The Haihayas of Tripuri and Their Monuments
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The Haihayas of Tripuri and Their Monuments

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Item Code: NAM248
Author: R. D. Banerji
Publisher: Archaeological Survey of India
Language: English
Edition: 1998
Pages: 213 (103 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 11.0 inch X 9.0 inch
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The idea of writing out the chronology of the Haihaya kings of Tripuri was suggested to me in May 1919 - by Major B. D. Basu, I.M.S. (Retired) of Allahabad, at present, the Head of the Panini Office and the Editor 'of the Series of Sanskrit Texts published by that Institution. Major Basu pointed out to me that practically no investigations had been carried out in the whole of the Rewa State since the retirement of Sir Alexander Cunningham. Acting on the suggestion I applied to the late Mr. P. B. Warburton, I.C.S., then Political Agent, Baghelkhand Agency, and with his help succeeded in revising and exploring all the important Archaeological sites in the Rewa State situated in the northern and southern Parganas. I found it impossible to visit the antiquities in the forest-covered tracts lying to the east of this State, but I am deeply grateful for the help received from Mr. P. B. Warburton, and his successor in the Baghelkhand Political Agency, Major E, J. Colvin, l.A. In the Rewa State my programme was mapped out for me by Dewan Bahadur Pandit Janaki Prasad, M.A. LL.B., who had served for a long time under the late Maharaja Venkata Ramana Singh Bahadur, as his Private Secretary, and who was working as Home Member of the Council of Regency of the Rewa State in 1920. Pandit Janaki Prasad's intimate knowledge of the State is unrivalled, and with his help I was able to discover three unknown dated inscriptions of the Haihaya chiefs, which have helped materially in the construction of the chronology of that dynasty. I am also very greatly indebted to Rai Bahadur B. N. Zutshi, President of the Council of Regency of the Rewa State in April 1920, for help in various directions connected with my investigations. Finally I am indebted to Sir John Marshall, Kt., C.I.E., Litt. D., F.S.A., for. permission to reproduce the text of four of the unpublished inscriptions which are being published in the Epigraphia Indica separately.


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