Common Man's Multilingual Dictionary (Malayalam- Telugu- Tamil- Kannada- Tulu- English)
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Common Man's Multilingual Dictionary (Malayalam- Telugu- Tamil- Kannada- Tulu- English)

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Author: G. Lakshminarayana
Publisher: Dravidian University Campus
Pages: 174
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Dravidian University was established in 1997 to mirror the real and rich picture of Dravidian culture not only in its linguistic, literary, cultural and philosophical facets but in science and technological angles also.

The spirit of integration is the guiding force behind the creation of the University. The linguistic and cultural integration, not at the regional but at the national level is the cherished objective of the University.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh started Dravidian University, with the co-operation of the sister States, to research and reflect on the inherent oneness of the cultures of Dravidian family of the four States whose languages number up to 27. Its endeavour is to promote unity and amity in the family of several languages. The main objectives of Dravidian University are to augment the common weal and social well being of the communities of marginal languages and to build bridges among the Southern States. While working on each language separately in varied areas, it aims at a synthesis and a discovery of the common heritage through Comparative Studies.

Dravidian University in accordance with its aims and goals of harmony among various language speaking communities has now launched out another laudable project of preparing a Common Man's Multilingual Dictionary to enable mutual flow of ideas and augment the crossing of linguistic barriers.

The idea behind this project - which I have personally designed and supervised, is to help the common Dravidian who moves from one Dravidian state to another. Having acquaintance with another language is making friends with speakers of that language. Acquiring the basic vocabulary of a different language community is getting closer to know the core culture of that race. As one gets to realize that the ‘other’ is also a sister language with a sister culture, the feeling of fraternity goes on increasing with harmony of ideas. The fruit of all this is national integration.

The first step in this endeavour is to identify the basic vocabulary with which human beings start interacting in their day to day transactions. So the ‘word’ is important to ‘name’ the object in another language. Naming goes along with the meaning of object. Words of all the 5 southern languages recorded here are commonly and collectively useful to all the users of the 5 languages equally and effectively. The word in English helps as a link for all the five.

This dictionary goes together with index also as a ready reckoner. A lot of research by the editorial team has gone into the categorising of the entries from various social interactions, institutions, customs, several disciplines like astronomy, astrology, arts; cultural items like costumes, crafts and more importantly human perceptions, values and emotions.

It is hoped that this practical idea of Common Man's Multilingual Dictionary will contribute well in establishing linguistic and cultural contacts better.

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