How to Stay Healthy with Homoeopathy (A quick reference manual for improving your family's health)

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How to stay Healthy with Homoeopathy is the most uncomplicated manual on homoeopathic treatment ever designed. It is an easy to refer book for the householder; for the health conscious busy executive; as well as parents who do not want their children to suffer from the side effects of medicines normally administered. Homoeopathic drugs, if correctly chosen, have no side effects. It is a book on healthcare for the cost conscious. Quality homoeopathic drugs are made in India and are readily available in the smallest town at an astonishingly low cost.

The book provides the reader with immediate medical advice at home. Even in emergencies, a patient can be looked after until appropriate medical counsel is available. In most cases, the latter is not necessary.

Chapters on the human body are arranged, for easy reference, in order of the location of the part starting with the brain. Each chapter has its own alphabetical index of symptoms and sickness.

The chapters begin with an illustration of the body part, followed by a short write-up. Suitable and easy to act upon instruction on personal care of that part follow.

Clear advice has been provided on dosage and potency in acute as well as chronic problems.

A unique feature is the way in which differentiation has been made, by highlighting in bold letters, symptoms that distinguish one medicine from another for the same sickness.

Instructive chapters based on the latest research have been written on 'Hypertension', 'Smoking' and 'Alchoholism'. There is an exclusive chapter on 'Children' and the problems related to them.

The chapter 'A short circuit to selection of Remedies' with 'A Repertory for Instant Reference in Home, Office and for Travellers', is self-contained and can be your constant companion.


It was a chilly December morning of 1979. A liveried bearer brought a tray with my morning tea and biscuits to the veranda of my room at the Secunderabad Club. He also brought red roses in a vase and laid the tray and the flowers with the sophistication and expertise of a man used to doing even such an ordinary chore with finesse.

In that instant, something happened. I exclaimed to my colleague who was sitting, something happened. I exclaimed to my colleague who was sitting in the chair opposite, "Avatar, I can smell the roses! My sinus has bee cured."

"What medicine have you been taking?" Avatar asked excitedly.
"Pulsatilla 30," I answered.

Both of us were familiar with homoeopathy and its medicines in a rudimentary manner. I told him how since my childhood I had suffered from a blocked nose, a bland discharge of yellow-green mucous and how no other system of medicine had been able to cure me of my chronic cold.

I had chosen my medicine on my own after studying the available books on homoeopathy and filtering one medicine after another according to my symptoms until I zeroed on Pulsatilla 30. It was fifteen days since I had started the treatment. This morning I could smell the fragrant roses, a faculty denied to me for years because of a stuffed nose.

The discharge from my nose had stopped a few days earlier. I continued taking the medicine for a few days more because mine was a chronic problem. The return of the sense of smell proved the efficacy of the medicine beyond all doubt.

Since childhood, I had suffered from chronic dysentery, mostly mucous, at other times with blood. Large ayurvedic mixtures prescribed by the Raja-Vaidya at Patiala did not help much. In later years, drugs given by the doctors in the Central Government Health Scheme helped but a few days later the symptoms returned.

In 1976 when I started taking an interest in homoeopathy, I searched for a cure for my chronic dysentery. I selected Merc Sol 200 as the medicine that suited my symptoms. Seven days and twenty-eight doses later, the chronic dysentery disappeared, almost never to return with any severity. Now, although rarely, whenever I sense the symptoms making a show, one or two doses of the medicine are all that is required.

Early morning in May 1980, I was awakened by my friend, S.R. Jha, commissioner of Income Tax, Bombay, who had come to attend a conference in Delhi. "R.K., can you come with a doctor to our guest house to look at S.Y. Gupte who has been vomiting and running to the toilet every few minutes?"

I was with Jha and Gupte in fifteen minutes.

"Where is the doctor?" asked Jha.

"I have the medicine. Gupte should take it now. I shall sit and watch for an hour. If I fail, we need hospitalization for which arrangements have been made."

I administered a does of Veratrum Alb 1000 to Gupte, a dear friend. His retching stopped. Soon, he was fast asleep. In the afternoon, to my surprise, he arrived at the conference room at Vigyan Bhavan.

The number of such stories is endless. Every homoeopath has his repertoire.

However, the roof of the pudding lies in eating.

Try for yourself. Start using this book. Persist with the effort at differentiating the symptoms and their remedies. The rewards are handsome.

I do not want to make any tall claims for homoeopathy. It does not cure malady. However, for that matter, which system does?

No surgical procedures are available in homoeopathy. No pathological laboratories work for the homoeopaths. No sonography. Neither 2-D echo nor angiography. No MRI. No Ct scans.

Yet, there is substantial relief available in homoeopathy for hundreds of ailments. Try Apis 200 or 1000 in cases of severe eye inflammation, whether Trachoma or Conjunctivitis. Relief sets in no time. Administer a mixture of Cimicifuga 200, Bryonia 200, Bryonia 200, and Cicuta 200 to a person suffering from Cervical Spondylosis. He will soon bless you.

Homoeopathic medicines are inexpensive. They have no side effects. They are easily available. This book makes their choice easy if you can identify the symptoms precisely.

To perform this feat you do not have to be a trained doctor. If you carefully go through the subchapters under various body parts where I have described the symptoms in detail, even at the cost of repetition, you will soon learn to identify the symptoms your patient is exhibiting. Once you have reached that stage, the choice of the medicine is automatic.

For instance, for chronic sinusitis when the mucous is flowing outwards, Pulsatilla is the remedy. Where ropy, tough, green mucous flows inwards, Kali Bichrome is the medicine of choice.

Blood dysentery requires Merc Cor30. Mucous dysentery responds to Merc Sol 200. Mucous dysentery with pain in the thighs can be tackled with Rhus Tox 200.

I have highlighted the distinctive symptom that can identify a remedy throughout the book. These are manifestations apparent to our senses. None can have a problem in understanding them.

I have pointed out when you need urgent medical advice. Do not ignore these warnings. Our purpose is to alleviate suffering. Whatever system is best suited and at hand, ought to be used.

I reiterate that anytime you are in doubt about either the nature of the sickness or you face difficulty in zeroing upon symptoms, please consult a qualified physician or surgeon as the occasion demands.

This book has been organized in a user-friendly manner. Symptoms and remedies are given under the various body parts in sub-chapters titled with the common nomenclature of the disease or sensations life pain, burning, and sweating or even body parts such as thighs. A reader can reach his problem by looking at the chapter index.

The section on Materia Medica deals in detail with forty-seven carefully selected remedies. This part is valuable reading for anyone who is interested in understanding the core of the homoeopathic system. For an exhaustive study of Materia Medica refer to books written by J.T. Kent, Dr. William Boerick or Dr. E.B. Nash mentioned in the Bibliography. All these treatises and many others are a source of priceless information. For me, reading these books has been a rewarding experience.

Please read Dr. Samuel Hahnemann's Organon of Medicine, often. He was a pioneer, a genius and a great writer. He had the courage of his convictions and explained his theories of homoeopathy boldly and fearlessly to a disbelieving fraternity of doctors.

I acknowledge my debt to Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, and to other great pioneers like Dr. C. Hering, Dr. T.F. Allen, Dr. J.T. Kent, Dr. William Boerick, and Dr. E. B. Nash. Their learned writings have been an inspiration.

For selection of symptoms, I have taken guidance from whatever original sources I could tap. There is an unavoidable reliance on original symptoms as recorded by the "Provers" and tabulated by Dr. S. Hahnemann, his colleagues and successors.

I have suggested a list of remedies that can be kept handy in every home. Another small list of remedies that can be carried by a traveler on his journey inland or abroad will be found at the end of the book.

An interesting section in this book is 'A Short Circuit to Selection of Remedies/A Repertory for Instant Reference in Home, Office and for Travelers.' This provides you with the essence of the book in a few pages. Make a copy and carry it with you wherever you go to work or for pleasure.

I believe that homoeopathy is a significant system of healing within its limitations. It is suited to all, the old, the young, the rich or the poor, men or women, people in developed countries or in the underdeveloped ones. India, the United Kingdom, most European countries, Latin American countries, use homoeopathy on a vast scale. The USA, where the system flourished a hundred years ago, is catching up.

Besides being inexpensive, homoeopathic remedies give relief fast. If in an acute case you do not get relief within a reasonable period, please recheck your choice of remedy. In a chronic case, the chosen remedy takes time to take effect.

My reply to those critics of homoeopathy who say that homoeopathic medicines cannot be tested in a laboratory is, "Every day they are tested in millions of effective doses in the human body, the most complicated laboratory designed by nature. Is that not enough evidence of the efficacy of the system?" May be one day we will have tools to scientifically test the efficacy of the minute homoeopathic dose. Until then let doubt not assail our faith in a proven system of healthcare.

In any case, homoeopathy has outlived its detractors for two centuries. Everyday it grows stronger! That is reason enough to raise a homoeopathic toast to the health of mankind.

In the making of this book my daughter, Bindu has helped me tirelessly with reading and suggestions. It was a labour of love. I record my thanks and appreciation.

My editor at Rupa, Sanjana Roychoudhury, has edited this book with her customary smile and dedication. Our interactions on e-mail have been thought proroking and invariable fruitful. I express my gratitude to her.

My publisher, and his son Kapish Mehra have taken immense interest in this project. So has Mrs. Mehra. She is barely interested in Homoeopathy. Sincere thanks to all there of them.

Homoeopathy, the System, its Origin, and Practice 3
Homoeopathic Remedies Storage and Dosage 6
Medicine Chest for your Home with a few Quick Reference Symptoms8
Selection of Remedy: Guiding Principles16
Abscess of the Brain 29, Alopecia/Baldness 29, Amnesia 30, Anguish/Grief 30, Anorexia Nervosa 31, Apoplexy/Stroke 32, Cataplexy 33, Collapse 34, Concussion 35, Congestion, of Brain, of Head 35, Convulsions/Epileptic Fit/Seizure 36, Debility 37, Delirium 38, Dementia 40, Depression 41, Encephalitis 42, Epilepsy 43, Fainting [Syncope] 43, Hallucination 44, Hangover 44, Headache 45, Heatstroke/Sunstroke 47, Hysteria 48, Insanity 49, Irritability 49, Mania 49, Melancholy/Sad/Hopeless/Indifferent 50, Memory/Problems of 52, Meningitis 53, Migraine 54, Multiple Sclerosis 55, Multiple Sclerosis 55, Neuralgia 56, Paralysis Agitans 57, Restlessness 57, Schizophrenia 57, Stroke 58, Throbbing 58, Thrombosis 58, Tumour of the Brain 59, Vertex, Problem of 60, Vertigo 60
Bell's Paralysis 64, Burning 64, Colour 65, Distortion 67, Eczema/Dermatitis 67, Erysipelas 67, Jaws 68, Pain/Neuralgia 69, Paralysis 71, Swelling 71, Twitching 72
Black Eye 76, Bleeding 76, Blepharitis 76, Blindness 77, Blisters 78, Burning 78, Canthi 79, Cataract 79, Chalazion 80, Colour 80, Colour Blindness 81, Conjunctivitis 81, Corneal Ulcers 82, Dacryocystitis 82, Day Blindness 83, Detached Retina 83, Discharge 83, Double Vision 84, Ectropion 85, Eczema 85, Entropion 85, Eyelashes 86, Fistula of the Lachrymal Duct 86, Foreign Body in the Eye 86, Glaucoma 87, Gout 88, Haemorrhages 88, Inflammation 88, Iritis 89, Itching 90, Opacity 90, Ophthalmia 91, Pain 91, Photophobia 92, Red 93, Rings around the Eyes 94, Sand 94, Squint 94, Stare 95, Stye 95, Swelling [Oedema] 95, Tear Duct Blocked 96, Trachoma 96, Twitching 97, Ulcers 97, The Nose 98, Bleeding 101, Burning 101, Caries 101, Catarrh 102, Chronic cold 102, Common Cold 103, Discharge 103, Dry Cold 104, Exzema 105, Eye, cold settling in 105, Itching 105, Pain 106, Polyps, nasal 106, Post-nasal drip 107, Rhinitis 107, Septum Perforated 107, Sinusitis/acute or chronic 108, Smell 108, Sneezing 109, Stuffed/Snuffles 109, Swelling 110, Tendency to catch cold 110, Tickling 111
Deafness 114, Discharge 115, Dryness 115, Ear ache/Pain/Otalgia 115, Ear injury 116, Earwax 117, Eczema 117, Eustachian tube, obstruction of 118,, Haemorrhage 118, Herpes 119, Meniere's disease 119, Motion sickness 120, Noises/tinnitus 120, Otitis externa 121, Otitis media 121, Pain 122, Perforated eardrum 122, Pus 122, Swelling 123
Bad breath 126, Blisters/ulcers 126, Cracks 127, Itching 127, Lips cracked, swollen, hot 128, Lip tumours 128, Paralysis of the tongue 129, Saliva 129, Stomatitis 129, Taste 129, Thirstlessness 130, Tongue-problems of, coatings, black and blue, cancer of 130.
Bleeding 134, Blue, black 134, Caries/Dental cavities/Decay 135, Gingivitis 136,Grinding 136, The Jaws, problems of 136, Pain/inflammation 137, Pyorrhoea 138
Adenoids, enlarged 141, Burning 141, Cancer/Growth in larynx, in pharynx 142, Diphtheria 142, Discharge 143, Dry 143, Dry 143, Hoarseness 144, Laryngitis 144, Mumps 145, Pain 146, Paralysis 147, Red/rough/sore/pharyngitis 147, Smoker's throat 148, Stammer/stutter/loss of voice 148, Swelling 149, Tickling 150, Tonsillitis 150
Aneurism, aortic 157, Angina pectoris 157, Aortic valve stenosis 159, Aortic incompetence 159, Atrial fibrillation 159, Arterial thrombosis and embolism 160, Arterio-sclerosis [Atheroma] 161, Blood pressure, high, Hypertension 162, Blood Pressure low 163, Hypertension 164, Bradycardia 169, Burning 169, Chest pain 170, Constriction 170, Coronary thrombosis 171, Endocarditis 172, Heart failure 173, Inflammation/Myocarditis 173, Pain 174, Palpitation 175, Pericarditis 176, Pulse rapid, slow/Tachycardia 177
Asthma bronchial 181, Asthma cardiac 183, Bronchiolitis 184, Bronchitis acute 184, Cough 186, Croup 188, Emphysema 189, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 189, Expectoration 191, Infants/Children 192, Lungs cancer 192, Old persons, problems of 193, Paralysis of lungs 194, Pleurisy 194, Pneumonia 195, Tickling 196, Tuberculosis 197, Voice lost/Hoarseness 198, Wheezing 199, Whooping cough 199.
Abscess of the liver 204, Achalasia of the cardia 204, Acidity 205, Appendicitis 206, appetite-loss of 207, Aversion to food 207, Bowel-cancer of 208, Burning/ulcers 209, Cholera 210, Cirrhosis of the liver 210, Colic 212, Colitis 213, Constriction 214, Duodenal ulcers 215, Dyspepsia 215, Eructation 215, Flatulence 216, Food poisoning 217, Gallstones 217, Gastric ulcers 217, Gastritis 218, Gastroenteritis 218, Giardiasis 218, Hepatitis 219, Hernia, femoral 219, Hernia, hiatus 219, Hernia, Inguinal 220, Hernia, umbilical 221, Hiccup 221, Indigestion 221, Jaundice 223, Morning sickness 224, Mucous/Dysentery 224, Nausea/vomiting 225, Oesophagitis 226, Oesophagus-stricutre of 226, Pain/colic 227, Pancreatitis-acute 229, Paralysis of the oesophagus 229, Pertionitis 230, Swelling 230, Taste diminished 231, Typhoid 231, Worms/Roundworms/Tapeworms/Threadworms 231, Yellow skin 232.
Backache/Lumbago/Pain 236, Burning 238, Cerebro-spinal meningitis 238, Cervical Spondylosis 238, Coccydynia 239, Concussion 239, Cracking 240, Curved 240, Malignancy 240, Myelitis 240, Sciatica 241, Slipped Disc 241, Stiffness 242, Swelling 243
Bed-wetting 247, Blood in urine/Inflammation of the kidneys 247, Bright's disease/Nephritis 248, Burning 249, Colour/sediment 250, Convulsions-uraemic 251, Diabetes mullitus 251, Inability to control/Incontinence 253, Inflammation of the kidneys 254, Kidney stones 254, Nephoris 255, Newborn-stoppage of urine 256, Odour 256, Old persons 256, Pain 256, Prostatitis 257, Pus 257, Stones in kidney, bladder 258, Tenesmus 258, Urethritis 259
Abortion 264, Abscess 264, Amenorrhea 265, Aversion/Frigidity 266, Backache 266, Bladder-irritable 266, Bleeding/Profuse menstruation/Menorrhagia 267, Bleeding /Scanty Menstruation 268, Breast abscess 269, Breast Cancer 269, Breasts: Nipple/Cancer/Fissures/Inflammation/Pain/Tumour 270, Burning 272, Cancer of the uterus 273, Cervicitis 273, Climacteric/Menopause 273, Coldness 274, Constriction/Vaginismus/Coitus painful 274, Convulsions 275, Cystitis 275, Cysts, vaginal 275, Deficient milk 276, Desire-increased/Nymphomania 276, Dysmenorrhoea 276, Epilepsy 277, Fibro-adenoma of the breast 277, Fibroid tumour in uterus 277, Frigidity 278, Gonorrhoea 278, Hemicrania 279, Hysteria 279, Irregular menstruation 279, Itching 280, Labour pains 280, Leucorrhoea 281, Mastitis 282, Menorrhagia 282, Metatarsalgia 282, Milk deficient 282, Nausea 283, Ovarian cyst 283, Pain/Inflammation/Painful menstruation 283, Placenta 284, Pregnancy 285, Prolapse of the uterus/Bearing down sensation 285, Swelling 286, Syphilis 286, Thickening of the skin 286, Tumours in womb/in ovaries/Polyp 287, Ulceration of cervix 287, Urethritis 287, Vaginitis 288, Varicose veins 288, Warts 289
Aversion 293, Backache 293, Balanitis 293, Boils 293, Breathing, laboured 294, Burning 294, Chancre 294, Desire 294, Eczema 295, Ejaculation, Premature 295, Gonorrhoea 296, Hydrocele 297, Impotence 297, Inflammation 298, Itching 298, Orchitis 298, Pain 298, Phimosis 299, Prostatitis 299, Prostate gland, enlarged 299, Pus 301, Rheumatism 301, Swelling 301, Syphilis 302, Testicles, not descended 304, Ulcers 305, Urethritis 305, Warts 306
Anal fissures 309, Anal itching 309, Ball sensation of 310, Bleeding 310, Burning 311, Cancer 311, Constipation 311, Constriction 313, Difficult faces 313, Fistula, anal 314, Haemorrhoids/Piles 314, Infants 315, Insecutiry 316, Involuntary 316, Pain 317, Polyps of colon, of rectum 317, Pressure 318, Prolapse of the rectum 318, Spasm 319, Tenesmus 319, Uneasiness 319
Amoebic Dysentery/Amebiasis 320, Big Size 320, Bloody/Black 321, Burning 321, Cholera 322, Collapse in cholera 323, Colour/Mucous 324, Dentition diarrhoea 325, Diarrhoea 325, Desire 326, Desire, ineffectual 326, Dysentery 326, Fetid 327, Gastroenteritis 328, Gurgling sounds 329, Hard 329, Involuntary 330, Mental shock, constipation after 330, Milk Diarrhoea 330, Pain 330, Mental shock, constipation after 330, Milk Diarrhoea 330, Pain 330, Shivering/shuddering 331
Aches/Pain/Soreness/Bruised felling/Rheumatic, arthritic pain/Gout pain 336, Acrocyanosis 338, Acroparaesthesis 339, Ankles 339, Arthritis 340, Arthritis-Gout 340, Arthritis-Rheumatoid 341, Atxia-Locomotor 343, Athlete's foot 344, Broken bones 344, Bruised feeling 344, Bunion 344, Bursitis 345, Calcaneal spur 345, Callosities/Corns 346, Calves/Legs 346, Cartilage, damaged 347, Cerebral palsy 348, Coccyx 349, Convulsions 350, Cramps in legs 351, Decay 351, Deformed bones, joints 351, Eczema 352, Elbows 352, Epilepsy 353, Feet 353. Fingers 354, Fit 354, Fracture 355, Gangrene 355, Hands 355, Hands 355, Heels 356, Hips 357, Ingrown toenail 357, Knees 358, Myasthenia Gravis 359, Nails 359, Osteomyelitis 360, Palms 361, Paralysis 361, Parkinson's diseases/Paralysis Agitans 362, Paronychia 362, Periostitis 363, Rheumatism 363, Sciatica 363, Seizure 364, Shoulders 365, Soles 365, Sprain 366, Stagger 366, Strain 366, Sweating 367, Tendo Achilles 367, Thighs 368, Thumb 368, Tick 368, Toes 369, Ulcers 369, Varicose veins 369, Whitlow 370, Wrist/Arm 371
Abscess/Sepsis 375, Acne Vulgaris 376, Baldness 376, Barber's Itch 376, Bedsores 377, Blackheads 377, Blisters 378, Blue skin/Cyanosis 378, Boil 379, Brown spots 379, Bruise 379, Burning sensation 380, Burns/Scalds 381, Carbuncles 381, Cellulitis 381, Chilblains 382, Chloasma 382, Coldness 383, Cold sores/Herpes simplex 383, Colour 384, Corns/Callosities 385, Crab lice 386, cracks/Fissures 386, Cyst 387, Eczema/Dermatitis 387, Erysipelas 388, Foreing bodies 390, Frostbite 390, Gangrene 390, Impetigo 393, Itching/Pruritis 393, Leprosy 395, Lice 395, Numbness/Pins and needles 396, Odour 396, Pain 397, Perspiration/Sweating 397, Prickly heat 397, Psoriasis 398, Rash 398, Ringworm 399, Rosacea 399, Sensitive 400, Shrivelled 400, Swelling/Dropsy/Oedema 401, Tumour 401, Ulcer 402, Urticaria 403, Varicose veins 403, Vitiligo/Leucoderma 404, Warts 404, Fevers 406, Burning 407, Chicken Pox 407, Children 408, Chill 408, Collapse 409, Diarrhoea 409, Exposure 410, Fever 410, Haemorrhage 411, Influenza 411, Intermittent/Periodic 412, Malaria 412, Measles 413, Night sweats 414, Nausea 414, Pain 414, Pneumonia 415, Scarlet fever 415, Typhoid 416, Sleep 418, coma 421, Deep sleep 421, Insomnia 421, Moaning 422, Nightmares 422, Night walk 423, Sensitive 423, Twitching 423, Yawning 423.
Bed-wetting 425, Boils/Ulcers in the mouth 425, Bronchitis 426, Chicken Pox 427, Chorea/St. Vitus's dance 427, Cold/Coryza 428, Colic 428, Conjunctivitis 429, Constipation 429, Cough 430, Croup 430, Crying 431, Decaying teeth 433, Dentition problems 433, Diarrhoea, infantile 434, Digestive upsets 435, Diphtheria 435, Earache 435, Ear discharge 436, Eczema 436, Epilepsy 437, Eyes-catarrhal inflammation of 438, Fever 438, Fits/Febrile convulsions 440, Headache 441, Intertrigo 444, Jaundice 444, Malaria 445 Measles 446, Mumps 447, Nappy rash 447, Night terrors 447, Nosebleed 448, Ophthalmia of the newborn 448, Pleurisy 449, Night terrors 447, Nosebleed 448, Ophthalmia of the newborn 448, Pleurisy 449, Pneumonia 449, Poliomyelitis 450, Rheumatic fever 450, Rickets 451, Rubella [German measles] 451, Scarlet fever 452, Sleeplessness 453, Sore throat/Tonsillitis 453, Stings/Insect bites 454, Toothache 455, Twitching/Tics 455, Typhoid fever 456, Urticaria 456, Whooping cough 457, Vomiting-chronic 457, Worms 458.
Addison's disease 461, Alcoholism 461, Anaemia 463, Debility due to haemorrhage 465, Fatigue/Debility 466, Injuries/Bruises/Cuts/Fractures/Insect bites/Punctured wounds/Sprains/Strains/Surgical shock 469, Internal Haemorrhage 472, Nausea and bleeding 474, Smoking 475, Cancer 477, The Brian 478, The Mouth, The Tongue 479, The Lip 479, The Larynx 480, The Lungs 481, The Oesophagus 481, The Stomach 481, The Liver 482, The Pancreas 482, The Oesophagus 481, The Stomach 481, The Liver 482, The Pancreas 482, The Colon, The Bowel, And The Rectum 482, The Kidney 484, The Bladder 484, The Breast 484, The Breast 484, The Uterus 485, The Cervix 486, The Ovary 486, The Prostate 486, The Skin 487, The Blood [Leukaemia] 488, The Bone Marrow 488, Materia Medica 489
Abies Nigra 495, Aconitum Napellus 495, Allium Cepa 497, Aloe 498, Ammonium Carbonicum 499, Antimonium Crudum 500, Antimonium Tartaricum 501, Apis Mellfica 502, Argentum Nitricum 504, Arnica Montana 505, Arsenicum Album 506, Arundo 507, Aurum Met 508, Bryta Carb 509, Belldonna 510, Bryonia Alba 512, Calcarea Carbonica 513, Calcarea Fluorica 514, Cantharis 515, Carbo Vegetabilis 516, Causticum 517, Chelidonium Majus 519, Cimicifuga 520, Cinchona Officinalis/China 521, Colocynthis 522, Cuprum Met 523, Gelsemium 524, Glonoine 525, Graphites 526, Hepar Sulph 527, Hypericum 528, Ipecac 529, Kali Bichromicum 531, Lachesis 532, Lycopodium 533, Mercurius Corrosivus 534, Mercurius Solubilis 535, Natrum Muriaticum 537, Nitric Acid 538, Nux Vomica 540, Pulsatilla 541, Rhus Tox 543, Sepia 544, Silicea 545, Sulphur 547, Thuja Occidentalis 548, Veratrum Alb 549
Remedies which are Inimical to one Another551
A Short Circuit to Selection of Remedies/A repertory for instant reference, in home, office and for travellers555
A Traveller's Medicine Chest573
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