Hanuman (The Only Devotee)

Hanuman (The Only Devotee)

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Author: Shantilal Nagar
Publisher: B.R. Publishing Corporation
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 817644902
Pages: 124
Cover: Hardcover
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Hanuman is the most important warrior of Ramayana. Though he had been a silent soldier with Sugriva, but his personality gained importance after his coming in contact with Rama. He played a leading role in the Kiskindha, sundara and Yuddha-kanda of the Ramayana. Indeed it would be no exaggeration to say that he is the auspicious, brave and the illustrious hero of the Sundara-kanda and the selfless service rendered by him to Rama, Sugriva, Laksmana, Sita besides his own colleagues is beyond comparasion.

The Author

Shantilal Nagar, a graduate of the Punjab University, served in the curatorial capacity in the Central Asian Antiquities Museum, New Delhi, the Archaeological Museum, Nalanda, and Archaeological Section of the Indian Museum, Calcutta for a number of years. He has to his credit the scientific documentation of over fifty thousand antiquities, in these museums, representing the rich cultural heritage of the country and comprising of sculptures, bronzes, terracottas, beads, seals and sealing, ancient Indian numismatics, wood work, miniatures and paintings, textiles and Pearce collection of gems, ranging from the earliest times to the late medieval period. He was awarded, in 1987, a fellowship, for his monograph on the Temples of Himachal Pradesh, by the Indian Council of Historical Research, New Delhi. He has authored more than fifty books.


1 Introduction 1-18
(i) The Name, (ii) The Birth, (iii) The Childhood, (iv) The Education, (v) Wisdom, (vi) Ciranjivi (or having Long Life), (vii) Food Habits, (viii) Brahmacarya, (ix) The devotion, (x) Forms of Hanuman, (xi) Strength and Bravery, (xii) The Importance of Tail, (xiii) Old Age-(a) Encounter with Arjuna, (b) Encounter with Bhima.
2 Performance 19-20
(i) With Sugriva, (ii) As a Messenger
3 Conduct in Lanka 21-57
(i) Exercising self-control, (ii) Ravana's plight, (iii) Blackening of the face, (iv) Episode of crocodile, (v) Start of the bridge and Hanuman's quarrel, (vi) Tale of squirrel, (vii) Rescue of Rama and Laksmana from Nagapasa, (viii) Destruction of Ravana's yajna, (ix) Hanuman takes the arrow for Rama's use, (x) Saves the life of Laksmana, (xi) Placed the sun under the armpit, (xii) Hanuman brings the mountain with medicinal plants, (xiii) Protects Rama and Laksmana from Mahiravana, (xiv) Conduct in Asokavana, (xv) Cause of Ravana's death, (xvi) Meeting with Bharata carrying the mountain, (xvii) Makes Mandodari beat Ravana, (xviii) in the palace of Ravana.
4 After Departure from Lanka 58-68
(i) Consecration of the Sivalinga, (ii) Hanuman meets his mother.
5 After the Crowning of Rama 69-72
(i) Carrying quivers of Laksmana, (ii) Feast of Hanuman, (iii) Position after the exile of Sita, (iv) Shattering pride of Garuda
6 Shattering of Hanuman's Pride 73-75
7 Fight with Rama 76
8 The Puranic Accounts 77-93
(i) Encounter with arjuna, (ii) Encounter with Saturn, (iii) Loses all powers, (iv) Brings Drona mountain for Puskala, (v) Jyotirlinga, (vi) Sinduravadana, (vii) Sankatamocana Hanuman, (viii) As a Pratihari, (ix) Virata form, (x) As a Preacher, (xi) Attendant of Durga, (xii) As a musician, (xiii) As a physician, (xiv) Selfless devotion, (xv) Killing of Kalanka, (xvi) Hanuman with many faces-(a) five faces, (b) Eleven faces.
9 The Divinity 94-97
10 Iconography 98-116
(1) The Body-(i) Colossal Body, (ii) The Tiny Form, (iii) Physically strong like Vajra, (iv) Human Body, (v) As a Monkey, (vi) Hair, (vii) Complexion, (viii) Chest, (ix) Shoulders, (x) The Armpit, (xi) Arms and Attributes; (2) The Face-(1) Expression, (ii) The Eyes, (iii) Lips and Teeth, (iv) Ears, (v) Eyebrows, (vi) Chin, (vii) Neck/Throat, (viii) Nose, (ix) The Tongue and Speech; (3) Head and Head-dress; (4) Ornaments; (5) The Tail; (6) Costumes; (7) Feet; (8) General Characteristics; and (9) Pancamukhi (ii) Srividyarnava Tantra, (iii) Sritattvanidhi.
Sri Hanumancalisa 118
Sankatamocana Hanumanastaka 119
Bajaranga Bana 120
Hanumanmantracamatkaranusthana-paddhati 121
Arati 124