Karma and Rebirth in Hindu Astrology (Explained Illustratively With Many Horoscopes)

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Author: K. N. Rao
Publisher: Vani Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2023
ISBN: 8189221706
Pages: 200
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description
About the Book

Karma is mysterious. It chases its doer as the calf recognizes its mother even in a herd Karmas of all previous human births are the - Sanchita Karma Karmas allotted from out of the Sanchita is the - Prarabdha Karma. The area in which you can exercise your freewill is the Kriyaamana Karma First see in your horoscope the prarabsha element which surely is your birth time and your Moon together with other planets.

Do you expect to get happiness from your children? That relationship, like your relationships of other types, is the obligation born of your past lives which is known as rirnanubandhan.
The nature and the quality of the karma you perform is what you must know.
For the first time you will know through this original and fundamental research that life is neither a story of all joys nor of all sorrows. It is what you know it is. But then do you know why it is, or what it is?

For the first time in the history of astrology it is being explained through fifty and more case studies.

If you are an astrologer you should first see your own horoscope to know why you have not won any name as an honest and efficient astrologer Discover your limitations. See other horoscopes now from the same point of view.

And ask yourself Is astrology a source of illumination for you leading to salvation or of bondage leading to future births. How ethical are you then as an astrologer?

The first full fledged study of cases of rebirths is what you will find in this book.


About the Author

K. N. Rao (Kotamraju Narayana Rao) retired from the Indian Audit and Accounts Service as Director General in November 1990. He is the second of the four sons of the famous journalist of the pre-independence era, K. Rama Rao, the founder editor of the National Herald and editor of more than thirty journals in his long journalistic career. Rao was initiated into astrology by his late mother, K.Saraswani Devi, at the age of twelve in 1943. He regards her as the best astrologer he has known in two areas, marriage and children and prashna (horary).

Rao was a lecturer in English before joining the government service through an all-India competition in 1957. He joined the Indian Audit and Accounts Service from which he retired as Director General in November 1990. More interested in games and sports than in astrology in his youth, Rao won brilliancy prizes in chess competitions and two, state championships in bridge competitions. He played ten other games which is why in his astrological writings also there are references to games often.

During his service career, he was the planner, organizer and teacher of three international courses on Audit of Receipts as a joint director once and director twice. His interactions with foreigners have been both on professional and astrological levels for more than two decades which is why he has, as an astrologer, a large international network of friends. He went on doing all his fundamental researches in astrology during his service career because of which, he went on collecting horoscopes systematically, in thousands. He has in his possession more than 50,000 horoscopes with ten important events of each individual noted with him. It is perhaps, the largest individual collection of horoscopes any astrologer in the world has.

The strain of doing astrology as a mission, not charging any fee, almost made him give up astrology many times. But in December1981 he was forced out of his shell to participate in a three day seminar on astrology in Delhi. After this ground breaking speech there has been a persistent demand for his astrological articles. From then onwards he has been sharing with his readers his original researches for which he has won worldwide praise.

Between 1993 and 1995, Rao has visited the USA on five lecture He was the Chief Guest at the Second Conference of the American Council of Vedic Astrology in 1993. He was requested to resent in the Third conference also in 1994 on the opening day because of the crowds he would draw. His name was advertised till November is also for the Fourth Conference though he had made it clear that he would not be available anymore for the American conferences.

As a result of his academic approach, he has now more than a thousand students in India and more than two hundred in the .3A. He is the Director of Astrology Courses in the Bharatiya Vidya bhavan, New Delhi. The teachers on the teaching faculty of the astrology course in the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan have, like him, ever charged any fees for teaching which they do in an honorary capacity. What impelled Rao to do it is we explained in his own horoscope where the lagna and the 10th lords get combined in the lagna, with an exalted Jupiter in the 10th house. All this was foreseen by his Jyotish Guru, Yogi Bhaskarananda of Gujarat whom rao describes as the last of the Rishi astrologers in the purest classical mould. He had told him that he would have to visit many foreign countries to give to Hindu astrology the honour, recognition and dignity which it did not have till then. An American summed up the impact of the first ever foreign visit of Rao to the USA in 1993 as, 4Vedic astrology before Rao and after Rao”.

What different yogis have said about astrology as a Vedanga which he must not give up has been quoted in his book, Yogis, destiny and the Wheel of Time.

Astrology is ill-reputed as a profession because of its mercenary and exploitative nature. Raos desire never to turn into a professional astrologer, has won him thousands of admirers and aso some enemies from the community of professional astrologers who felt threatened, when around him there grew up a fine team of more than two hundred academic astrologers like him, for whom astrology is not a source of living, but a super science to del-a into the meaning and purpose of human life, which is what astrology, as Vedanga, should and has to be.

Both his mantra guru, Swami Paramananda Saraswati, and his jyotish guru, Yogi Bhaskarananda, taught him some secrets c spiritual astrology which are not given usually in any book c astrology. Rao has revealed some of these secrets in his book, Yogis, Destiny and the Wheel of Time. Among Ran’s recent fundamental and most original researches are his two books Predicting through Jaimini’s Chara Dasha and Predicting through Karakamsha and Mandook Dasha. It has been possible for him to produce such researches because he was told by his jyotish guru that what was in parampara (tradition) was much more than what was contained in books of astrology which are translated literally and are without illustrations generally. His own mother, who was his first jyotish guru, knew many such traditional secrets, parts of which Rao has revealed in his three books, Ups and Downs in Careers, Astrology; Destiny and the Wheel of Time and Planets and Children.

It was the mantra guru of Rao, Swami Paramananda Saraswati who first asked Rao not to give up astrology as it had to be an integral part of his sadhana. Later a great yogi, Swami Moorkhanandji, prophesied in 1982 that he would be the architect of a great astrological renaissance. Whether that is already fulfilled or not can be gauged from the impressive list of his researches published in his writings.

Among scores of appreciations he receives every week, only some are being produced here.



The need to write this book on Astrology and Karma arose because in the lectures on general astrology to batches after batches of students in our astrology classes I have covered many areas of Astrology and Karma. Many of them were tape-recorded but I have none of them with me. To collect many of those thoughts in one and put them in a systematic way became necessary because student want a book which they could follow.

I was not willing to write so soon. Yet postponing it did not appears wise. My jyotish guru Yogi Bhaskarananda had written four long chapters on some general subjects of astrology which contained his distilled spiritual and astrological wisdom. I tried my best to race them out but failed. I have learnt from Mr Prityush Bharatiya at whose Jorbagh residence in Delhi my Yogi Guru used to stay, c-S all those manuscripts including his small ashram near Ahmedabad were sold off within weeks of his death. It is a symptom of Kaliyuga in which disciples betray their gurus to whom they owe so much but whom and whose association they exploit in so many ways.

I am not aware of any other astrologer writing on those subjects with so much depth and understanding of the Indian system of astrology. The reason was clear to me. He practised astrology in the rishi tradition unlike other well known astrologers of India for whom it was a source of livelihood to maintain their families. When astrology is a chosen profession it ceases to be divine. It gets debased. An astrologer living on the income from fortune telling or horoscopic reading is no better than a man who sells shoes and maintains his family on the income so earned. These mercenary astrologers could never have fathomed the spiritual depths of astrology as my yogi jyotish guru could.

In the west, particularly the USA which I have visited five times by now (1997) each time for six weeks, stayed with American families, interacted intimately with thousands of Americans, I found that some of them were very fine spiritual practitoners and understood the essence of sadhana very well.

Many of them visit India also very frequently, meet yogis, saint go to pilgrimages and end up by developing more business links that spiritual ones. That is a typical American attitude to spiritual this group which has been aware of the spiritual tradition of Indi. gets interested in Hindu astrology which it describes as Vedic astrology to cast off whatever sectarian bias the word Hindu could have had. But there is no Vedic astrology for predictive purposes The American coinage is what I took wrongly accepted for sometime. vedic astrology’ is the product of immature understanding of the astrological tradition of India, and a good markettable product. Through some of the Vedic astrologers of the USA, I came to know many who were interested in the sadhanas of India. Some of them are fine human beings.

Neither the mercenary astrologers of India nor Vedic astrologers of USA can ever understand that astrology is meant to become a spiritual discipline, the finest method of developing dharana or one pointed concentration leading to deepest meditation.

To argue with them that astrology done with mercenary motive is invitation to greater meshes of karma is fruitless because they are not spiritually sensitive.

The most confusing part of the American thought is that one could be highly spiritual and also have sex life as one wished without any restriction and without any inihibition What they do not know is that it is not spiritual life but vikarma combined with what they imagine is spiritual life. I was doing an astrological reading for an American woman in a religious place in USA. She admitted, when I asked, that she had abnormal sexual life. She told me something and persisted with her questions about a great spiritual life. In another place, a homosexual who tortured his wife by neglecting her told me that he would write a book on great spiritual experiences which he alone in the world had. In such a ‘culture’ even spirituality can become a saleable commodity. And it already has become so. They in the USA know marketing as none in the world knows.

I found most of those, keenly interested in spiritual life, not knowing the importance of karma leading to akarma which alone is the foundation of true spiritual life. Asia and Asia alone, knows nd maintains, the tradition of combining spirituality with poverty in the USA they would abhor such an idea itself.

The most civilising and the only forces uplifting man have been religions. They have also been the sources of conflict. The higher and sublimer forces have been spiritual practices all of which have some only from Asia. All civilising influences have come from east r Suez Canal. I found many Americans taking about it and saying it is the sadhana given by the two Indian religions, Hinduism and Buddhism that have attracted them.

An astrologer can see spells of vikarma very clearly which some Americans mistook for spiritual life. Some of the younger persons, particularly the males I have met, talked of the importance of pure celibate life for sadhana as keenly as Indians do. But they crashland into relationship very fast.

Then there is the materialistic culture’s ego that man makes his own destiny. It is for this reason that even one or two Vedic astrologers of USA who can predict events prefer not to do it. If others do not predict events it is because they have not learnt jyotisha at all but only its jargon Instead they concentrate on psychological readings like the western astrologer. May be, they realize, knowing their country and countrymen better, that it would not be well received. Yet, sooner or later they will have to concentrate on the predictive aspects.

One nation hating the other or one nation posing to be morally superior is not unknown in international politics. The arrogance of a super-power which USA is, gets reflected in some of the noticeable non-spiritual attitude of Americans which an astrologer cannot afford to miss. Lack of honesty in money matters, and the mercenary habit of charging from every guest, together with the unholy attitudes of permissive societies towards, has made the West, particularly the USA, totally non-spiritual. But India with her spiritual culture must become a target of severe attack if she becomes corrupt which is a fact we all know to be true. But Americans need not take a patronizing stand on the subject. They must do something to improve their sub-spiritual life.

India like Asian countries is developing deep materialistic traits. Part of this is the Indian habit of taking bribes which an American criticised rather violently once in a meeting we were having. It was difficult to argue I thought and unnecessary.

So I narrated an incident. In Washington, DC, I was asked to give consultations to an American who was unemployed. I gave him full two hours’s reading free. Then I presented to him books worth eighty dollars. I told him that I wanted the horoscope of a celebrity. He promised to get it from a friend astrologer of his. Next day be brought it and charged me ten dollars, five for the horoscope and five for his transport. It surprised me that a man who had two hours of free reading and books, all free, should charge me for it. That is the aggressive materialistic culture of USA. Then I had more than one hundred experiences of similar type with those who pretended to be spiritual or even insisted that they were deeply spiritual.

I had to tell that Americans who criticised Indians for their habit of taking bribes, that Americans they were no better. They indulged in most atrocious dollar pinching. It was worse than bribe taking. This dollar pinching was the worst spiritual obstacle. Then they charge fox everything from the guests who stay with them unlike Indians who would feel insulted if the guest paid anything.

With aggressive dollar pinching Americans show rare naivette and ask questions about salvation. Indians know that a good state of spiritual development is non-attachment to money, or giving away the money collected for charities most munificently. The charity raising functions in the USA are also part of a business scheme I discovered. If God had a price, Americans would find it out in no time.

Yet Americans have some thirst for spirituality, the American brand, sex, dollars and God. But then how are we better in India where we behave like hypocrites ? Yet there are and will always be great yogis in India. Indian spiritual tradition is like many vast oases in deserts of corruption. Some Americans understand it and get interested in India intelligently, not caring for negative elements in our public life. Their interest in the astrological tradition of India is what attracted me to the USA. But now it repels me because astrology there is very rudimentary.


Preface II

After my book on Astrology and Karma which my Indian friends described as my best book to date for reasons best known to them, this addition of Rebirth and Tradition must be treated as an expansion to the same theme. In India and some other countries of the world there is both traditional belief in rebirth and collected tested case studies. In recent years, Ian Stevenson of the University of Virginia, USA, has done remarkable work in this area though many Indians who could have done far better work must have failed because of lack of resources and apathy, a common Indian failing. Stevenson’s work is praisworthy as, he being a product of a different culture and rigid scientific background, did make attempts to overcome his’ lack of ‘feel’ for what is a normal and real living tradition of Hindu way of life based on thousands of family experiences.

I must also begin, necessarily, with an observation given by Lakshmana of the great epic, the Ramayana to Nishadraj, the king of a forest kingdom, during the fourteen year exile of Lord Rama to the forest.

Adhyatma Ramayana

No one is the cause of any other person’s happiness or unhappiness. It is the karmas of a man’s past life that are its muses. There is no one else that gives happiness or unhappiness. To say so is ignorance. The very thought “1 do it”, is ignorance. Everyone is in the bondage of his own karmas. It is man himself who through his different types of behaviour creates friends, enemies, indifferent and envious persons. Therefore, man should remain blissful in all conditions whether he is in a happy condition or an unhappy one, accepting it all as his prarabdha. As far as I am concerned I have neither the desire to have worldly enjoyments and the desire to give them up. Whether these enjoyments come into my life or not, I will not be in the grip of these. In whatever place and at whatever time auspicious or inauspicious deed has been done that has to be suffered inevitably. So when auspicious or inauspicious results spring up one should neither be elated nor lament over them because no one can violate the laws of God. Man is always surrounded by happiness and unhappiness because human birth is the result of the mixture of sins and holy deeds. Happiness follows unhappiness and unhappiness follows happiness. Inside happiness there is unhappiness and inside unhappiness there is happiness. These two are intermixed like water and mud. Therefore, the wise never get elated or depressed when their desires are fulfilled and when they are not, saying ‘all this is Maya’

Free translation, page 87, Adhyatma Ramayana>p> In this cycle of births and rebirths we forget, as we must because of the powerful Maya of the Lord, that we have friends or enemies as a result of our own karmas. Yet an astrologer should E wiser than others in this area of human knowledge. Most of the mercenaries, earning their livelihood out of astrology, cannot and do not even do that. It is why astrology will continue to be the knowledge of ill-educated charlatans, as it must have been even in ancient times also. We have enough evidences to show that astrology was condemned in all ages and in all countries always and, yet it flourishes because it has a super scientific base. In all ages, cheats have existed as yogis and sanyasis. There have been false prophets too. There are fundamentalist reigionists who would suppress art; evidence which proves theft religious stand to be untenable and superstitious. Then we have physical scientists, more superstitious because like frogs in the well they do not know that boundless human knowledge exists outside the well in which they have sought their distinction. That well is their laboratory. It is precisely for this reason that the case studies I have taken up are indisputable. Though very limited in number. Lot of friends both in India and the USA, particularly, offered to help but they were not able to assure me that their material for astrological investigation was not spurious. The material given to me in the USA was unauthenticated.

By authentication what I mean is that the horoscopes of an individual of both births must be correct and someone, other than me must certify them to be genuine and valid. In the case studies presented in this book I have done that.

An astrologer must know that Jupiter the planet of Vedanta governs also Vedanga (the six limbs of the Vedas of which astrology Is one). What Jupiter teaches is divine wisdom. An astrologer ±out a good Jupiter is lost in the Maya of self-boasting, abusive writing, envious attack on those who surpass and earn better ability fame. That is also the Maya of the Lord. Lot of ignorant articles been writing by many writers about what are astrological . Combintions about astrologers. Almost all of them have ignored Jupiter as the most important planet. The planet of divine knowledge, Jupiter, alone must occupy the prime position. Next .must come Mercury, the planet of mathematics, astronomy and astrology. These must get connected with spiritual houses to give astrology its original Vedantic content. The aspect or presnce of c2iter on the second house, the house of speech gives truthfulness d therefore Vak-siddhi or, that spiritual gift of prophecy which spiritual astrologer has to have. But such a Jupiter if in malefic association can turn it into guru chandala yoga.

But for such astrologers, this great super-science is not the path to salvation but pathway to hell. But such astrologers are not afraid to hell because their own violations of all types of moral codes is what they have to indulge in to become wealthy and famous, particularly when their astrological ability is deficient. Jyotisha, the riginal Indian word for astrology, means the science of light. This light emanating from the Vedas is the divine light which astrologers r whom astrology is merely fortune telling, forget. They have to forget it because astrology is a calling for them, a bread-winning branch of human knowledge, not a search for the Ultimate Truth.

I am talking of the deficient astrological ability because I have tried my best to know if it was possible to find out unfailingly through astrological techniques from which world a man had come in his present incarnation and where he would go to after death. No one could even give me a practical hint except my late jyotish Yogi Bhaskarananda and my late mother but without any horoscope. Left to myself, I too do no know of any such technique which works. So I decided to work on the horoscopes of both births of an individual wherever such reliable data could be got. God helped. Today I am able to make a slight breakthrough astrological to prove that some of the principles of Parashara and Varahmihira can be depended on in our investigations in to rebirths. A gist of those principles is being given in a small chapter.

Rebirth is a reality not merely because it is part of the Indian tradition but because it is now well investigated by many scholars in intellectual disciplines, other than astrology.

The case studies discussed here, some, out of the five (actually ten) have been presented in the USA both in 1994 and 1995. But the first presentation was done before my own students in 5r Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in 1994. The demand for astrological researches is great but, researchers in this century in India, have been only very few. In the recent months the tendency to s-i our researches and even the title of our books has become an uglier trend. There is little hope in such an atmosphere of producing genuine and honest research in astrology. Plagiarism in astrologer is as rampant as black market.

To prove birth as a fact of human existence and work on well known cases, but astrologically, and show the links between both births, mine, I presume, is the first attempt being made through more than one case, but not a satisfyingly substantial one, is what I must admit. Yet it is being done to start a debate and continue astrological investigations. At some point, long after I am de and gone, others may achieve better success. Mine is, let me reemphasize, only a beginning in this direction. It will take decades of efforts because getting the horoscopes of both births of an individual with non-astrological investigation into the truth of z being a case of rebirth will never be an easy task.

In the next century when man will be more holistic in hi outlook, astrology will replace all other sciences as the supreme science or the science of sciences. An astrological investigation Ub mine will then be the guideline for deeper investigation then. At the moment I expect, as usual, either to be blamed or praised on for this effort. A blemishless 5th lord, happy condition of the 2 house and the 2nd lord are necessary to single out a good astrologer. Which means what. Spiritual astrologers are almost non existent.

All astrological predictions, fully successful, half successful or ones teach the astrologer the most important lesson: it is ad’s law that must prevail. Astrology being one of the limbs Veda is known as Vedanga. The high stage of non-duality is reached by yogis is vedanta. It is why without a good one cannot be a good astrologer. An astrologer must first of all, in astrology. If his horoscope does not show high idealism and spirituality he can only be an abusive mercenary. But then must we not remind ourselves that we are living in Kaliyuga?




1 The scheme of the book 5
2 About the Author 6
3 Appreciations 9
4 Preface 13
  Part I: Astrology and karma  
5 Karma what it is 18
6 Myths Meaning & content 27
7 Karma Classifications 47
8 The Time of Birth is first Lamppost of Destiny 54
9 Why One's Moon and constellation are the other Lamp posts of Destiny 58
10 Happiness from children 63
11 Methodology of Astro Genetical study of the birth of a child The unique case study 71
12 The whirligig of time 78
13 Advantage of believing in predestination 90
14 conclusion 96
  Part II : Astrology and Rebirth  
1 Preface 111
2 Scriptual Tradition and Rebirth 116
3 Incarnations of god and devatas 123
4 A family Story about Rebirth 133
5 Another faimily story 141
6 The third family story 143
7 Astrological parameters in books 144
8 Who remembes past life or lives 147
9 Case Histories 150
10 The need for using certain data 173
11 Analysis of the data 175
12 Tabulated results of Astrological investigations 182
13 Conslustion 189

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