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The Holy Dust of Vraja (Discourses on the Glories of Kesava-Vrata and Candana-Yatra)

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Item Code: NAV523
Author: Guru-varga
Publisher: Bhaktabandhav, Vrindavan
Language: English
ISBN: 9781943614172
Pages: 266
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description
Srila Rupa Gosvami has explained that the Vaisakha month belongs to Visakha-devi. She is the siksa-guru of all the Vraja-devis-the Manjari, sakhis, everyone. In this month of Vaisakha, Krsna took shelter of Visakha-devi, requesting her, "Please teach me how to serve Radharani." At Srngara-vata, Visakha-devi lovingly taught Kesava the secrets of Radharani’s service-how to comb Her hair, how to braid it, how to fan Her. He learned how to properly apply candana (sandalwood paste), mahendi (minerals for hand decorations), kumkum (vermillion), alta (red color for applying on the feet), and alaka (mineral paint). He learned the art of hand decorations and feet decorations. He learned techniques for massaging head oils and how to properly dress Her. He learned how to wash her clothes, how to dry them, and how to properly store them. He learned about massage and about flower decorations and preparing kunjas.

For one month Visakha-devi continuously taught Kesava the specialties of 365 service tendencies and moods, as well as how to pray to all the sakhis and manjaris to attain these eternal moods. If they are merciful and bless you with their moods, Srimati Radharani service will be easy attainable, otherwise not. By learning this process, nothing will stay the same, everything will be ever fresh.

In this month, the Manjari helped Kesava practice every day and taught Him many things. He learned the art of decoration, arrangement and the proper use of sandalwood, kumkum, kasturi (musk), goracana (bright yellow pigment), as well as various musical skills, singing, dancing, acting, and other arts. This is Kesava’s Vrata.

Early every morning, Kesava would take the calves into the twelve forests of Raja. There He would learn how to serve Srimati Radhika by twelve rasas. He would sometimes learn from Visakha in Surya-kind or Radha-kunda, and sometimes in Candra-sarovara, Mana-sarovara, Kusuma-sarovara, Prema-sarovara, Kamyavana, Biharvana, or in Vrndavana. Anywhere Kesava would go He would secretly learn these services while everyone would think He was only tending His cows. This is what is called gopana-confidential-gopa-lila, or gopi-lila. This is govinda-lilamrta, the nectar of Govinda's pastimes.

During His time in Raja, the Vraja-devis taught Kesava how to serve Srimati Radhika. After His training was complete, He spent 100 years outside Vraja trying to teach others these arts. And in Kali-yuga, He took sannyasa, giving up everything in order to teach these lessons.

Accompanied by Visakha-devi, Rupa Manjari, Rati Manjari, Lavanga Manjari, Vilasa Manjari, Ananga Manjari, Kasturi Manjari, and all the other Vraja-devis, He continuously served 8rimati Radharani, and trained others how to lovingly serve Her.

Seva-kunja is where these teachings are continuously being taught. Guru-pada-padma has manifested branches of Seva-kunja across the world. Under the guidance of Vinoda Manjari, he is fulfilling the desire of Kesavadeva and Visakha-devi, and is teaching others how to follow Kesava Vrata.

Seeing anyone following this Vrata, Lord Kesava becomes over-joyed and blesses that person. Such a person will quickly attain the foot dust of 8iimati Radharani. Radhika will give Her shelter and mercy to that person. Anyone who strictly and sincerely follows this Vratsa will definitely achieve manjari-bhava, becoming qualified to serve Srimati Radharani and Vrajendra-nandana Syamasundara.

This Kesava Vrata book has manifested by the mercy of the Guru-parampara, Vaisnavas, and Vraja-devis. It does not come from any mundane person. This truly is the causeless mercy of Kesavadeva. It is His own property that He is giving.

During the month of Vaisakha, in which Candana-yatra comes, sadhakas offer candana, sandalwood paste, to the Deity of Krsna. They smear His entire body with this sandalwood paste. During the rest of the year a little candana is applied to the body of the Lord daily, but during Candana-yatra they cover His entire body with candana, and Krsna hides under all the candana as though He were a vana-devata, a forest Krsna. Everyone wonders, "Where has Krsna gone?" Even the demigods who come to see Him and offer Him respects cannot find Him anywhere, and they all become bewildered.

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