Aura Chakra the Pulsating Vortex (How Rudraksha, Gem Stones and Astrology Help Balance Chakras)

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Publisher: Notion Press
Author: Santosh Sharmaa
Language: English
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9781946822109
Pages: 123
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Book Description
About the Book

"Give me space... I want some time for myself .. I need peace." Meditation, in its traditional way, has become very difficult to do. The mind wanders and one feels tired and frustrated.

Traditional yoga methods are old. People were simple with minimal needs. Modern men and women are in a hurry, desperately running in circles to have some respite from stress, anxiety, fear and restlessness. Everyone complains about the lack of time and space. Aura Chakra: The Pulsating Vortex is a meta-physical book to help you heal. It encompasses traditional Jnana with modern scientific research and is based on the personal experiences of the author over the last one-and-half decades.

It also explains how astrology, Rudraksha and gemstones can help you have a balanced and peaceful life.

About the Author

Santosh Sharmaa is a third-generation Quantum Healer and Astrologer. He is well known all over the world for his accurate analysis of energy inter-play and equalization methods.

He has helped thousands of people from India, the U.S.A., France, Iceland, Poland, the U.K., Oman, Dubai and South Africa to heal.


"Aura Chakra: The Pulsating Vortex" is a meta-physical book for healing.

It encompasses traditional 'liana with modern scientific research and is based on the author's personal experiences over the last one and a half decades.

Traditional yoga methods are old. People were simple with minimal needs. It was easier to follow the old instructions for meditation. Modern men and women are in a hurry, desperately running in circles for some respite from stress, anxiety, fear, and restlessness. Everyone is complaining about the lack of time and space.

"Give me space... I want some time for myself... I need PEACE ...:"

Meditation, in a traditional way, has become very difficult do. The mind wanders and one feels tired and frustrated.

Actually, many feel frustrated and irritated that they are not able to meditate.

One tries to meditate because he/she wants to get rid of suppressed stress, accumulating anxieties and emotional toxins which have been building up because of jealousy, frustration n relationships, bloated ego trips, spurned love, a fear of the unknown, fracturing trust and weakening faith.

Chakra yoga is a new age meditation technique which shows immediate results. It is simple yet extremely powerful. It is a method to balance the energy centers in our subtle body.

I call it meta-physical because chakras exist in the subtle body, invisible to the naked eye. I also call it a method of quantum healing because there is no use of any modern medicines that need to be physically consumed and digested. The effect is instant.

Three things are used in chakra yoga: awareness of chakra position, visualization of color and usage of one syllable words (Beeja mantra).

There are seven major chakras: vortices that pulsate with energy. Each chakra has psychosomatic influences on us.

We are a part of the solar system and we are influenced by the energy frequencies emanating from all the planets including the moon. There are twenty-seven stars which emanate ultraviolet (UV) rays influencing our mind. Vedic astrology explains the influences of all planets and stars on our body-mind.

Rudraksha has the ability of dynamic polarity, meaning it can change its polarities on its own as per the need of the chakras. When there are imbalanced chakras, the bio-electrical polarities are found disturbed. Rudraksha changes its own polarities to bring about a balance. Rudraksha are also good reservoirs of bio-electricity.

This book explains the usage of different mukhi rudraksha for balancing the chakras in detail. We feel sick and tired when we get loaded with lots of positive ions. In the malls, work places, and market places all around, we absorb only positive ions. All gardens, waterfalls and natural environments release negative ions, which make us feel good and keep us healthy. Natural gemstones release the negatives ions of the matter it consists of. The chemical compositions of each gemstone are different and have tremendous health benefits.

The negative healthy ions, released by gemstones, interact with electrolytes in blood plasma and our physical and mental disturbances are healed.

This book explains in detail how each gemstone works with our chakras.

The whole book is based on pragmatism and practical approach.

Methods explained, if practiced, will help anyone have a sound body-mind. Chakra yoga done for twenty-one days without a break can change a person and the effects will be felt all around.

Rudraksha and gemstones work as a catalyst and help the chakras remain balanced.


Intra-communication System in our body

How do our body parts communicate with each other? Human beings have trillions of cells, how do these cells communicate with each other?

Cells need to communicate with each other for nourishment, pain, damage, repair and supplements.

Each cell vibrates and resonates. This resonance is key for communication. A cell at the ankle talks to a brain cell through resonance. The communication is instant without any quantifiable time loss. Cells have brains

Human cells are in a harmonious and loving relationship with each other and have an Adwait' (not two: we are all undivided and same) state of perpetuity. In a body, all our cells love each other and they also love the cells from another person's body and there is no sense of "my" or "her/his" body.

When we hate someone, our body's cells become confused. Cells think (yes...cells think as each cell has its own brain) we are all the same. We know that cells communicate through resonance which is possible only when there is harmony. Love harmony. Cells do not understand hate. When this poison of hatred enters cells then they lose their intrinsic sense of love and become disoriented. They imbibe hatred in themselves and all the cells start to hate each others.

When they start to hate each other due to extraneous negative influences or confusing inputs like hatred, then many chaotic neurological imbalances begin to manifest.

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