Instant Palmistry: A Pictorial Guide

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Author: Dr. M. Katakkar
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
Edition: 2005
ISBN: 8179922553
Pages: 148
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description
From the Back of the Book

Here is one of the most fascinating and authentic works ever produced on the interpretation of lines on the palm.

There is a hidden meaning for every line that appears on the Palm and the author has explored the occult significance attached to each line and sign. Napolean had said: perhaps the face can deceive but never the hand.' This book is a concrete proof of what he said.

The study of Palmistry needs tenacity and Patience and sometimes a guru. But with this book you can study the abstruse subject of palm-reading at ease and in your leisure time. This book describes all the essentials of the subject which you can easily pick up.


The aim of this Book

Every novice in the field of Palmistry expects to know the subject through short-cut methods. Here is a book for him. This book contains practically all the aspects of the study course in palmistry but put in a nutshell and through sketches only. Naturally the student's thirst for knowledge is satisfied by this alluring book.

The study of Palmistry is as old as the history and various systems of palm reading have been evolved in different countries from time immemorial. Even though the study has a long history, it is still a matter of prolonged and bitter controversy whether palmistry is a science or not.

There are therefore few objections that are raised against this science and some of them are as under:
1) Do the stars or the planets influence individual life?

I have heard that some 196 scientists all over the world, after studying the effects of the planets on human life have come to a conclusion that the planets have no influence on the individual life. But my answer is firm and positive. Yes, the stars and the planets do have an influence on the individual being. What is the proof? I give below my experience.

A) It was in 1942 that once two street goers visited my house and asked me to show my palms to them. They were fortune tellers from the southern part of India. After stretching my palms before them, they prepared my horoscope within few minutes from the palms along, an exact one as per the one in my possession. A horoscope shows the planetary position existing at the time of birth. And if that planetary position could be seen on the palms and a horoscope can be cast, what more proof is required to show the influence of the planets of the human being.

B) It was in 1949, that on one occasion I stayed in a hotel in Bombay. The next day morning while I was busy taking my morning breakfast, a gentlemen sitting next to me started talking on the subject of Astrology and within few minutes described my horoscope to a marked degree of accuracy. I just enquired how could he do it, he said that he could do so from the study of my face. How very surprising and thrilling? A horoscope could be cast from the face alone. If that is so, how can we deny that the planets have an influence on the human being?

2) Do the lines on the hand change?

Yes, the lines on the hand do change. But the change takes place in the off shoots or in the rising and falling lines from the main lines. The formation and the course of the main lines do not change. Therefore the mainlines indicate the path of life, whereas the small lines, either appearing or vanishing, indicate the events that have to take place shortly. The lines have a psychological significance and the mind produces, controls or alters the lines on the palm. The main lines indicate what the natural course of life is, new lines just beginning to form show emotions and ideas just developing within the person. The hand reveals the man as he is, not as he may pretend to be. Napoleon has said, "Perhaps the face can deceive but never the hand."

3) If everything is predetermined, what is the use of knowing one's fate in advance?

According to Indian Philosophy, there is always a struggle going on between Free will and Predestination. The role of predestination is to induce a thought in a particular direction. Whether to act upon the thought or not is the field of Free Will. A thought to commit a murder or a crime is according to the principle of predestination but to act according to the thought or not is the operation of the Free Will. The lines on the hand also indicate the opportunities and also the losses and scandals we have to go through. We can take advantage of the opportunities and avoid losses by taking care well in time.

4) The right hand and the Left hand

There is an age old Theory among ancient palmists that the right hand for man and the left hand for a women should be studied. The reason is that they considered the right hand as the active hand and the left as the passive hand. Men play an active part in life, that is to say, they work for their families and look after the welfare of women and children at home. They also do the most laborious work and look to the protection and maintenance of their families. Since most of man's work is done with the right hand, it has become a practice to study the right hand only.

On the contrary, ladies remain at home and do the house hold duties. They are by nature submissive and passive. They are not expected to have an independent life as such and they have to depend entirely on their husbands or male members in the family. As such the left hand of ladies should be studied since it would portray the woman as she is. This is how the theory, "the right hand for men and the left hand for women evolved"

However the above theory has become obsolete during the last 6 or 7 decades, since both men and women have started working for their livelihood and both of them are equally active in life. Therefore the right hand for both of them needs attention.

Medical science has now proved that the right hand has close connection with the left hemisphere of the brain which shows our active mind and vice-versa. With the development of this theory, we can say that the right hand shows the conscious mind whereas the left hand shows the subconscious mind. The left hand shows our hereditary qualities and what we have brought with us since birth and the right hand shows what we are going to make in future.

Important: For left handed persons, their left hand should be studied. According to Indian Palmistry, Indications or marriage of men are to be read on their left hands and those of women on their right hand. It also states that left hands of children upto 14 years should be studied.

Texture of the hand

The texture of the hand is either fine or coarse. It shows the natural refinement of the person. A fine texture will indicate a refined person in thought and deeds. The person is pleasant to meet with and has good manners and etiquettes.

Incompatible with the characteristics of the fine skin is its opposite, the coarse skin. In this case the skin is rough and the touch is unpleasant. The person is rough in speech and does not care for the feelings of other. The behaviour is rude.

A fine texture will elevate good qualities and will control bad elements.

A coarse texture will elevate bad qualities and will suppress good elements.

Colour of the hand

Colour of the hand gives us an idea of the health of the person as well as of his mental aptitudes.

Red Colour: It indicates strength, vigour and activity
Yellow Colour: The person is not joyous and happy.
Blue or Purple Colour: It does not show a very healthy person.

The Mounts on the Hand There are ten Mounts on the hand. (See fig. 1.) Mounts are the flabby pads which rise up high on the hand except the mounts of Neptune and Uranus. These are sensitive pads which consist of a network of nerves. It is a matter of great thought and observation as to why the particular mounts on the hand are allotted particular places only. It seems that our ancient scholars who were also the masters of Astrology, found that the persons who have Jupiter powerful in their horoscopes have a powerful mount developed under the first finger which they called as the Mount of Jupiter. In this way persons having powerful planets have certain places more developed on the hand which were named after those planets.

Certain qualities such as, likes, dislikes, behaviour, mental aptitude, health, vocation, are attributed to each planet and a person governed by a particular planet has acquired those qualities.

A Jupiterian means a person having the qualities attributed to the planet Jupiter and so on; a Saturnian, an Apollonian, a Mercurian and so on.

The Indian system

According to Indian Palmistry, we have to study the hand in three particular chronological orders.

First watch the hand. See how the palm looks, whether it is small or big in proportion to the figure and strature of the person. Study the shape of the hand, the fingers. Study the colour of the hand.

Secondly study the touch and the feeling of the hand. See whether the skin is fine, rough or coarse. That will give an idea of basic qualities of the person.

Thirdly and lastly, try to analyse our observations.
In Indian Palmistry, there are ten qualities which indicate good and praise worthy hands. They are:
1) The hand should be warm to touch.
2) Colour should be like that of the sky before dawn.
3) No light should pass through the chinks if the fingers are closed together.
4) The hands should look bright and lustrous as if they are oiled.
5) The hand should be full and thick
6) It should be of Medium size.
7) Copper coloured nails
8) Long fingeres.
9) Wide fingers.
10) No sweating of hands.

A rich person has long fingers and good looking palms. If the palms of a woman appear as charming as a lotus flower, she is fortunate and will lead a happy life.

General Map of the Hand Fig. 1
Lines on the Hand Fig. 2
Star and Cross on the Hand Fig. 3
Shape of the Hand Fig. 4-11
Divisions of the Hand Fig. 12-14
The Fingers Fig. 15-21
The Thumb Fig. 22-30
Square Hand with Different Fingers Fig. 31-37
Spacing between the Fingers Fig. 38-46
Loops on Fingers Fig. 47-51
Mounts on the Hands Fig. 52-58
Rings of Solomon and Saturn Fig. 59-60
Flat Zone of Thought Fig. 61
Lines and Stars on Fingers Fig. 62-76
The Quadrangle Fig. 77-78
The Big Triangle and the Signs in the Triangle Fig. 79-94
Defects in the Line Fig. 95
Good Signs on the Hand Fig. 96
Zodical Signs and Months on Fingers Fig. 97
Time Factor on Hand Fig. 98
The Line of Life Fig. 99-167
Lines of Influence Fig. 168-186
The Line of Head Fig. 187-260
The Line of Fate Fig. 261-305
The Line of Heart Fig. 306-349
The Line of Sun Fig. 350-371
The Line of Mercury Fig. 372-397
The Line of Mars Fig. 398-404
Via Lasciva Fig. 405
Girdle of Venus Fig. 406-409
The Line of Intuition Fig. 410-411
The Bracelet Fig. 412
The Lines of Travel Fig. 413-416
Miscellaneous Signs Fig. 417-418
The Line of Marriage Fig. 419-427
The Lines of Children Fig. 428
Index of Signs on the Hand
Alphabetical Index
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