Hora Astro Numerology
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Hora Astro Numerology

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Item Code: NAR099
Author: Prof. Ashok Bhatia
Language: English
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 9788170822875
Pages: 266
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About the Book

This book 'HORA ASTRO NUMEROLOGY ° features the comprehensive process of creating a Flora Numeric birth chart based on the birth date, day and time and also explains in detail the placements and effects of the 9 Houses, 9 Numbers and the 9 Planets on a person's life.

About the Author

Prof. Ashok Bhatia was a lecturer in the Commerce Department. He is founder chairperson of International School of Vedic Astro Numerology (ISVAN) and is actively working as the Chief Controller of Examination of All India Federation of Astrologers' Societies (AIFAS).

For the last 33 years, Prof. Ashok Bhatia has been investigating, researching and exploring the new concepts, principles, and approaches to Numerology and has extensively researched on the subject matter to identify the ways in which the conventional scheme, rules and nuances of numerology can be applied in today's times. His research on Vedic Numerology and its applications are defined and detailed in his authored book ledic Astro Numerotogy - I Et II', while in 'Prashna Ank Jyotish' (Horary based on time), he explains the process of obtaining solutions to questions related to life through simple numerology fundamentals.


Our Indian Rishis were familiar with subject of astrology 85 numerology before the dawn of civilization in this world. They had explained each and every number by connecting them with a specific planet. That system of numerology came back to India with western tricks about a hundred years ago because the traits of those countries are clearly visible in the present system of numerology.

Though the disputed western system with its 'friend - indifferent -inimical' table of the numbers does not apply today, but it is still used. If according to the astrologers a planet is friendly in different or inimical to a particular planet, how it can behave differently in the field of numerology. Therefore, according to astrological norms even numerology should be used for different purposes.

After my book Vedic Astro Numerology, in this book, Hora Astro Numerology I have tried my best to make it a practical proposition even in the present context with 9 houses and 9 planets.


All astrologers are cognizant of the fact that every Vedic astrology birth chart has 12 Houses, 12 Signs and 9 Planets. Numerology is the science of 9 Planets and 9 Houses. That is why in a numerology birth chart, we study the 9 Houses, 9 aspects and the 9 numbers. From these 9 aspects, we can estimate a person's life order.

The significance of numbers can be seen in all aspects of life. From birth to death, we can feel the fluctuations caused by numbers in our life. Every person brings his own destiny when he comes into the world. And according to this destiny, he achieves success or failures in life. But a person can resolve difficult conflicts or challenges in life by changing his karma. Although it is true that everything that happens in the world happens according to one's destiny, every person with his karma and efforts can change most of the life outcomes and events, and can draw success out of them.

The roots of numerology can be traced to India, but there are very few books or codes that one can find written in the Devanagari or Hindi language. In Numerology, the life path number, life cycle number and numeric number are the basis and conclusions can be drawn on the basis of these. In astrology, to prepare a birth chart, you need the date of birth, time of birth and place of birth.

For all purposes of this book, "The Hora Astro Numerology", we will require the birth date, the birth day and the time of birth. We can create a numeric birth chart of a person by using the birth date and birth day of a person, and by using the Numero Hora and Numero Ascendant hora. The book also contains an analysis of the lords of 9 Houses. According to the numero birth chart, we will also determine the Numero mahadasha and Numero Sub-period while following all principles of numerology.

This book analyses and breakdowns many aspects of a Numero Birth chart and also mentions remedies for defense against the malefic effects of planets faced by the native.

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