Handbook of Tabla (History, Anatomy, Learning, Maintenance)

Handbook of Tabla (History, Anatomy, Learning, Maintenance)

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Author: Pankaj Vishal
Publisher: Pankaj Publications, New Delhi
Edition: 2008
Pages: 88 (Illustrated Throughout in B/W)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.6" X 5.5”
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23 years in business
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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It is often said, “Mobility is life and immobility death”. We can conclude by saying that movement and motion are prime and prominent parts of nature. Look at the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Planets, the Milky Way, even the entire universe, everything is in continuous motion. The strange fact about the motion of these heavenly beings is that they are in perfect rhythm. According to this fact we can say that movement in rhythm is in harmony with nature hence nothing is out of its place.

In Music also rhythm is the major aspect on which music is formal altogether. Therefore there is no question about its importance. Without rhythm music cannot exist as it does. Rhythm is said to be the life line of music.

Keeping this in mind we would like to introduce to readers one of the most important instruments of Indian Musical Tradition, the Tabla. This book its reader a sound idea of the history, development and basics of the instrument, to begin with and further facilitates the reader in motivating an interest to know more about this wonderful instrument as one proceeds further.

This book takes proper care of the inquisitiveness of beginners and points out the salient probable problem areas in this fields in a friendly manner. Any suggestion for improvement of this book is welcome.

Publisher’s Note
The PANKAJ PUBLICATIONS is the undisputed leader and pioneer in the field of music books. The house is in continuous service to music lovers spread all over the world by promoting Indian music religiously by way of its books, C.D. s, journals and assisting the practicing musicians.

A series of books with vital information about the musical instruments, its origin, evolution, playing technique, etc. was in great demand for the last couple of years. In view of the larger interest of readers and music lovers, we have brought this series of ‘Handbooks’ at the lowest possible price to meet the needs of readers.

The entire editorial team of the PANKAJ PUBLICATIONS carried out intensive research and came out with fruits in the form of these books. We hope this series will be of immense help to people as out previous series of ‘Pankaj Learn to Play’ proved to be.

If we are successful in our mission, although in a little way, the entire team along with this publication will be proud of the effort.


Publisher’s Notevi
Part 1: Theory of Music9-38
The Indian Music System11
Lay (Tempo or Speed)21
Taal (The Rhythm)24
Indian Music Notation System30
Western Notation System32
Points To Remember for Combined Notation System37
Part 2: The Tabla – Then & Now39-54
History and Development41
Indian Percussion Instruments44
Famous Tabla Players50
Part 3: Know The Tabla55-70
Various Types of Tabla57
Parts of a Tabla58
Technical Terms64
Tips to Maintain a Tabla70
Part 4: Playing The Tabla71-76
Sitting Positions73
Important Tips While Playing the Tabla76
Part 5: Sounds of Tabla77-86
Basic Sounds or Bols79
Important Phrases in Tabla Playing83
Important Techniques in Tabla Playing84
Part 5: Tuning the Tabla85-92
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