement of lard of 7th house occupy other house.
5. Chapter 5- Exchang of 7th lord with lords of other house.
6. Chapter 6- Astrological Yogas.
7. Chapter 7- Planetary disfiguration in birth chart that damages mental happiness.
8. Chapter 8- Timing of Marriage.

I have tried to express my views with the help of various examples. I was helped by my wife Smt. Laxmi Tanwar and many persons. Especially I convey my sincere thank to Mr. Dharmendra Sharma, Rave Publications for his support to publish this book.



The point of Zodiac rising in the east or the first house is called as ascendant in a birth chart. Further the full zodiac of 360° is divided is 2nd and this continues in art clock wise direction completing the 12 houses.

1st House: Physical Structure, Health, Appearance , Character, Temperament, Complexionn, Ego and Self sense in life.

2nd House: Speech, Family, Wealth, Face and Holding of personal and material resources.

3rd House: Brother, Friends, Companions, BASIC Energy of life, Initiation, Curiosity and Research.

4th House: Home, Happiness, Mother and Domestic Situation.

5TH House: Creativity, Original Thinking, lssues, Soul nature and Creative Intelligence.

6th House: Diseases, Enemy,, Disputes, Work & Services.

7th House: Marriage, Married Life & Marriage Partner Relationship & Partnership.

8th House: Sex, Death, Occult Vice and Hidden side of life.

9th House: Religion, Father, Holy Journeys, Philosophical or Ethical Profession, Job.

11th House: Loses, Hidden Emotional Nature, Liberation.

Here we are mainly concerned with to the 7th house of a chart which mainly signifies the following in detail.

As the house is opposite the Ascendant representing the Self, the seventh house, or Descendant, represents one’s opposite or complement.

The 7th house is well knows as house of the partner, the wife in man’s chat the husband in the woman’s chart.

The 7th house a house of love and passion, and the planets there give a strong sexual nature. It represents life’s long term, committed relationship rather than, ere infatuation, which are batter represented by the 5th house. It indicates, in general,, even one’s impersonal level.

As reflecting our relationship with ‘the other’ it shows aspect of our social nature our capacity to affect other in general. Thus it may sometime give political or power over others, particularly if malefic planet like Saturn or Mars is located there Such malefic also effect us in our sexual function.

Planets, here in 7thhouse do not augur well for personal relationship except or well placed Moon is there.

Mercury causes quick and superficial relationship.

Venus gives a sensual nature, Mars causes conflicts but gives power.

Saturn causes separation, detachment and selfishness but also gives power.

Rahu or Ketu gives psychic or psychological senselessness or derangements in relationship.

Thus the 7th house mainly represents the sexual art of the life in a legal and accepted way of life. Sext satisfaction is a basic requirement of the human being. Leave the animal and other creature we can not satisfy our sex appetite publicly or without social norms. We human being have emotional, physiological, social and cultural side of life with the sex life and so our great saints and social leaders have developed the institution of marriage which forms a unit of society. If that unit is well formed and is functioning successfully the society and the nature at large gets development.

The main object in the act marriage is to get a chill legally and this forms a family comprising of father, mother and the child with further development in the big family having a grand father and a grand father and a grand mother also.

The children we get through marriage further reflects our values of life, custom, culture and they transfer it to the next generation. Thus we are on a way of forming an excellent nation and the world at large.

Thus we see the 7th house has got its excellent and valuable part in the life of human beings.




Chapter 1: Introduction. [11-33]
Chapter 2: Importance Of The 7th House. [14-16]
Chapter 3: Example Effect Of Various Planets, When They Occupy 7th House [17-108]
Chapter 4: Effect Of Planets When As 7th Lord They Are Placed In Various Housee [109-204]
Chapter 5: Exchange Of Loord Of 7th House With Lord OF Other House [205-217]
Chapter 6: The Astrological Combination (yogas Related To 7th House And Their Effect On Life [218-242]
Chapter 7: Planetry Disfigurations In Birth Chapt & Damage To Marital Happiness [243-298]
Chapter 8: Importance Of The 7th House. [299-312]


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