Collected Writings on Indian Music (Set of 3 Volumes)

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Author: V. Raghavan
Publisher: Dr. V Raghavan Institute of Performing Arts, Chennai
Language: Sanskrit Text with English Translation
Edition: 2007
ISBN: 9788192199443
Pages: 1173
Cover: Hardcover
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Book Description

Dr. V. Raghavan (1908- 1979) is without doubt one of the most eminent musicological Sanskritists of our country. There is hardly anyone in sight whose scholarship covers so wide a spectrum of subjects in such an authoritative manner. His interest are varied and the output prodigious.

The efforts of "Dr. V. Raghavan Centre for Performing Arts" have to be commended for undertaking to publish the writings of this great scholar. Some works have already been published and more are to come out soon.

"Collected Writings on Indian Music" by Dr. V. Raghavan which is to be released on the 99th Birth Anniversary of the author (22nd August2007) is a three volume work running to over a thousand pages. I have before me the list of articles to be included in this publication, which shows the tremendous versatility of the author. Apart from his classic treatment of Tyagaraja he delves into the intricacies of the achievements of the other two members of the Trinity. I have been wondering all these years how a foreign instrument like violin got introducted into the Carnatic music and of which it has now become an integral part. Here is an article "The Indian Origin of the Violin" which will probably give answer to my repeated queries on the subject. The collection contains a number of articles on instruments like Mridanga, Nagaswara, the Drum, the Vina, the Ghungru and instruments from Nepal. He wrote about the music of the Hebrews, the Burmese, and the Todas as also of Amir Khusrau and Gita Govinda.

I do not know how to applaud the great achievements of Dr. V. Raghavan. It seems I will have to wait till I read his note on "Applause in Ancient India".

Contents Volume-1

1Music - References in ancient times1
2An outline history of Indian Music6
3Sama Veda and Music24
4A Survey of our lnheritance33
5Music in the Deccan and South India49
6Musical Traditions of the South94
7Tiruvarur, Bayreuth of Carnatic Music102
8Karnataka and Karnataka music106
9Some musicians and their patrons about 1800 A.D. in Madras city116
10Hyderabad as a Centre of Sangita131
11Music & Devotion137
12Spiritual significance of Music141
13The Popular and Classical in music149
14Music - Publications and Criticism159
15The Present state of Music education in the Asiatic continent166
16Presentation and Preservation of Traditional Music and Dance in Asia190
17Indian Music in the U.S.203
18Music contributions in other journals - Burmese Music211
19Music contributions in other journals - More information215
20Toda Music223
21The Music of the Hebrews226
23The Harikatha234
24Chidambaram Srirangacariar239
25Chembai Vaidyandtha Bhagavatar246
26Papanasam Sivan248
27Prof. P. Sambamoorthy256
28Smt. D. K. Pattammal260
30Vidvan Sri G.N. Bdlasubrahmanyam268
31Cowell Symphony271
32A Note on "Applause in ancient India"275
33The Music Academy, Madras281

Contents Volume-2

1Music in Ancient Literature1
2Music in Sanskrit Literature9
3Music in Brhaddharma Purdna45
4Music in the Linga Purana52
5Music in the Adbhuta Ramayana55
6Some names in early Sangita Literature67
7Some names in early Sangita Literature-contd.115
8Some more names in early Sangita Literature117
9Later Sangita Literature208
10Music in the Hamsa Vilasa255
11Music in some Jain works258
12Nati's song in Sakuntala262
13Venkatamakhin and the 72 Melas264
14The so-called Svararnava281
15The so-called Akalanka282
16The Bharata Samgraha of Sri Vidyacakravartin288
18The Svaramela Kalanidhi of Ramamatya299
19Kumara Tatacarya, the real author of some of306
the works ascribed to King Raghunatha of Tanjore
20Music in Palukuriki Somanatha's works311
21The Music works of Samanna Suri318
22Gita Govinda355
23Sangita Gangdhara of Nanjaraja364
24The Hastamuktavali of Subhankara372
25The Ragas in Kerala374
26Soma Raga382
27Two Music writers of Orissa384
28The non-musical works of some leading Music writers - I & II386
29The Narayaniya393
1The Composers395
2The Music Trinity404
3Sri Tyagaraja408
5Saint Tyagaraja - Nada Yoga434
6Tyagaraja's conception on Rama and Rama Bhakti452
7Tyagaraja songs in manuscripts460
8Two manuscripts of Tyagarja songs466
9Tyagaraja and the Ramayanas other than Valmiki's486
10Sanskrit compositions of Tyagaraja492
11Philosophic thoughts in Tyagaraja's compositions500
12Tyagaraja in his signatures508
13Tyagaraja and Annamacarya522
14Forerunners of Tyagaraja in Kirtana - composition531
15Muttusvami Diksitar537
16Muttusvimi Diksitar540
17Sri Muttusvami Diksitar551
18Nottu Swara Sahityas of Sri Muttuswdmi Diksitar575
19Sri Syama Sastri580

Contents Volume-3

1Annai - Ayya1
2Bhadracala Ramadas8
3&4Melattur Venkatarama Sastri23-29
5Sri Narayana Tirtha38
6Thirtha Narayana46
7The Parijataharana Nataka of Narayana Tirtha52
8&9Sadasiva Brahmendra56-64
10Sri SadaSiva Brahmendra's Atmavidyavilasa69
11Mysore Sadasiva Rao78
12Some more songs of Mysore SadaSiva Rao84
13Sri Subbarama Diksitar and his Sangita Sampradaya Pradarsini87
14Sri Svati Tirunal & His Literary eminence96
15Maharajah Sri Svati Tirunal, Devotee, Poet & Comsposer103
16Upanisad Brahma Yogin, his life, works & contribution to Carnatic music130
17Walajapet Sri Venkataramana Bhagavatar178
18Venkatadri Swami182
19Sri Arunagirinatha185
20Andal and her Hymns188
21Gopala Nayak & Amir Khusrau197
22Kasturi - Rangayya199
23Maharaja Sri Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar204
1Some Early references to Musical Ragas and Instruments206
2Music Instruments in a Nepalese Buddhist Tantra Manuscript209
3The Vina214
4Nagasvara or Nadasvara? I & II225-232
5An Inseparable Adjunct of Life234
6Why is the Mrdanaga so-called? I & II237-239
7The Multi-faced drum242
8A Rare Indian drum245
9Ghunguru - a rare musical instrument247
10The Indian origia of the Violin248
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