Loving God: The Practical Teachings of Baba Virsa Singh

Loving God: The Practical Teachings of Baba Virsa Singh

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Publisher: Sterling Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 9788120730939
Pages: 88
Cover: Paperback
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Don’t waste a moment. As soon you start meditating, reciting Nam, and seeking God’s Light within yourself, your life will change. As more and more people do so, the world will change.

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Baba Virsa Singh reminds us of and indeed belongs to the chain of the great saints and sages of India who have brought the people together through their extraordinary powers, which include the power of love. We should learn from him the vital lesson of loving and helping not only people within a particular religious community but all those outside it and establish the religion of humanity which is the cornerstone of all great religions.

— Dr Syed Aushaf Ali
Founder Member, Hamdard University

I want to say that I deeply appreciate and admire Babaji as the presence of God to me. The light that comes from him washes away all my darkness. We must thank God that someone like Babaji is living in our midst today. The presence of one holy soul is a great blessing to the whole world.

— Father Paulos Mar Gregorios
Metropolitan, Past-President of the World Council of Churches

His Holiness Baba Virsa Singh is a holy person of Biblical proportion. A world-class leader who seeks no worldly position, he does not refer to himself as a Guru or miracle- worker He comes from a mud-brick village in Punjab, does not read or write in any language, but those of great intelligence, wealth, and worldly power bow at his feet, seek his guidance, and attribute many miracles in their lives to his influence. He quotes extensively from the scriptures of all religions. His special mission is to bring people of all religious paths closer to God, and bring peace by overcoming the conflicts that plague the world He has worked hard all his life to set an example of how one can rise out of poverty. When asked, he says only, “I am just trying to be a better human being.”


Baba Ji and His Work 7
One God16
Prophets of one Light 19
Dharam 22
Science and Dharam 26
Realizing God 30
Meditation 34
Nam 39
Worship 43
Mental Freedom 50
Faith and Surrender 54
Death 60
Healing 65
Seva 69
Mission 72
Overcoming Poverty 75
Make God Your Friend 80
The Coming of God’s Kingdom 82
Gobind Sadan 85
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