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Fundamentals of Music Therapy (With Chemistry of Music and Music Astrology)- An Old and Rare Book

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Item Code: NAJ791
Author: Prabhu Sharan Mehta
Publisher: Publication Scheme, Jaipur
Language: English
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 9788181820099
Pages: 203
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 10.00 x 7.50 inch
Weight 536 gm
Book Description
About The Book

If hearing sense is developed, one can listen his own composition, composed by the Master Composer of the Universe and by listening it, one can find one’s Master Note also. Not only this, one can remove his diseases with the desired consonance of the related ‘Note Disk’ situated internally and can attain the desired aims of Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moxha as the ultimate.

The prevailing music therapy is still not reliable in want of ‘Chemistry of Music’ without that a Raga’s mood is commonly effective and not curative.

This book explains the Chemistry of Music, Music Astrology, Science of Note-Matter, Relation of Notes with Diseases, Inconsonance of Note Disks, Subtle Nad and Self-Begotten Note Cure Process, Treatment thought Color of Note etc. Which open new paths for treatment through Musical Notes. The widely explained new facts in this book are self explanatory and these facts open new dimensions for study and research in the field of music therapy.


About The Author

Attached with music from his child-hood. Shri Mehta has studied Anatomy, Physiology and Medicine for two years through Raj. Homeo. Medical College, Jaipur to provide scientific base to his research work.

As a teacher, composer and Nad Pathist, his research work has regularly been published. Unsatisfied with the present Music Pathy, he has provided Fundaments of Music Theraphy for its sure success. New subjects like chemistry of Music, Music Astrology, Science of Note-Matter, Relation of Note with Diseases, Inconsonance of Note Disks, Subtle Nad and Self-Begotten Note Cure Process, Treatment Through color of Note etc. prove his scientific attitude and approach in this field which is self explanatory.



All the worldly desires can be ful-filled by Indian Music, but through the knowledge of music, to be so sensible and to be able to listen the natural composition of the 'Self, composed by Almighty, and to re-consonate the tuning of' Self', un-tuned through Nature and to realize the theory of ' Cause and action' tracing the real form of ' SO AHAM' i.e. 'That' is the 'Self and to get the Ultimate freedom through music in a healthy manner, is the real goal of this knowledge.

Today, where without knowing the ill and side effects of inconsonant, and the attitude of taking this music to be the best media of materialistic benefits is prevailing, under such circumstances, it is rather difficult to expose the Philosophical aesthetic utility of this art and to re-estate it at its spiritual level is difficult like any thing, but as the Sun pears the darkness or as a seed sprouts out by breaking the earth, in the same way the true aspect of' Acoustic Medica' has taken a shape in the form of this book, revealing the Chemistry, Pathology, Astrology, Philosophy of music and so on, and that truth can be realized by a thorough study of this book.

Here, a 'Note' has been defined as –

'A bunch of 'Nad' frequency, which acts through its 'Syavyambhu Nad' i.e. Self Begotten Note like media and appears due to the stability of its 'Nad Tanmatra' i.e. the Subtle 'Nad', is called a Swara i.e. a 'Note'.

A group of 'Notes' composed specially, causes spiritual effect through its aesthetic process, as 'Nad' causes words, which creatinga vibrations result into meanings. This vibration becomes the cause of 'Swar' i.e. Note which creates aesthetics, leaving the words and their meanings behind. The worldly enjoyments range up to the word's existence only, as word is understood. On the other hand, a Note is related with feelings. That's why, instead of understanding, music is an art for feeling. The spirituality gained through the existence of music, is the aesthetic, beauty of it. This aesthetic beauty, while suppressing 'Rajo' and 'Tamo Gunas' i. e. passion and ignorance, blossoms the 'Satva Guna' i.e. the essence which provides the conscious the knowledge to feel the truth and it starts floating with 'Brahmanand's' i.e. the joy of the Ultimate's younger brother 'Swaranand' i.e. the joy experienced through Note causing the extrovert to be introvert, and thus, the conscious dissolves in this spiritual aesthetics step by step. The constancy of music, maintains this aesthetic and through that the listener proceeds towards the Ultimate from the materialism.

In this state, to gain the Ultimate in the shape of aesthetics, the mind surrenders to the spirit, as it does not find the subordination of 'Chitt' i.e. 'Heart - the Desire', which brings it outwards. After dissolving in the pious and peaceful Quantum of , Soul' , the mind feels joy and thus, the experience of' Atmanand' i.e, the joy of the' Self' through 'Swaranand', i. e. the joy experienced through Note, dissolves the existence of 'I' feeling and the 'Anahat' i.e. unstroked 'Being' is experienced.

The power of 'Nad' is beyond imagination. The modem Science is also astonished after witnessing its power, and is expecting so many possibilities out of it. Indian Philosophy has clearly declared that the whole Universe is a converted shape of 'Nad' according to its 'Trigunas' i.e. the three basic properties and that's why, the whole Universe is under the influence of 'Nad'. Even, the nature of' Soul' is also this 'Nad' and realizing and diving into it, causes 'Kuthastha' i.e. experiencing unchangingly and then 'Nirvikalpta' i.e. the state of settled uniformity is easily attained for which another difficult path of 'Astang Yoga' is adopted. To convert the internal 'Swar Charkas' i. e. 'Note Disks' in to 'Nad Chakras' i.e. 'Nad Disks', is also possible through this knowledge.

In fact, 'Anahatva' i.e. the Un-stroked, represents the Ultimate i.e. 'Akhand Brahma' i.e. 'Purna Brahma' i.e. 'One-ness' and' Ahat' i.e. stroked, represents the 'Khand Brahma 'i.e. 'Apurn Brahma' i.e. a part of 'That'. Among these, instead of visualizing, 'Purna Brahma' is to be felt and realized and that's why, its 'Durshan' or visualization or to listen the 'Anahat' is not possible; while opposite to it, 'Khand Brahma' i.e. part of the Ultimate in the shape of a 'Note', can be heard or can be seen as shape, which is properly possible with the perfection of hearing sensitivity i.e. 'Savikalpa' i.e. proper thoughtful-ness.

This whole Universe is a differently shaped form of 'Nad' and life and death are its musical secrets with its particular 'Nad' Philosophy. After revealing its secrets, one can listen his 'Self composition' and can find his main 'Note' and desired benefits can be gained through the consonance of its internal 'Note Disks'. By predominating the internal 'Note Disks', properties and benefits related to them, can be gained which is known as 'Siddhi'. Even the Nature can be controlled with the help of this knowledge and such proofs are available in 'Vedas'. Today, it has opened innumerable possibilities in the field of 'Sound' energy and with the help of it, such 'Note' or group of 'Notes' can be traced which may reveal the Ultimate or may still a vibrating 'Nad' in the shape of death.

The research work, done in this field after independence, can be named as a media for fame and money, as usually their issues have been the worshipper poets, who being poets, instead of Music Directors or Composers, have composed the poems and thus, research in the field has indirectly served 'Hindi Literature' instead of 'Music'. That's why, the information given by Music's Philosophical literature, has not been proceeded further at all, and even the modem education system is also avoiding it, taking it to be unimportant. That's why this modem education system is producing an artist who has a mentality to satisfy him by its worldly gaining's only, which is quite opposite to the 'Art of Music's' main aim. While this is the only way for rescue of the crying mankind with the lashes of materialism, which can bring real joy by tuning and consonanting the internal 'Note Disks', and by linking the spirit with the Ultimate and provide spiritual level, which in other words is 'Moxha'.

In 'Acoustic Medica' - Part I, the secret of sound as explained by 'Vedas' has further been traced and elaborated in the form of explaining the Gender, Planet, Matter, Zodiac of Note, parts of body framed through each of them, influenced and effected parts of body through it, nature and the desired property of 'Nad' to create the desired effect and the chemical properties of each Note as 'Tatva' i.e. matter. The relation .of Notes with diseases pertaining to body and why and how they can be cured with their related Note, their existence in body, the process through which they control the life and the effect of their consonance and inconsonant and medicinal effects related to them have also been explained. To explain all these, Chemistry of Note, Astrology of Music, Science of Matter, Matter and Note, Science of Subtle 'Nad' and Self Begotten Note and Note Motion and Property - these six new subjects have been added and key explanation of all these subjects has been introduced through this' Acoustic Medica' in the shape of above compact and secret knowledge which is essential to be gained by a 'Nad Pathyst', so that he may trace out that how a particular Zodiac Note of a patient being the cause, is finding its action and how it should be maintained as desired properly.

In 'Acoustic Medica', that is related with cure from diseases, internal inconsonant has been traced as the cause of disease, which can be removed through its internal consonance, relating to the 'Swar Chakra' i.e. 'Note Disk'. In 'Acoustic Medica', properties of all Matters have been traced in 'Nad', the property of 'Akash Tatva' i.e. the sky matter and the treating process through it has been scientifically explained. It is a 'Vedic' path for health and even to gain the Ultimate, it has unlimited possibilities. Today, it is important that expert 'Nad' Specialists, Doctors and the modem science should all meet together with consonantal feelings for further research in this field and in future, it will happen soon. With the result, 'Acoustic Medica' will not be a process like present, where a musical tape is felt sufficient for treatment without even knowing the Chemistry and Pathology of music. Then, it will be like curing a scorpion stinging immediately, as it hits. The time taken by an analgesic in Allopathic is not tolerable in 'Acoustic Medica'.

'Swaropchar' i.e. 'Treatment through Note Process', 'Nadoopchar' i.e. 'Treatment through Subtle 'Nad' and Self Begotten Note' and 'Swarvamopchar' i.e. 'Treatment through the Color of Note , are the three processes used in this pathy according to the requirement of treatment. With the help of any of these, as desired, consonance of internal 'Note Disks' can be gained and thus while removing the cause of a disease and inspiring each cell of the body for its proper health, diseases can be cured and through this process, one finds such a spiritual platform where disease can not approach and instead, the Soul finds its Ultimate which is its aim and for which each is trying.

With the knowledge of' Acoustic Medica', we find that to search the Ultimate, whether the difficult path of' Astang Yoga' is adopted or the soft musical hand of 'Note' is held, it makes to reach the devotee to the Ultimate with such an ease, natural health and prosperity gaining way that is incomparable and uncompetable.

The intellect readers may have a slight impression of repetitive facts explained in it, but according to the gravity and technicality of this issue, it will not be a hurdle for thoughts and all can be benefited through it.

The readers of 'Acoustic Medica' must be lucky as the secret would be theirs. The book has been shaped due to sympathy for mankind and the readers will be having this proof by themselves, as they find their sincerity and consonance towards truth.

While bringing in to shape the aesthetic of 'Nad' in the form of 'Acoustic Medica', the facts have been closely visualized, experienced and tested scientifically and that's why some differences in the colors etc. explained in the classical books of music have been controvertial. But the true fact explained on the ground of rationalization, can be felt by studying of the fact, which is in the shape of this book where Music, Medical knowledge, Acoustic Science, Applied Chemistry of Note's science, are the base of it.

Dhyan i.e. contemplation First and Second of this book, explain the Philosophy of 'Nad'. Dhyan Third to Six, explain Chemistry of Music, Note Disks, Astrology of Music and Dhyan Seventh to Tenth, explain the practical use of 'Notes' for treatment i. e, 'Acoustic Medica'.

If readers, devotees and Researchers find problem or controversy in the zipped form of formulas i.e. this 'Acoustic Medica', related with the minute process of treatment, we are ever ready for the testing of their valuable thoughts to recuperate the facts, so that with the help of this Ultimate 'Nad', the Ultimate ever present in the shape of mankind, may be served with perfection and confidence.

Each 'Nad' whether visible or invisible, whose catalization has helped, in getting the shape of' Acoustic Medica', gets its consonantal appreciation. May, the Souls always find such Consonance.

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