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Fortune Misfortune (An Astrological Analysis)

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Item Code: UBB146
Author: K.K. Pathak
Publisher: Alpha Publications
Language: Sanskrit Text with English Translation
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 9788179480570
Pages: 241
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Weight 320 gm
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description
About the Book
Fortune and Misfortune gives various clues to understand the problem in a correct perspective. It Incorporates views of as many as twenty four classical authors viz, Bhrigu Parashar, Satyacharya Meenraj, Sphuji Dhuraja, Varaha Mihira, Kalyan Varna, Jaya Deva, Mantreshwara, Vaidyanath, Dhundhiraj, Harjee, Narayan Bhatt, Kashinath Vyankatesh, Somayajee, Ramanuja, Ram Dayal, Punja Raja, Mahadeva Pathak, Rahim khankhana, Jeevan Nath Jha, 8.5. Rao and Sephariel author of the Book has come out with a new outlook suggesting some modifications in classical rules to make them more meaningful. As his suggestions are more in tune with Vedic concepts of Dharma-Artha-kama-Moksha Trikona, they deserve proper consideration, Present book also gives remedial guidelines.

The author has suggested for strengthening Trine Lords and there Dispositors for each Lagna to enhance chances of Good-luck. He has also made readers aware of Forbidden Gems for them. There are some 43 practice examples of Fortune and Misfortune discussed here quite a useful book for learners and practitioners.

About the Author
Author of book Shri K. K. Pathak is quite a well-known figure in the astrological circle since last more than thirty-five years. He has secured a record achievement of getting published his articles in more than four hundred issues of leading astrological journals namely The astrological Magazines The Times of astrology Babaji and Express Star-teller Pathak jee has authored more than thirty books after attaining the age of 65 years. Twelve of his books have already been published by Nishkaam Peeth Prakashan of New Delhi. Alpha publication of Delhi has since come forward to publish his remaining books for benefit of readers. Pathak Jee was conferred upon the honour of JYOTISH BHANU in year 1998 by indian Council of Astrological Sciences in recognition of his services to the cause of Astrology. He was further conferred "SANTHANAM AWARD" in the year 1999 for his distinguished works, Pathak jee is held to be an expert in Remedial Astrology. Astro-Metreology. Vedics Pauranic Astrology, classical work and Dasha system. Pathak Jee belongs to Bihar. He was in Administrative Service for 33 years andretired as Special Secretary to the Govt. of Bihar in October 1993. We wish him a long life.

Fortune and Misfortune is perhaps one of the most important aspects of our study as far as predictive astrology is concerned. This book covers 14 chapters. Chapter One gives you an Introduction of the subject matter of the book in brief. Chapter Two acquaints you with General Rules on Bhagya Bhava (House of Luck) as dwelt in Brihat Parashar Horashastra, Saravali, Jataka Bharana Sarvatha Chinta Mani, Jataka Parijata, Phala Deepika, Jataka Desh Marga, Sanketa Nidhi, Bhavartha Ratnakara, Jataka Tatwa Shambhu Hora Prakasha, Jyotisharnava Navaneetam and Bhava Prakasha.

Triangles and squares have got equally good importance both in Mathematics and Astrology. In Hindu Astrology Kendra houses or planets in Kendra from Lagna, the Moon or the Sun carry special significance. For example, Jupiter and Mercury in Lagna, the Moon and Venus in the 4th house, the Sun and the Mars in the 10th house are held to be powerful and strong in giving their results. So also Saturn in the 7th house is held to give results. Benefics Jupiter and Venus in Kendra from Lagna ward off several evils. Tara Grahas Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn in their own or exalted sign in Kendra house cause Ruchaka, Bhadra, Hamsa, Malavya and Sasa Yogas respectively. Jupiter in Kendra from the Moon causes Gaja Kesari Yoga. Planets in the 7th from the Sun are very powerful. Planets in mutual Kendras also become powerful and beneficial in their mutual Dasa-Bhukti under Vimshottari Dasa system. In Hindu astrology planets in exalted or own sign and also in Kendra from one another cause auspicious Karaka Yoga.

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