How to Worship Goddess Pratyangira

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Author: Sri Anandananda Natha
Publisher: Giri Trading Agency Pvt Ltd, Chennai
Language: Transliterated Sanskrit
Edition: 2022
ISBN: 9788179504666
Pages: 116 (4 Color Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 11.0 inch x 8.0 inch
Weight 300 gm
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description

Sri Vidya Upasakas, at the commencement of the pooja, Pray and Worship Sri Sarabeswara and Salabisakshi (Pratyangira). Generally the poojaas and Homam performed in the worship of Sri Pratyangira are supposed to ward off evil Drishti, Graha doshas and Abichara. I have witnessed the pooja and homam performed by my revered Guruji in my relative's house. Since then I had the urge and desire to gather Stottas, Pooja Vidhanam and mode of worship from various sources. Books and Topics from Rudrayamalam, Prapanchasara Sangraha, the publication of Pratyangira from Pudukottai Bhuvaneshwari Adhishtaanam and the book published by Sri Najan were studied. Sri Saiprasad from Perambur, Chennai helped me by giving Pratyangira Panchangam and some old hand written manuscripts. With the Grace of Sri Parambigai our Guruji has now compiled this book for the benefit of the devotees. A person desirous of chanting various stotras must get proper initiation from a Guru. Grahasthas may also seek the help of some upasakas to perform the Paraayanam in their houses.

Sri Sangaranarayanan of Chennai perused through this compilation and arranged to prepare Yantra in Copper plate and coloured laminated Chakras. The handwritten Script and Yantra were placed at the feet of Sri Pratyangira Devi at Sholinganaggllur. A copy of the same was sent to Sri Haran-Chaitanyanandha Naatha, Rochester, U.S.A. Sri Haran had published good number of books on rare collections through Sri Raja Rajeswari Peetam. After going through the script, he was eager to publish it as Navaratri Malar.

Our thanks are due to Shrimathi Gnaanapoorani and Dr. Madhvanath who had taken creative efforts to prepare this publication.


vande guru padadvandvam avan manasa gocaram.

rakta sukla prabhamisram atarkya traipuram mahah .

Eventhough all people born in this Earth desire mundane and pleasurely living, many do not attain their desires as they fail to perform the duties bound on them to achieve such living. They, in fact, get into difficulties owing to desires which are beyond their means. To obviate such difficulties faced by humanity, elders have set forth various rituals. The great Rishis who recite Vedas have ensured that Vedas contain various Mantras to take care of the joys and sorrows of those born on earth and to enable them to attain a true Moksha. The Rig Veda thus contains Mantras to help people to achieve most of their desires. Sri Suktham and Durga Suktham for example would bestow happiness while Saraswathi Suktham would give knowledge. A mention of Pratyangira Suktam has been made in Rig Veda to counter difficulties faced by Humanity in the form of evil eye (drishti), doshas etc. Later, Saints and Upasakas, apart from chanting Pratyangira Suktham, had also composed Dhyana, Pooja vidhanam, various stotras and Tantra recitals in Rudrayamala Tantra, Prapanchasarasangraha, Prapanchasara and other valuable collections.

While I was engaged in Sri Vidya pooja and connected rituals, I came across valuable information on the above said observations. In recent times '.'Chandi Homam" is performed everywhere. A thought occurred to me that why not we follow Sri Pratyangira Devi's rituals. This thought gave rise to research on various granthas, leading to compilation of Sri Pratyangira Vidhanam with Mantra, Peeta pooja, Astottaram (108), and Sahasranama (1000) and Homa rituals from various sources. My disciple Chi. Gurumani and his friend Sri Sangaranarayanan desired to collate the collection in the form of a book.

I have also to observe a caution. Sri Pratyangira Suktham contains 48 riks. Some Riks are to be chanted for the complete destruction of enemies. But at the end, a Rik is given which includes a warning note.

Ye drhyuh rujave mahyamagne kadadhiyo durmana asmana sam sah !

apaddhyaitan rocisa vidya tantun vaivasvatasya sadanam nayasva !!

This Rik conveys "1 do not wish to harm others but desire to do good for the humanity at large. If others want to do harm to me by their thinking or deeds, please take them to the abode of Yam a (God of Death)". Therefore it is to be noted and understood that the Prayogas (Observing the riks) will be useful only when righteous persons use them for the benefit of the humanity. The above Rik also depicts Devi's Ugra (fearful) swarupa and Her "samhara" power as well as Graceful benevolance. Instead of using the word 'kill' which comes out of Akrosha' (expression with anger), uses mild version stating that such persons should be taken to the abode of Yama. Most of the Female. deities though have a fierce look, always shower their motherly instincts. Such Mantras though given in Vedas, may appear Ugra (fierceful), they must be chanted only for the welfare of the humanity in general. It is requested that Upasakas and devotees use these valuable collection of Mantras for the welfare of their family and community at large.


Key to transliteration and pronunciationiii
1Puja Paddhatih1
Mula Mantra1
Guru Dhyanam1
Pranama Mantra2
Kundalini Dhyanam3
Ajapa Japa5
Tantrika Snanam7
Sandhya Vandanam7
Sandhya Vidhih8
Mantra Svikaranam9
Sri Pratyangira Japa13
Matrka Nyasah13
Vidya Nyasah16
Navayoni Nyasah17
Sadanga Nyasah18
Pitha Puja18
Sri Pratyangira Dhyanam19
Kalasa Sthapanam27
Avarana Puja31
Bali Vidhanam32
4Mala Mantram36
5Stotram (Kupjika Sulapani Tantrastham)38
10Puja Vidhanam (2)51
11Mantra Vidhanam56
Digbandhana mantrah56
Raksohagni mantra62
12Pratyangira Ricah63
13Sri Atharvana Bhadrakali Mantrah67
14Vanadurga Saptasati Parayana Granthe
Sri Pratyangira Visayah68
15Sri Maha Pratyangira Maha Khadgamala Stotram71
Japa Samarpanam74
16Sri Pratyangira Sahasra Nama76
17Mala Mantram (2)102
18Sri Pratyangira Astottara Sata Nama102
20Variations in Sri Pratyangira Yantra105

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