Kundalini: Path to Higher Consciousness

Kundalini: Path to Higher Consciousness

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Author: Pandit Gopi Krishna
Publisher: Orient Paperbacks
Language: English
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9788122205787
Pages: 192
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5" X 5.5"
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23 years in business
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Shipped to 153 countries
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From the Book:

'Kundalini represents the cosmic vital energy lying dormant in the human body, coiled round the base of the spine, a little below the sexual organ, like a serpent, asleep...

When roused, Kundalini rises through the sushumna, the hairlike duct rising through the spinal cord, like a streak of lightning carrying with her the vital energy of the body, to join her divine spouse Shiva in the last or the seventh center in the brain.'

'The Awakening of Kundalini is a perfectly natural biological phenomenon in any healthy human body' writes the author, 'leading towards a state of evolutionary perfection.'

From the Jacket :

This is an extraordinary autobiographical account of what happens in the mind and body when Kundalini gets spontaneously aroused. Pandit Gopi Krishna's graphic account of his experiences stands out as one of the clearest journals documenting spiritual transformation and mental evolution into a higher plane of consciousness. He is honest in describing the difficulties and dangers of the spiritual path and the intense pressure it can exert on the physical body.

About the Author :

Pandit Gopi Krishna (1907 - 1984) was not a guru in the classical sense. He was more a seeker who documented his experiences with Kundalini energy in the hope of understanding this unimaginably powerful force.




1. The Awakening 7
2. The First Irresistible Call 26
3. The Serpent Rises 36
4. Turning to Yoga 48
5. In Quest of the Unknown 60
6. Understanding Kundalini 67
7. Kundalini as a Yoga 81
8. Gradual Transformation: From Mundane to the Sublime 91
9. Between Body and Mind 100
10. The State of Altered Consciousness 109
11. Cosmic Shakti: The Serpent Power 123
12. The Transformation 131
13. The Thousand Petalled Lotus 139
14. Experimenting with Meditation 147
15. The Invisible Medium 160
16. The Muse 170
17. The Sublime Existence 179
18. The Evolution Continues 191
19. Towards Supreme Consciousness 200

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