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Infinite Grace - The Story of My Spiritual Lineage

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Item Code: NAH704
Author: Swami Rajarshi Muni
Publisher: Life Mission Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2013
ISBN: 9788188243945
Pages: 384 (Throughout Color and B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 10.0 inch X 7.5 inch
Weight 700 gm
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business
Book Description
About the Book

This prophecy came to pass nearly 4500 years ago when Lord Lakulish appeared on earth at Kayavarohan, a well-known holy pilgrimage center in western India. He preached the principles of Sanatan Dharm and the spiritual science of Divine Yoga. His spiritual tradition flourished for nearly 3000 years. With the passage of time, the teachings of his tradition ceased. However, this timeless Divine Being revived his spiritual tradition afresh by initiating Swami Pranavanandji in 1913 A.D. The latter initiated Swami Kripalvanand in 1931, installing him as Yogacharya and the third Guru of the tradition. Swami Kripalvanand initiated his chosen disciple Swami Rajarshi Muni in 1971 and passed on to him the profound mysteries of Divine Yoga.

In the first edition ofthis book (2001), Swami Rajarshi Muni, the presentKul Guru of the lineage, had narrated the story of the lineage till 1993. This revised and enlarged centennial edition brings the story up to date and covers the full century of the lineage from 1913 to 2013. Lord Shiva's prophecy lives on.

About the Author 

Swami Rajarshi Muni was born on 11th February 1931 in Porbandar, in western Gujarat, in the princely lineage of the Jadeja rulers of Kutch. He received sannyas initiation in February 1971 and thereafter devoted himself almost exclusively to secluded Yoga sadhana of the khechari mudra expounded and practiced in the modern spiritual tradition of Lord Lakulish, twenty-eighth incarnation of Lord Shiv, in which he is the present spiritual head. In 1993, in response to a spiritual calling, he temporarily interrupted his self-imposed seclusion to undertake a worldwide campaign to spread the knowledge of Yoga and the moral, cultural and spiritual values of the Sanatan (eternal) Indian heritage. He resumed secluded sadhana in 2007 to complete his Yoga and establish the authenticity of the principle of the indestructible Divine Body, on which he has shed profound light from a position of eminent qualification based on personal practice and experience. He is an advanced yogi, a realized Master in the classic mould of Indian adepts, knower of the kundalini and master of the khechari mudra. The extraordinary heights he has attained in his Yoga practice establish him firmly as the latest addition to the lineage of siddhs (adepts) which has long embellished the Indian spiritual tradition.

Preface to the First Edition

This book narrates the story of my spiritual lineage. My most revered Guru, the late Yogacharya Swami Kripalvanandji Maharaj, had two Gurus. He was only 19 years old when Swami Pranavanandji Maharaj initiated him into the practice of Yoga. Ten years later Udasinacharya Swami Shantanandji Maharaj initiated him into the ascetic life. After becoming a Sannyasi (an ascetic monk) he spent about 15 years as a recluse, wandering from place to place, giving discourses on the Bhagvad Gitii and involving the masses in spiritual matters. In those days he used to narrate many episodes from the holy life of Swami Shantanandji. Later on, when he took a vow of silence, he used to relate some of these stories in writing. But hardly anything was said about Swami Pranavanandji, except that he was his Yoga Guru. Therefore the people did not know much about this great sant.

Guru Swami Kripalvanandji had the great fortune to spend fifteen months in Mumbai with his Gurudev, Pranavanandji Maharaj. Although during this period he had witnessed many wonderful events, he maintained total silence about them for nearly 40 years. Pranavanandji had told his young disciple that he should neither speak about him nor write his biography until he, Kripalvanandji, had attained Nirbij Samadhi. At the same time he also gave Kripalvanandji permission to share these experiences with his favorite disciple. That is how I acquired this treasure of extraordinary stories about the revered Pranavanandji Maharaj, known by all as Dadaji, from my Guru Kripalvanandji, who was lovingly called Bapuji by his many disciples.

While teaching me Yoga, Bapuji would reveal the deep mysteries contained in certain scriptural passages, while at other times he would talk to me about various facets of Dadaji's extraordinary character. On hearing these episodes about Dadaji I would plunge into an ocean of sheer ecstasy. I realized that Bapuji was behaving as affectionately towards me as Dadaji did towards him. But Bapuji gave me similar instructions, "My son, I have told you all this per Dadaji's wishes, but do not make it public at present. Make it known only after I have attained Samadhi. You alone will have to disclose it in the future."

Bapuji, however, did narrate some stories about Dadaji in a public speech that he gave on the completion of his twelve-year vow of silence. This was the first time that his followers had discovered anything about Swami Pranavanandji. Three years later, during the celebration of his 60th birthday, his followers decided to bring out a commemorative volume highlighting his life, thoughts, and philosophy. At that time I approached him with this request: "Bapuji, we have decided to publish a commemorative volume on the occasion of your diamond Jubilee. May I have your permission to narrate a few more episodes about you and Dadaji in this volume?"

He thought for a while and answered, "All right. You may relate some stories, but ask for my approval about the incidents you intend to narrate." I told him that I would do so.

Thus, with Bapuji's permission, I published an article entitled "Guruji and Oada Gurudev" in the commemorative volume Vandana in 1974. Only a few episodes were included in that article. I still had a large reserve of such episodes in my treasure trove.

Towards the end of 1981 Bapuji left this mortal world. Now it was left to me to decide whether I should make the episodes from Dadaji's divine life public. For a considerable time I experienced mental strife over this question. I thought that it would not be proper of me to hold back the treasure of these invaluable incidents from others. If I were to die suddenly, this precious collection would vanish with me and therefore be of use to no one. Thus, after two years of consideration, I finally decided that I would speak about the great Gurus of my lineage at the yearly gathering of my Guru brothers and sisters on the anniversary of Bapuji's Maha- Samadhi (leaving the mortal body). Thus I narrated many episodes involving Dadaji and Bapuji between 1983 and 1988. All these talks were then serialized verbatim in Urja, the Gujarati quarterly published by the Kayavarohan Tirth Seva Samaj.

In 1989 I thought of editing this material for a book which would serve as Bapuji's biography. This required that I also include some episodes involving Bapuji and Swami Shantanandji Maharaj, who had initiated him into the ascetic life. Moreover, since I was associated with Bapuji during the last twelve years of his life, this period was included as well. Thus this book tells Bapuji's story from his birth to his Moha-Samadbi. However, because it was not possible to tell his entire story and reveal all the aspects of his multi-faceted personality, it would not be proper to regard this book as his biography. Therefore I thought it fit to entitle it "Mori Guru Parampara: The Story of My Spiritual Lineage", since it incorporates various episodes - some involving Bapuji and his two Gurus, and others involving Bapuji and me. This was the genesis of the book that was first published in Gujarati in July 1989 by Shri Kayavarohan Tirth Seva Samaj at Kayavarohan, and later by LIFE Mission at Vadodara, Gujarat, India.

I am happy to see its English language version being published now.


Prayer III
Preface to the first Edition iv
Preface to the Second Edition vii
Chapter One  
Mumbai 1
A Brilliant Child 1
The Smile of Destiny 6
The Discipline of Yoga 15
A Lesson in Spiritual Science 20
Shaktipat Initiation 28
Chapter Two  
The Life of a Sant 33
A Trip to Kolkata 33
The Pilgrimage to Kedernath 40
The Divine Body 51
Chapter Three  
The Pilgrimage to Kedernath 57
The Devotee 64
The Secret Mysteries of Yoga 71
The Principle of Monotheism 80
The Lesson of Detachment 86
Chapter Four  
Renunciation 99
The Cow-loving Sant 99
The spirit of Renuciation 107
The Renowned Gurus of the Udasin Sect 116
Inspiration for a spiritual life 119
The passing of a great Sant 121
The Pursuit of Divine Yoga 138
The Jytirling 145
Chapter Five  
The Disciple 151
The Revival of Kayavarohan 151
I will guide you 153
The Lineage of a Siddha Guru 174
The Meditation Seminar 177
The Release of Pran 179
Sannyas Initiation 184
The Path of Purna Yoga 194
Yoga Experiences 200
Inauguration of the Kavyarohan spiritual Center 204
A Traveler on the Path of Grace 212
Chapter Six  
Maha Samadhi 223
The visit to america 223
The future of the Kayavarohan Ashram 230
Progress on the Path of Divine Yoga 234
The Bondage of Organizational Activities 241
Bapuji's Return 252
Dadaji's Dear one Takes Maha Samadhi 255
Chapter Seven  
The Lord's Will Prevails 261
The highest Goal of My life 261
Surrender to the will of god 267
Establishing the truth of the divine Body 270
Chapter Eight  
The Divine Command 273
Divine Darshan 273
The Process of khechari Mudra 279
The mysteries of Divine Yoga 283
Seclusion and Detachment 286
Dadaji's Divine Command 288
The protectors of Spiritual Values 289
Man's Naturally Enjoined Duty 291
The three Pillars of Culture 293
Dharm, the Foundation of Spirituality 295
The Principle of the Oneness of God 296
The Divine Trinity 298
Strengthen Your Faith 299
The Lakulish Fellowship 301
Guidance for Campaign Volunteers 304
Chapter Nine  
Shiv Sankalp, A Brief History 307
I inform the Devotees 307
Implementation of the Divne Command 309
Auspicious Beginnings 312
Construction of the Life Mission Headquarters 314
Devoted Volunteers 317
The Completion of Rajrajeshwardham 318
The Truine Celebrations 320
The Second Great Day of my Life 330
Divine Mercy 333
Chapter Ten  
Shiv Sankalp An Update: 2007-2013 337
2008 Dadaji's Shiv Sakalp Extends Eastward 342
Master Sea Cloud's Address on Bapuji's irvan Anniversary  
2009 Abundant Grace: A golden Jubilee and Three New Ashram 348
Golden Jubilee of Shri Kripalu Ashram 2010 Abundant Grace Continues 359
A Yoga University of Sight at Last  
2011 Several Completions and New Starts 360
2012 Centenary Celebrations 362
Centenary Celebrations  
2013 Centenary Year Conclusion and a University at Last 364
Sanatan Culture  
A jewel in the Crown: Lakulish Yoga University  


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