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Author: Dr. Bhuwan Mohan
Publisher: Notion Press
Language: English
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9781644297452
Pages: 168 (Throughout B/W Illustrations)
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Book Description
About the Book

Astrology – Easy to learn is a rarest of rare book. It is ‘a complete Book of Astrology for Students’ and those who want not only to learn, but also to cast a horoscope with Divisional Charts like navamsa, dasamsa, hora, etc. in detail to master the skill of casting an accurate horoscope of a person or thing. Vimshottari Dasa calculations can be done in detail with the help of tables. Accurate scientific positions of planets and various houses can be computed as well as ‘ascendant’ or ‘rising sign’ can be computed with precision and accuracy.

The importance of the ‘Transit System’ has been explained in detail. Some important information has been given, related to ‘planets’ and ‘Ascendant or ‘Rising Sign’ at birth. Debilitation of planets and various combinations (yogas) present in a horoscope have been dealt with in detail. Finally, real horoscopes of VIPs of India from various fields have been analysed on how predictions had been made with precision and accuracy.

Astrology – Easy to Learn is excellent and unparalleled in its form and presentation, chapter-wise.

About the Author

(B.E. (Civil), M.Sc. Engg. (Structure), F.I.E. (India), LL.B., DIM $ ADIM (IGNOU), DIPLOMA (HRM), P.C. Software, CERT. COURSE (Urdu, Tamil, French), P.G.D.C.A., S.M.C.S.I., M.I.W.R.S., M.B.A. (IGNOU), Ph.D (Management) & Ph.D (Astrology)).

The Author, Dr. Bhuwan Mohan, is mainly a Person who loves reading and writing. When he was a Student of Motilal Nehru Regional Engineering College, Allahabad, he read Astronomy on which Astrology is based to a great extent. At the same time, he had to read Geology as a subject which the Author studied with special interest. Again, when he was a student of M.Sc. Engg. (Structure), he took one Optional Subject "Rock Mechanics." Thus, the Author made the basis of Astrology very strong. Again, he studied Computer Science and gave Astrology a new Direction. Then, the Author started writing Articles, Poems etc. since 1987. He specialised himself in Predictive Astrology, removing fear of Eclipses, writing Annual Rashiphal and in the Year 2000, the Rashiphal in Hindi was published in the form of a Booklet. Again, in the Year 2001, the Annual Rashiphal was published in English in a Book Form which was sold all over the world. Then, he was awarded the Degree of "Doctor of Philosophy" in Management. In between, thousands of Astrological Articles and Hundreds of Poems both in Hindi and English have been published in various National Newspapers and Magazines as well as he was he was awarded many awards including "Jharkhand Ratna" by "LOK SEVA SAMITI" for Special Contribution, great achievements and commendable role by which Jharkhand State/Nation is proud of him.

Recently he was awarded Jyotish Divyansh by "Purvanchal Jyotish Sammelan, Ranchi" on 28th December, 2014 for his excellent and remarkable achievements in the Field of Astrology and Ph.D (Astrology) by Krishnamurti Institute of Technology, Kolkata (A University of Astrology) in January 2016 and recently Dr. Mohan was awarded "Patrakarita Rashtriya Samman" by Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Research Centre, Kanpur on 26th October, 2016 in Kanpur.


First of all, people should understand that "Astrology" or "Astrological Science" is a Science based on the Stars and Planets etc. which is based on the Subject like "Astronomy." On the other hand, "Astrology" has nothing to do -with the Lines of the Hands (or Palmistry) while Accurate Calculations have great importance in 'Astrology." There is no meaning of 'Astrology" if one has no knowledge of Time, Latitude and Longitude. If the Date of Birth, the Time of Birth and the Place of Birth of any person are known under "Astrology," then his Horoscope or Birth Chart can be prepared. Here, it is quite essential that the Time of Birth is known accurately as the Local Mean Time is known from it. Then, there is great importance of the Place of Birth because the Sidereal Time is calculated based on these alone. Apart from this, it is vital that many other things are also known; for example — preparations of different Amsa Horoscopes; knowledge of Directions and Motions of the Planets; knowledge of Friendship and Enmity of the Planets; Research related to the Subject and to consider any Horoscope in Totality and Comparative Study etc.

As 'Astrology" is a Science and therefore, its Intensive Study and Research are vital, but most of the people related to this Subject are using it as a Tradition; some people are using it to Earn Money only; some people are using it to Exploit Others for their self; some people are using it to Please High Officials and Ministers etc.

Then, the Place of Moon Horoscope, Hora, Navamsa and Dasamsa etc. based on the Ascendant Horoscope is very important. There is also one very important system of "Astrology" which is called "Transit System." This can be understood like this asto what is the position of the Planets and Asterisms at present and what will be its impact upon the Horoscope. At the same time, there is also the impact of Motion of the Planets or Retrogression of the Planets. In this way, if the Horoscope is cast on the basis of the above all and then considered on these, then whatever predictions will be made, will prove to be true undoubtedly. But, whether the predictions will become true, will depend on the personal knowledge and experience of the Astrologer.

The question arises asto why the people have wrong opinions about "Astrology?" Why predictions do not become true? Why were some important incidents like murder of Late Rajeev Gandhi etc. not predicted earlier? I shall like to reply here many such questions. First of all, the test of truthfulness of the Horoscope should be done. It does mean that it is possible to test whether the Time of Birth has been noted correctly or not on the basis of "Astrology" and one should verify before making predictions.

It will be clear from the above all that there are very few persons who have the right knowledge of this Subject and those who are, cannot have the approach of the common man. Mostly people go to such persons whose work is to earn their livelihood more and have very little or no Study or Knowledge of the Subject. "Astrology" is the vast Sea in which how much one will sink, one will acquire that much knowledge. Then, the question arises asto how to tell and in which way to tell and how much to tell, the Astrologers know the incidents of the life?

The Astrologers should remain within their limits while making predictions and should not guess in excitements or in emotions. But, most of the Astrologers of our Country go beyond their limits and the Astrological Science is accused. Hence, only those should make predictions who have substantial knowledge and should be cautious while making calculations because I have seen calculation mistakes in hundreds of Horoscopes.

Some people are doing Astrological works through Computers these days. In this regard, I want to tell this that some person or persons together develop Software Packages and the Horoscopes are cast on that basis and predictions are made. There is one advantage of it that calculation mistakes are almost avoided and the Horoscopes are prepared in less time. But, the predictions will be that much which will be available in the Package. But, it has been seen hundred percent that two Horoscopes prepared by Computers (different) are not similar especially when Navamsas or Dasamsas are prepared. On the other hand, it has to be understood that the Computers cannot do or tell anything on its own, but will do only that will be instructed by the Software Developer or others.

I shall like to put before the Readers asto how correct predictions are being made on the basis of the Horoscopes of unknown persons about the complexion of their Faces and their Beauty; their Physical Appearances; the Lights of their Eyes and Defects, Diseases etc. of different parts of their bodies? How Wealth, Savings, Contingent or Hidden Wealth, Movable or Immovable Property, Vehicles, Jewellery etc. are told to be acquired? How is it told about being of Sweet Tongue, Competent in Writing or not, to fond of Food and Drinks, to be fond of Reading and Writing, to be fond of Songs and Music, to be fond of Drinking Wines etc? How is it told about Health or Disease, position of Friends and Enemies, position of Income and Expenditure, the Yoga for Boy or Girl, about the relations with different relatives? How is it told about doing or getting Government jobs and above all, whenever all these incidents will take place or how long these incidents will not take place. At length, I have some purpose behind writing this Book — First, all those things are available in one Book on the basis of which Accurate Predictions can be made; Second, those who do not know "Astrology" may get an Opportunity to Learn 'Astrology" in Simple Language; Third, no need of taking help of other Books to prepare Amsa Horoscopes; Fourth, this will be the First and Complete Book of "Astrology" as well as no such details can be available in any Book in India or Abroad especially the Methods of Casting Hora, Navamsa and Dasamsa too are available; Fifth, no Book has taken true examples and it might have been tried and it might have been tried to know their causes; Sixth, this may be a very Useful Book for the Students of Research because the incidents taking place have been analysed taking examples. Ultimately, the Readers shall definitely write their opinions, even I do deem that the Students will be benefited most because this Book will prove in itself unparallel because special information of "Astrology" have been given and the conclusions of my experiences have also been included.

**Contents and Sample Pages**

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