Miracles of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences

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Author: Dr. Nagendra Kumar Neeraj
Publisher: Popular Book Depot
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 9788190551977
Pages: 423 (Illustrated Throughout In B/W)
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description
From back of the book

Nature is the Greatest Physician

“Bad health is a reflection of the inner system of our body. To maintain or to regain health, one has to re – adjust the inner system; and the answer to that is: ‘Return to Nature’.”

Allopathic treatment is combative; and the treatment through Nature Cure is preventive. If you are in bad health, don’t worry, Nature cure will change it for better; if you are in sound health, maintain it by going in the lap of nature.

This book, written by the foremost practicing Naturopath in the country, Dr. Nagendra Kumar Neeraj, is a compendium that gives the readers scientific analysis about the amazing therapeutic values of Naturopathy. It will prove to be a beacon of hope for the sick and a guide for those who want to lea a disease – free healthy life. This book contains many useful hints for the lay – persons, both for the prevention and cure of ailments.

Sound health is the greatest of Nature’s gifts.



The book deals with Nature Cure, Naturopathy is not new to India. Mahatma Gandhi gave a great fillip to Nature Cure by his valuable experiments and frequent authenticated writings on the subject.

The reader, students of Naturopathy and the general public alike have very well received the original Hindi edition of this titled ‘Prakritik Chikitsa Evam Yoga Vijanaik Prayoga’. This edition includes the entire set of diseases, which could be treated with naturopathy. It is being universally realized that allopathic medicines have their harmful after effects, and lose their efficacy after some time. Naturopathy as a system of medicine is harmless and is more effective than the traditional medicine. Today, most of the rights – thinking physicians have strong faith in Nature Cure.

Nature Cure is quite effective for dealing with the chronic illness; it lays emphasis on strengthening the resistance of the body so that is could throw out the foreign toxins & toxic morbid matter accumulated in it due to a wrong way of life.

Naturopathy combines various methods of treatment of therapies. In included in this book are separate chapters on various therapies like: ‘Healing Through Food,’ ‘Chromo Therapy,’ ‘Yoga Therapy,’ ‘Pranayama,’ Hydropathy,’ ‘Sun Therapy,’ etc.

This book is the product of long practical experience of the author, Dr. Nagendra Kumar Neeraj, in effectively treating thousands of patients afflicted with common ailments and chronic diseases. The author is a dedicated naturopath actively involved with various national and international organizations spearheading the cause and importance of nature cure. We have nod doubt in our mind that this book will prove to be valuable not only for those who have health problems, but also for those who value their health and want to lead a disease – free life. We wish everyone good health and happiness.


Author’s Note

The present edition of this book is the thoroughly revised and enlarged edition. This book has been liked and praised alike by the students as well as the physicians. Keeping in view its subject matter and its popularity, Natural Institute of Naturopathy, Pune (Ministry of Health) has awarded ‘First Prize’ to this publication for the year 1997 – 1998. The Rajasthan Education Board has also selected this book for inclusion in the syllabus of 10+2 students.

Based on my personal practical experience, I have made every effort to make this book for the seekers of good health. An effort has been made to throw light on the doctor – patient relations by adding new chapters in this revised edition. Sane living is the basic foundation of vital force of the living body. What is that vital force or energy, and how to strengthen it, has been explained in a scientific method.

The entire living organism including the vegetation has a biological or circadian clock, which regulates the ital force. The sun directly influences this biological clock in addition, various planets also influence it; it has been amply explained in the chapter ‘Biological Clock and Nature Cure.’ How the natural colors affect our health? The vital force and health depend on the pace of breathing. Its importance has been explained under ‘Dhyana Therapy,’ ‘Mauna Therapy,’ and ‘Prayer Therapy.’ These therapies have tremendous therapeutic power. With a view to elucidate the value of nature cure for the preservation of the health, new research – based chapters have been included in this revised edition supported with scientific examples to make this edition more useful for the readers. We fall ill, when our defenses (vitality and immune) are down, and the defenses are down when we violate the laws of nature. Violation of the laws of the nature is the root cause of all our physical and mental troubles. When we walk or drive on the road according to the traffic rules, there is no risk of accident or hurt. This rule is equally applicable to our health also.

If we follow the laws of nature, we will lead a healthy life. Violation of the laws of nature results in various problems. The way of life leaves its imprint on your health. A clean life, free from addiction of any kind, fresh air, exercise and a placid temperament will help you stay healthy.

The present book throws light on this eternal truth. This book has been written for your well being and benefit. The readers are, therefore, requested to be free to give their suggestions for the improvement of any shortcomings, so that the next edition is made more useful for them.

Such books are the beacons to guide the dejected and disappointed patients to regain their lost health, making them independent from the health point of view. One need not waste his time seeking medical help form the various physicians; the vital energy that is the secret of your health is within you. Your doctor is sleeping inside you, that is why you are sick. This book will unfold for you the method to wake that doctor up. How? It can be known only after reading this book with patience.

Also, I extend my greatfulness towards learned Acharya Shri Bal Krishanji, Secretary General and M.D., Patanjali Yog Peeth Trust, Haridwar, whose constant support encouraged me to pen down my thoughts. From the internal voice of my soul, I remain thankful towards founder of Patanjali Yog Peeth Trust, Haridwar, and Swami Shri Ramdevji Maharaj, who had regular check on my work.

I wish all the readers a disease – free sound health. May God grant you good health, happiness and long life! The author will be thankful for your reactions after reading this book.


It is a matter of pleasure that this book titled 'Miracles of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences' has been dedicated to the general public by the author, Dr. Nagendra Kumar Neeraj. The author deserves credit for his noble effort. The author has written several books on the various aspects of naturopathy. The old saying goes 'pahala sukh nirogi kaya' (sound health is fore-runner of happiness). Sound health and long life is everyone's wish. Without sound health, one is not able to enjoy this life and finds himself helpless. Mahatama Gandhi, the apostle of our nation, was great exponent of the naturopathy. It was his cherished wish that the masses should be made aware of the wonderful therapeutic value of nature cure, and they should benefit out of it. Mahatma Gandhi popularized the nature cure by giving it spiritual touch. Nature cure system is conducive to healthy life in harmony with the nature. Dr. Neeraj has done magnificent job by giving this therapy a scientific touch. Such an effort is commendable as it is very essential in this scientific age. Nature's laws are the universal truth. Living in the close harmony with the nature is the sign of good health. If we violate the laws of nature, the nature will come to our rescue, and we will live with sickness. Naturopathy is most effective therapy. The book has been written in simple, but scientific language. I have no doubt in my mind that the readers will gain good knowledge about the effectiveness of nature cure. It will help to arouse the interest of readers in naturopathy and they will be able to lead a disease-free long life. I, once again, want to thank Dr Neeraj for this commendable effort.



1. Patient, Doctor and Treatment 1
2. Nature, Health and Freedom 5
3. Bacteria, Disease and Our Health 10
4. Naturopathy and the Vital Force 12
5. Immune System and Antibodies 20
6. Strong and Effective Innate Immune System 26
7. Naturopathy: What, Why and How? 37
8. Natural Pathogenesis 43
9. Nature Cure for Common Diseases 47
10. Biological Clock and Naturopathy 50
11. Fasting and our Health: A Scientific Study 66
12. Barasi Tapa and its Scientific Value 76
13. Healing through Food: Health, Nutrition and Foods 79
14. Nutrients and Their Brief Description 83
15. Vitamins and Our Health 86
16. Minerals and Our Health 90
17. Organic Diet and its Benefits 97
18. Scientific Value of Germinated Organic Foods 103
19. Wonders of Nature Cure: Raw Juice Therapy (Rasahar) 113
20. Diet and Essence of Scientific Research 122
21. Fast Foods and Our Health 140
22. Healing Powers of the Natural Colorful Foods and Cancer 145
23. Yoga Therapy and Our Health 150
24. Asanas and Exercise 153
25. Limbs of Yoga 171
26. Asanas 173
27. Asanas to be Practised in Sitting Posture 183
28. Asanas in Lying Position 196
29. Pranayama 217
30. The Secret of Good Health: Evenness of Breathing 222
31. The Secret of Longevity: Control of Breath 225
32. The Satakarma (Six – fold Kriyas) 229
33. Healing through Dhyana (Meditation) 234
34. Healing through Faith and Prayers 237
35. Healing through Auto - Suggestion 246
36. Hydrotherapy 263
37. Emergency Uses of Hydrotherapy 291
38. Curative Powers of Earth 294
39. Sun Therapy 301
40. Therapeutic Value of the Air 309
41. Spot Reflexes Zone Therapy: Acupressure Therapy 313
42. Treatment through Right Labour 317
43. Magneto Therapy 323
44. Scientific Massage Therapy 326
45. Music Therapy 330
46. Self - hypnosis 334
47. Health of the Eyes 337
48. Healthy Teeth 343
49. Healthy Skin 345
50. Health of the Hair 348
51. Healthy Physical Postures 351
52. Walking with Care 354
53. Smile: The Secret of Radiant and Vibrant Life 359
54. Mind is the Patient as well as the Physician 362
55. Dhyana (Meditation) The Wonderful Scientific Technique for Healthy Life 365
56. Yoga: Royal Road to Achieve Health 372
57. Spiritual Noble Silence Therapy – Treatment Through Observance of Silence (Mauna) 375
58. Laughter: The Best Medicine 382
59. Wonderful Invention – Secret of Indian Foods; New Hope for incurables; Open door to Health 390
60. Views of Various Scholars, Newspapers and Journals on the Hindi Edition of this Book 402
61. About the Author 406
  Glossary of Non – English Terms 412
  Glossary of English Medical Terms 417
  Yogic Terms 421
  Abbreviations used in this book 423

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