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Garland of Prayers

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Author: Swami Jyotirmayananda
Publisher: Yoga Research Foundations
Language: Sanskrit Text With Transliteration and English Translation
Edition: 2012
Pages: 121 (2 Color Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.0 inch X 5.0 inch
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business

About The Book

Pray and Invoke God in your heart, mind and soul. Blend with the sweetness of God and become a flute in His Hands.


About The Author

Swami Jyotirmayananda was born on February 3, 1931, in Bihar, India, a northern province province sancitified by the great Lord Buddha. In 1953, Swamiji embraced the ancient order of Sanyas as a disciple of Swami Sivananda Maharaj of Rishikesh, the founder of the Divine Life Society. In fireless service to his Guru, Swamiji taught at the Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy as a Professor of Religion. He lectured on the different scriptures of India, handled all of Swami Sivananda’s correspondence, translated many of his books into Hindi and also served as the editor of the Yoga Vedanta Journal.

After many request, Swami Jyotirmayananda came to the West in 1962 to spread the knowledge of Yoga philosophy. In 1969, he established the Ashram in Miami, Florida, which has become the center for the international activities of the Yoga Research Foundation. In 1985, Swamiji established on Ashram near New Delhi and, in 2000, another in Bihar, India. Both are now serving the community through Yoga classes, publishing Swamiji’s works in Hindi, and operating chidren’s schools, arphanages and free medical clinics.

Today, Swami Jyotirmayananda occupies a place of the highest order among the international men of wisdom. He is considered one of the foremost proponents of Integral Yoga, a way of life an thought that synthesizes the various aspects of Yoga into a comprehensive plan of personality integration.

Through insightful lectures that bring inspiration to all who attend his conferences, and on-going daily classes at his Miami Ashram Swamiji continues to share the range and richness of his knowledge of the great scriptures of the world.



Stotras (mystic prayers) and sacred hymns have been composed by sages in their lofty states of divine communion. They have been sung, cherished, reflected upon, and enjoyed by countless devotees, throughout the ages. Thus, they have gathered a mystic potency that is indescribable.

In this book, Garland of Prayers have been strung together like flowers in a garland, to be offered at the Lotus Feet of the Lord. They have been culled from the Garden of Vedic scriptures and the devotional out-pourings of saints—Adi Shankaracharya, St. Tulsidas, Mira, Kabira and others.

God is One, but He is worshipped in countless ways. He has countless attributes. Every Devi (Goddess) or Devata (God) is an attribute of God. By worshipping your Ishta Devata you are adoring and invoking all Gods and Goddesses.

Anyone who would recite these stotras daily—even a select few of them—will be immensely benefited. There is special Mantra-chaitanya (mystic potency) learnt in them. By reciting them with devotion and divine feeling, their mystic potency is awakened. Turn. To these prayers for removing mental stress, for removing mental stress, for facing difficult times in life, for preventing adversities, for enjoying countless blessings—and for attaining God realization!

Indeed, we give profound blessings to Sri Kanta Seth, whose devotion, spirit of dedication and love of satsanga have benefit of spiritual seekers all over the world. May God shower His choicest blessings on her and on all spiritual seekers all over this world!


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