Linguistic Study of The Seventh Mandala of The RGVEDA

Linguistic Study of The Seventh Mandala of The RGVEDA

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Publisher: Sampurnanand Sanskrit University
Language: English
Edition: 2001
ISBN: 8172700741
Pages: 714
Cover: Hardcover
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From the Preface of the Book:

A Linguistic study of the seventh Mandala of RV. is being presented herre for the first time before the scholars.

The seventh mandala is one of the important mandalas of Rv. since it belongs to the oldest portions. Although linguistic study of the RV. has already been made to scholars in the west, no intensive individual study of the seventh mandala was as yet done. Therefore the present study, may be of some use to scholars in Vedic Linguistics.

The first part of the present work comprises the linguistic paculiarities in nominal-pronominal declension, in numerals; peculiarities of the present classes of the verb, of perfect and aorist formations, and of the secondary forms (intensive, desiderative, denominative and causative.)

The Second part of this work comprises linguistic notes on all the words occuring in the seventh mandala. The words already discussed in earlier mantra are left out with reference to the earlier place where it has been explained, unless the word required fresh attention for some special use. To avoid unnecessary repetition the following words however have been entirely omitted after they have been once explained: a, abhi, ati, anu, ava, adha, lt, lti, eva, o, iti, upa, u, ut, uta, ca,, cit, gha, ha, hi, nu, nl, pra, prati, pari, va, vl.

The main source of my success, in this work, is the instant and incessant help of my Supervisor, Dr. Satya Swarup Misra. During the research period he helped me without any interruption to solve my lingusistic difficulties. He further helped me by allowing me to take help from his book "The Old Indo-Aryan, A Historical and Comparative Grammar" (in press).

I am extermely thankful to Dr. B. Bhattacharya, the Head of the Department, who encouraged me for this research work

Sharda Chaturvedi

Preface I
Abbreviations II-V
Part I
Linguistic Peculiarities of the 7th Mandala of the Rg-Veda
Chapter I : Introduction 3-4
Chapter II : Nominal Declension 5-32
Chapter III : Pronominal Declension 33-45
Chapter IV : Numerals 46-50
Chapter V : Verb
a) Present Classes of the Verb 51-61
b) The Perfect 62-63
c) The Pluperfect 63-63
d) Aorist Formation 63-69
e) The Future System 70-70
f) Secondary Conjugations 70-72
Chapter VI : Notes on some Special Forms 73-74
Part II
Comparative and Linguistic Notes on the Words occurring in the Seventh Mandala
Bibliography 608
Word Index 609-704
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