The Light Divine: Life and Philosophy of Ramakrishna

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Author: Swami Harshananda
Publisher: Ramkrishna Math
Edition: 2001
ISBN: 9788179070185
Pages: 112
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 7.5 inch X 5.0 inch
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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The ordinary men of this world, sometimes, become so ordinary that extraordinary men have to appear here to lift them up to no ordinary heights, if not extraordinary ones. These tall men who walk this earth, may seem to be no different from others at first, but soon grow to superhuman proportions revealing their true nature even as Visnu (the all-pervading Divinity) appeared first as Varnana (the dwarf) and then as Trivikrama (one who occupied all the three worlds).

Ramakrsna-s-also known as 'Sri Ramakrsna Paramaharnsa' or just 'Paramahamsa'belongs to this rare species. His life was religion-in the highest sense-in practice. He lifted up religion from the morass of rituals and dogmas to great mystical heights as effortlessly as Varaha (the Boar-incarnation of Visnu) the earth. An earnest study of his life-his doings and sayings--can not only inspire us but also elevate us to transcendental levels.

2The Exodus2
3The vision3
4Nativity and Early life4
5From the pond to the occean6
6The Encounter8
7The Stage Divine9
8The Turbulence and the Tranquility10
9Bind Unbound12
10Expeditions Inward14
11Consord Defied19
12The Lotus Blooms20
13Drilling the Disciples22
14The Curtain Downs24
15The Fragnant Candles27
Svami Abhedananda (1866-1939)29
Svami Adbhutananda (d.19520)31
Svami Advaitananda (1828-1909)32
Svami Akhandananda (1864-1937)34
Svami Brahmananda (1863-1922)36
Svami Niranjananda (d.1904)38
Svami premananda (1861-1918)39
Svami Ramakrsananda (1863-1911)40
Svami Saradananda (1865-1927)42
Svami sivanananda (1854-1934)45
Svami Subhodhananda (1867-1932)47
Svami Trigunatitananda (1865-1914)48
Svami Turiyanananda (1863-1922)50
Svami Vijnananda (1868-1938)51
Svami Yogananda (1861-1899)54
16Philosophy of Ramakrsna56
Advaita of Sanskara58
Ramakrsna's Views59
Isvara or God64
Immarnence of God65
Jiva or Individual soul66
Cause of his Bondage67
Four Types of Jivas68
The Goal of life69
Jnana or Bhakti?70
Continuance of body after Realization71
Problem of God and Evil71
Cause of Disagreement72
Men Devotees of Ramakrsna74
Balaram Bose (A.D. 1842_1890)75
Durgacaran Nag (Nag Mahasay) (A.D. 1846-1899)77
Girlsscandra Ghosh(A.D. 1844-1912)79
Mahendranatha Gupta (A.D 1854-1932)82
Mathuranath Bisvas (A.D 1817-1871)85
Rmachandra Dutta (1851-1899)88
Sambukarancaran Mallck (d A.D. 1877)90
Sundranath mitra (A.D. 1850-1890)92
Women devotees of Ramakrsna94
Aghoramani Devi (A.D. 1822-1904)95
Gauri Ma (A.D. 1857-1938)97
Golap Ma (d. 1924)99
Laksmimani Devi (A.D 1864-1926)101
Rani Rasamani (A.D.1793-1861)102
Yogin Ma (A.D. 1851-1924)104
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