Food For Reversing Heart Disease (With Special Sections for Diabetics with Heart-Disease and Over-Weight People)

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Author: Dr. Bimal Chhajer MD
Publisher: A Full Circle Book
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 8176211729
Pages: 510
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Book Description
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Scientifically proven for reversing heart disease, with the program developed at AIIMS. The most popular non – invasive heart – care treatment today!

Find all the answers!

• What is heart disease, what is a heart attack and how to recognize it?
• How blockages take place?
• What is so special about this book?
• Is diet alone sufficient for reversing heart disease
• And how to prevent and reverse heart disease!

Dr Bimal Chhajer, MD is the pioneering doctor, cardiologist who has developed the “Saaol Heart Program” – One of the most popular non – invasive heart care and treatment programs in India. His insight has helped thousands of patients to cure themselves without going for Bypass Surgery and Angioplasty without any risk.

Doctor Chhajer worked as an Assistant Professor at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and carried the world but has been in the field of cardiology for more than 10 years”. He has authored three more books. His writing is very easy to read and understand. More than 500 articles have written in magazines and newspapers on him and the SAAOL Heart Program training is now held regularly in all the major cities of India including Delhi, Calcutta, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Dr Bimal Chhajer has trained under the legendary Dr Dean Ornish, whose programmes have reversed arterial clogging, whose chest pains have disappeared, today the feel great. As per News Week magazine, the impossible has happened with the programme.


I have named this book as the zero oil cookbook, and food for reversing heart disease. Let me explain these two terms to you.

The common belief is that without oil as a cooking media no good food can be created or cooked. Almost all households use oil (fat extract of many natural food items marketed by hundreds of oil companies) to prepare, cook and season spices when they prepare food for consumption. Some of the common names of these oils available in India are Saffola, Cornola, Dhara, Dalda, Sweekar, Sundrop, Gold winner, Sanola, Pstman, Mastan, Palmoil, and Sungold etc. Ghee is another Indian fat used popularly as a cooking medium derived from milk. The cooking methods described in this book do not use any kind of oil. That is why it is called zero oil. One must remember that use of these oils can be detrimental for our health as in the modern era we don not exercise or perform physical activates required to utilize these high calorie fatty items. We understand that some fat inside all natural and so called non – fatty items. We also do not recommend any milk product or extracts like cheese, butter, cream or margarine as they also contain very high amounts of oil.

Most of know and agree that it is the fat (in the form of cholesterol and triglycerides) that gets deposited inside the arteries of the heart (called coronary arteries) to cause one of the most common and dreadful diseases of mankind called Coronary Heart Disease. This disease can be called as the “disease of fat deposits” and the common man knows this disease as angina, ischaemia, heart attack, coronary thrombosis or heart stroke of MI (medical terms: coronary heart disease, coronary artery disease, ischaemic heart disease, myocardial infarction etc.). The food items described in this book will help not only in preventing further deposits of cholesterol and fat inside the heart tubes, but also removing or reversal of the deposits. The common belief that these blockage cannot be removed once formed, has been proved wrong by the scientific research carried out in the last one decade. The reversal of coronary blockages has been proved by using sophisticated techniques like quantitative angiography and PET scan (a test not yet available in India). The cardiologists and the latest textbooks of cardiology have now agreed that the blockages can be removed, as sufficient data is available to prove the same. This book is a step to guide people about the food part of total lifestyle changes required to reverse heart disease.

I will confess here that to reverse heart disease (the blocks that cause heart disease) requires a complete change in lifestyle including guided exercises, yoga, meditation, control of risk factors like overweight, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, abstinence from consumption of tobacco in any form and a complete guidance on stress management. However, food plays a major role and this modified food cooking system will be a major step towards reversal of heart disease.

Another fact that I would also like to highlight is that this book has been created for common people who do not have lot of knowledge about medical science or nutrition. To make them understand the book without difficulties and to make practical use of the methods I have tried purposefully to simplify (sometimes oversimplify) the hard – core medical information without sacrificing or distorting the scientific information as far as possible. The reader must understand that many times while calculating the calories an approximate estimation has to be carried out to avoid meticulous details, which may confuse the common people. If someone is interested in more accurate data for scientific purpose he or she should consult textbooks meant for dietitians and doctors.


Section I 11
Need for such a book 12
Will the taste be there? 14
Acknowledgment 16
Who can make use of this book? 21
What is special about this book?23
Vegetarian food vs non vegetarian food 25
Food and enjoyment 27
The heart and its Functions 29
What is heart disease? 31
How the blockages take place 32
How to recognize heart disease 34
What is a heart attack? 36
Risk factors leading to heart disease 39
Tests to confirm heart disease 41
How to prevent and reverse heart disease 43
Dr. Dean Ornish – the real proof 45
What is SAAOL? 48
Reversal – the most rational treatment… 49
In the treatment of CHD the importance of yoga 52
SAAOL recommendations 53
Is diet alone sufficient for reversing heart disease? 55
Section II 57
SAAOL Heart Program 58
Zero Oil Concept 67
Preferred methods of cooking 69
Section III 71
Standard measures and explanations 72
What do I Eat Today? 73
A typical SAAOL meal for a day 74
Scientific information about components of food 75
Lipid Profile Report 97
Chart of Nutritive Value of different Foods 100 100
Height – Weight Charts 107
Oil Controversy 109
Dietary tips 111
Food for Diabetics with Heart Disease 115
Food for Overweight People 117
Changing concepts about Cardiologists 119
Section IV 123
Soups 124
Salads 133
Cereals 146
Dals 191
Vegetables 213
Zero Oil Raita 340
Zero Oil Chaat 368
Zero Oil Snacks 381
Section V 503
Addresses of SAAOL Centers
How to register for SAAOL Heart Program?
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