Father Samuel and Other Stories
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Father Samuel and Other Stories

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Item Code: NAL006
Author: Chandrasekhar Rath
Language: English
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 9788126017619
Pages: 260
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 9.0 inch X 6.0 inch
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23 years in business
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Shipped to 153 countries
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About the Book

Twenty five stories handpicked here by the author are from a wide range of choice. Every story has a grip of its own, some of them very moving like 'Father Samuel', Silent prayer for Runi' or 'The dream peddler' and yet others loaded with pathos like 'Museum ', The bird of passage. 'A subtler form of love oozes out of stories like ' At midnight today' or ' The woman with a hunchback'. In fact any story can be chosen for a treat.

About the Author

Chandrasekhar Rath (b. 1929) a front-liner among Indian authors writing in Oriya, is a painter, a sculptor, an athelete and a poet to lend his stories the benefits of a rich artistic sensibility in their rare depth, dimension and diverse pictures of life. He has thirteen collections of short stories, twelve collections of creative essays, three novels and two books of poems. Ashok k Mohanty (b. 1951) is a critic and translator. He is the professor of Finance in the Department of Business Administration in Berhampur University.


Translator's Note

This is the first collection of short stories translated by me which is going to see the light of the day. I consider myself privileged that the author of these stories him-self placed so much confidence in me. Prof. Chandraskekhar Rath took the trouble of going through the manuscript and making valuable suggestions. There were times when he flew into a rage because I had digressed a bit from the text. At other times, he fell over himself to complement me. All throughout, there was a love-hate relationship between the author and the translator as long as the project was in progress. Several times I threw up my hands in despair and thought of chucking the whole thing. Every time, Prof. Rath pulled me back from the brink. I am grateful to him in more ways than one.

The characters in the stories turned out to be members of an extended family for me during the period when I was engaged in the translation work. In some measure, many of the characters still pop up now and then. There was a note of regret along with a sigh of relief when the assignment came to an end. I would not mind going through the same experience yet again.

It would be foolhardy on my part to make any comments about the stories or pick my favourites from out of the twenty five. A translator's job is always difficult because of the fact that he has to be faithful to the text and yet translated version must sound as if it had been rendered originally. I will feel amply rewarded if the reader does not stop every so often to wonder what it is all about.


1 Father Samuel 9
2 All the dreams 21
3 Silent prayer for Runi 34
4 The blessed morning 45
5 At midnight today! 57
6 The women with a hunchback 67
7 Sacrilege 76
8 The bird of passage 85
9 The Story of 'Five sons' 97
10 The youngest daughter 109
11 Endanger us 119
12 The auction of a house 125
13 One season a year : Three days to the season 133
14 The left-side of the path 142
15 Hard time 153
16 The shadow fight 157
17 Arise Bhubaneswar! 168
18 The dream peddlar 176
19 The question mark 187
20 Museum 197
21 True or false? 208
22 The story of the absentee 216
23 Yayati 226
24 Rebirth of a tree 237
25 The last scene 248

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