God and Self-Realization (A Scientific and Spiritual View)

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Item Code: IDK027
Author: Dharam Vir Mangla
Publisher: Geeta International Publishers & Distributors
Language: English
Edition: 2002
ISBN: 9788188043644
Pages: 302
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.4" X 5.6"
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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23 years in business
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What readers say about this book
"You have put a great effort in creating this book. It is very good on your part that you want to combine science and spirituality. May those who read it, get inspired to experience all that which God wants them to, in their lives i.e. Bliss."
with love & blessing
Yogiraj Swami Amar Jyoti Babaji

"The author has explained the complexities of both the science and spiritualism with an engaging combination of clarity and wit. This is a book of rare attempt for the uplift of all the human beings, having a quest for the eternal knowledge and truth."
Piyush Garg
Sr. Marketing Executive, B.Tech., M.B.A.
Covances, NJ, USA

"The author has touched deeply the roots of every topic which are thought provoking to the reader. He has suggested the topics for further research for the learned scientists. Our physical sciences seem to be still in childish age. It appears that the future scientific researches will not be limited to worldly creation only, but mainly on the Creator".
Manisha Singhal
Sr. Computer Scientist, Adobe (India)

"This is an extraordinary book, which transforms the mind, intellect and the soul of the reader. This is a rare attempt of the author to get rid of the misconceptions of humans and to make them understand the ultimate eternal truth, scientifically and logically. The author has touched those topics, which the scientists are ignoring intentionally".
Raju Gupta
B.Sc. Electronics(Hons.), MCA

About the Author

Sh. D.V. Mangla, M.Sc. M.Ed. PGDCA got his masters degrees from university of Delhi. Since his birth he was of scientific bent of mind. He was an theist when he joined his Ph.D. at Delhi University. But when young he used to study the religious books. He used to discuss about God, Shastras and the Science with saints and learned people. In 1969 a divine miracle of Sri Sathya Sai Baba transformed his soul, life, philosophy and thinking. He became a perfect theist with a film faith and conviction in God. He totally surrendered himself to God. After that he was fully interested in knowing and seeking God. He devoted all his energies in the pursuit of God, spiritual studies and yoga practice. During 1976-78 he served as lecturer in Mathematics at University of Aden. Since 1996 he is working as the principal of a Sr. Sec. School in Delhi.

The Yogoda Satsanga Society (YSS) of India initiated him in 1989 in 'Kriya Yoga'. He is a genius scholar of Science, Mathematics, Education and Philosophy. He has the ability to correlate the Sciences, Shastras, Spiritual Science and God. This book is based to all categories of men, believers, non-believers and the wavering minds about God.

I hope this book will help many "Seekers of the Ultimate Truth". It is a laborious and commendable research work. The Scientists will take the topics for further research work as suggested by the author throughout the book and add further to it - as it is a continuous process in the development of knowledge.


"God and Self-Realization" (Scientific & Spiritual View) is a rare attempt to write a spiritual book. It correlates our latest scientific researches and technological developments with the universal science of Yoga and our Shastras. Present is a historic times. The whole world is facing an inevitable danger of its existence due to the horror faced by intermixing of religion with politics and terrorism against the survival of humanity. Now the eternal need to understand God and Self-Realization has become more important. Due to the advancement of our scientific knowledge, a major transformation is always taking place in the minds of our men mainly the science students getting education in schools, colleges and universities.

Our system of education has become such that the most of the teachers have become indifferent, towards God while teaching their subjects to the students. The students have simply become big store - house of huge data and information supplied by the wrong educational system. They are unable to analyze and interpret correctly this huge stored data. It is puzzling their little mind day and night. The parents, the society and the governments have stopped to provide the religious and philosophical education to the students. Besides some of the governments are misusing religion to provide the training of terrorism and violence in the name of religion to their people. It is their hidden and heinous motto to wipe out all other religions of the world and to rule over the whole earth.

None has a spare time and taken the responsibility to answer the thousands of unending questions & quarries in the mind of the students. The younger generations want to know about God, the universe, dreams, death, birth, rebirth, mind, consciousness, intelligence, illusions, delusions, Maya, soul, miracles, saints, Avatars and Shastras etc. The author has tried successfully to answer their questions?

They wanted to know who they are really? From where, they have come to this temporary world for a short duration? Who imprisoned them in a body to act in this world like a puppet? What will happen to them after their death? Where they will go after death? What is the purpose of life? What is this mysterious universe around us? Who made the scientific laws governing the universe? What is the purpose behind the creation of the universe? What is God? Is it possible to contact Him? How to know God and how to contact Him? The author has tried his best to satisfy all such eternal quarries of man in this rare book.

The book also deals with the most common misconceptions and confusions in the minds of the educated people like the difference between: Illusions - Delusions- Maya; Guru- Teacher- Instructor, Information - Knowledge; due to increase of information our ignorance is increasing; Creation - Creator; Belief- Faith; Life Energy (prana) - Physical Energies; Avatars - Self realized saints; Shastras- Ordinary books; Magic- Miracle, Proof - Verification; Scientific Laws are beyond derivation and proofs; The Shastras Myths or Reality; The writer of Vedas; Misconceptions about dreams and death etc.

Due to teaching of science in a wrong way many misunderstandings, misconceptions are created. It is due to the faulty system of education. For example many began to think that information is knowledge; science and technology can do anything (even impossible) and there is no need of the creator for the creation of the universe. Most of the students generally lost their faith in the existence of God and began to ignore their religion. They began to doubt upon the miracles performed by the saints and apparently become atheist. The author has tried his best to remove their doubts and misconceptions. He has tried to convince that the science, the Shastras, the religions and the yogic science are in perfect agreement with each other. There cannot be any contradiction between the religions, God and the scientific laws. Shastrs are not myths but absolute reality. Science and Shastras are not contradictory to each other as said by some ignorant scientists. Both are supplementing knowledge to each other and ultimately leading to the same Absolute Truth.

Due to rapid scientific and technological advancement, our ideas and philosophy are changing and the new idea and philosophy are taking births. Now the scientists have began to realize that our basic identity in the world is neither mind, nor the physical body bounded by birth and death, nor time and space. But it is basically the infinite universal and eternal spirit with infinite cosmic consciousness. This consciousness is beyond time and space and is unaffected by death. The entire cosmos is a manifestation of universal consciousness. It is beyond limits, infinite and eternal, and without boundaries. It is ultimately our real self. Why we have not realized this truth?

Our science is still in its childhood. The writer has successfully proved the need of further researches in the in the various fields, which will be most useful in the future development of the man in the world.

There have been numerous self-realized saints and avatars in the world with their miraculous powers. All Shastras and the millions of people including the topmost scientists in the world are the witnesses to the miracles performed by them. But most of the scientists and the science are intentionally ignoring the miracles performed by them. This has unnecessarily puzzled the minds of most of the persons in the world.

As the scientists verify the laws of natural sciences in their science laboratories, similarly the time has come to experiment and to verify the truth mentioned in Shastras through the universal science of yoga. The intentional ignoring of God by the scientists is just like the ignoring and denying the existence of the universe by a man, by closing his eyes. This is most unscientific and need to be changed.

The book emphasizes the latest researches and theories of natural science and the spiritual view of Shastras, especially in respect of the miracles and to understand the structure of the universe and matter. The author compared the latest concept of the universe as perceived by the scientist like Proof. Stephen Hawking and as mentioned in the Holy Vedas and perceived by the great self-realized saints at different times. The reader is open to accept the concept of the universe; whichever is more convincing to him.

About the AuthorXIV
Illusion Pictures1-2
Pictures of Saints3
Pictures of Saints & Avatars4
Illusion Picture of Human Face5
Chakras Pictures6
Position of Chakras & Nadis in Astral Body112
1.Illusion, Delusion and Maya 5-18
Men's Unending Enquiry7
What is Illusion?8
What is Delusion?9
What is Maya?12
Anything Exist only if its Thought Exist in Our Mind13
The General Knowledge Tests are Not the Tests of Knowledge15
Knowledge of God is Self-Explanatory16
2.Who am I?19-48
Who am I?20
How to Know ego 'I'?22
The Story of Shepherded Lion Cub Under Delusion23
With the Increase of Information our Ignorance is also Increasing25
Child Wonders about his Mysterious Physical Body26
All the Fundamental Elementary Particles Are Exactly Alike29
The Universe is Made Up of Only one Material29
How Much We Know About Something?30
Wonderful Arrangement of Atomic & Subatomic Particles33
Microscopic View33
Macroscopic View35
The Concept of The Universe is Different in Different Minds of Living Beings36
About the Sleep, Dreams & Death37
What Happens at the Time of Death?38
The Great Dreamer Nostradamus41
Universe is Not Eternal42
What is Brahman?43
Neutron Star is the Condensed Form of Dieing Matter47
Black Holes are the Mouths of God to Digest the Creation47
3.What are Miracles?49-65
Miraculous Saints and Avatars50
Bhagavan Vedvyas: The Creator of Shastras52
What are Holy Shastras?54
Difference between Belief and Faith55
What is Magic?56
What is Miracle?57
Mind is the Creation of Super Consciousness59
Historical Recorded Miracle of Swami Haridas63
4.Saints Seem to Defy the Laws of Sciences66-99
Miraculous Great Saints67
Swami Pranavananda Saint with Two Bodies68
Levitating Saint Negendra Nath Bhadudi69
Blissful Saint Master Mahashyia70
Perfume Creating Ghandh Baba70
Sleepless Saint Ram Gopal71
Miraculous Adi Shankaracharaya71
Vedvyas the Creator of Shastras73
Ram Krishan Paramhansa74
Swami Vivikananda75
Guru Nanak Dev & Other Sikh Gurus76
Nostradamus the Dramer of the Future 78
Tralinga Swami & Lahari Mahasyia80
Paramhansa Yogananda82
Non-Eating Saint Giri Bala84
Saint of Extreme Devotion Meera Bai86
A Child-like Saint Sri Anand Mai Maa88
Sri Aurobindo88
Srila Prabhupada89
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi90
Jesus Christ91
List of few Miraculous Saints one should Know Further93
There should be no Contradiction Between the Religions94
Misconceptions about Gurus & How to Select a Guru?97
5.Life Force Doing Infinite Works100-120
Many Folds of Men's Nature 102
Physical Body is not as it Looks to Our Senses102
Physical & Mental Works are Different104
Do not Overeat but must Do Regular Exercises 105
Body Cells Need Regular Recharging 106
Our Body has been Given an Ego 'I' 107
Types of Pranas and Sub-Pranas in body108
What happens to Prana After Death?108
Medulla Oblongata and Seven Chakras110
Reception & Distribution of Pranas111
Sahasrar (the Reservoir of Life Energy)111
Picture of Position of Nadis & Chakras in Astral Body112
How to increase the Reception of the Life-Force?114
Vegetarian Food is Full of Life-Energy116
What is Om Sound and What are Anahat Sounds?117
6.Avatars: The Reincarnations of God121-148
The famous Vishnu Mantra122
Meaning of Geeta Sloka:IV:7 & 8123
Lord Rama125
Lord Krishna128
Eternal Guru Mahavatar Babaji130
Sri Amar Jyoti Babaji132
Sri Hedakhan Babaji133
Sri Sathya Sai Baba137
Sri Shirid Sai Baba147
7.Who is Guru? How to get Self-Realization?149-167
Famous Guru Mantras150
Difference Between Guru Teacher & Instructor152
Who is a Guru?153
Beware of Self-Declared & Un-Realize Gurus154
A Famous Historical Event in Search of Guru155
Never Makes Calculations of your Reward in Sadhna158
Difference Between Ignorance, Information and Knowledge160
Difference Between Self-Realized Guru and Avatara161
There should be No Contradiction Between the Religions163
Misconception Between Asanas & Yoga165
8.Spirit and Self-Realization168-185
How to Get Self-Realization?163
Bhagwad Geeta the Song of the Lord170
Lessons on Self-Realization170
The Autobiography of a Yogi171
Useful points to Achieve Self-realization172
Pride is the Greatest Enemy to Wisdom178
All Thoughts are Coming from God179
Love and Devotion to God is Must For Self-Realization180
Do Not be Afraid of God182
Do Not be Afraid of Death183
9.The Nature of Our Dreams and Death186-204
What are Dreams?188
Dreams are Materialization of Thoughts190
To Create an Object First a Thought is Required 192
Various Illusion of Dreaming Men193
What is Death? Is Death a Dream?194
The Universe is a Condensation & Materialization of the Dream of God196
Desires are Causes of Suffering in the World197
A Story of Contented Shepherd from USA198
Dream Nature of the World202
10.Are the Miracles Really Miracles?205-221
What is a Scientific Law?207
No Law can be Derived from any Other Law208
Do the Scientists Create the Laws of Sciences?208
Did Newton Created the Laws of Motions & Law of Gravitation?209
We are ignoring the Miracles Around Us 211
The Declaration of Vedas about Duality of Creation & Creator213
A Limitation of Quantum Theory216
The Movies are Due to the Optical Illusions Created by Maya217
Theory of Relativity proves that there is only one material in the Universe217
Our Senses Do Not Perceive the Absolute Reality219
11.Techniques of Meditation222-241
Maharishi Patanjali Yoga-Sutras Yama, Niyama, Asanas, Pranayam, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi223-230
Kundalini Shakti the Spiritual Energy for Involution230
Types of Samadhies232
Relation of Yogi with God232
What Happens During the Meditation?233
When and How to Meditate?234
Concentration is Different from Meditation235
Devotion & Love are Must for Seeker of God238
Never Forget God239
12.Scientific View of the Universe242-271
Logical Proofs of Existence of God244
Our Earth has a Special Status in the Universe247
The Old View of the Newtonian Universe258
Latest Concepts of Science in Understanding the Universe259
The Latest Concept of the Universe as per Prof. Stephen W. Hawking269
13.Spiritual View of the Universe272-291
Spiritual View of Getting Knowledge by Us 273
Spiritual View of the Creation of the Universe274
Some Unexplained Mysteries of the World286
14.God's Advice to His Children292-295
Referred Books314-315
Future Publication316
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