Dewdrops- Daily Quote from the Holy Mother
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Dewdrops- Daily Quote from the Holy Mother

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Publisher: Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai
Language: English
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 9788178835914
Pages: 366
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Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi stands as a source of peace and comfort in this ephemeral world with innumerable troubles and tensions. Born on 21 December 1853 in a small village called Jayarambati in West Bengal, the Holy Mother is being celebrated as an ideal woman and ideal mother.

Married to Sri Ramakrishna at the age of five, she imbibed the great ideals her husband stood for. As husband and wife, they led a pure life without any physical dimension to their relationship. In fact, Sri Ramakrishna worshipped her as the Divine Mother Herself.

After the mahasamadhi of Sri Ramakrishna, the Holy Mother continued the work initiated by him. She had to bear all the trials and tribulations attendant with poverty and widowhood. But she took it all as part of her spiritual strivings and ministrations.

Her prayer to Sri Ramakrishna on seeing his monastic disciples wander about without any permanent shelter bore fruit in the form of establishing the Ramakrishna Math and Mission. She was a loving mother, caring guide and venerable guru for innumerable disciples, both monastic and lay. She attained mahasamadhi on 20 July 1920 after demonstrating in her life the ideal of motherhood.

The conversations the Holy Mother had had with her disciples and devotees have been compiled in the book The Gospel of Holy Mother published by our Math.

A booklet Dinam Or Anbumozhi in Tamil containing the datewise compilation of selected teachings of the Holy Mother culled from her Gospel was published by our Math in 2011. Sri Maniam Selvan, Smt. Pushpa Chitrak, Sri Natarajan and Sri Ravi had designed the cover page, sketches and layout.

To benefit a larger section of the devotees, we are bringing out an English version of that booklet with some modifications, titling it as Dewdrops.

We are grateful to Smt. Latha Balasubramaniam for helping us in the compilation of these quotations. We pray to the Holy Mother to bless her and all others who have contributed to the preparation of this booklet. May we begin our day with a dewdrop of the Holy Mother!

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