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A New Mathematical System on Timing Events Using Sadhu Paddhati

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Item Code: NAL593
Author: Shri R.K. Das
Publisher: Saptarishis Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9788192967974
Pages: 315
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch
Weight 420 gm
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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23 years in business
Book Description
About the Book

Important features of this book:

1-It is for the timing of happy events of life such as marriage, progeny, service, etc.

2-Speaks of PACN, i.e., Personal Astrological Cardinal Number which is different for different people and the methods and the methods of finding it are clearly given in this book.

3-Contains specific Purpose Charts (SPC), needed for timing events along with Natal Charts. This also contains the importance of Badha place.

4-This book does not contain any Dasha, Transit, Retrogation, Debiliation or Exhaultation systems. Only simple mathematics that is known to everyone is required for timing events.

5-A novice in Astrology, who only knows the names of the 12 signs, 9 planets and full aspects, would be able to predict the time of happening of good events for any person. The system presented here is very easy to learn.

6-This book contains all the necessary and important tables and many illustrations of all principles.

7-Students and practitioners of Vedic Astrology may use this book for practical purposes.

About the Author

Shri R.K. Das was born 1935, in the village of Kandoa in the Nadia District of West Bengal, and received his B.Sc. and LL.B. from Calcutta University and been selected in WBCS (Civil Service for West Bengal) through PSC examination.

He served as a renowned Magistrate and Judge in many districts and subdivisions in West Bengal and moreover qualified IAS

(Indian Administrative Service) examination of UPSC.

A prolific writer in Bengali language, Shri R k. Das has authored many detective book for children, Indian Cowboy stories and several other novels; and in addition he is a talented singer and painter.

Shri R.K. Das is a self-taught and accomplished Vedic scholar (Jyotishi) and with his divine insight, he has not only discovered many lost secrets of Vedic astrological calculations, but is also renowned for his accurate predictions over the last the five decades.


In Astrology there have been many systems on timing events. I propound here an Astro-Mathematical System of predicting on timing events of good nature. In this system of this book the divisional Charts are also used along with the Rashi Charts for calculating out the time of happening of good events. Even uninitiated readers in astrology also will find the system easy to learn. I hope that readers, students, & practitioners of astrology will extend enthusiastic reception to this system & the book.


By the grace of God I have been able to devise Astro-Mathematical System for timing events. Births and all other happy events can be verified and further predictions can be made with the help of this system. It is named ‘Astrology of Sadhu Paddhati’.

Astrology of Sadha Paddhati is mainly Astrology of timing events. Timing events here means rectifying the time of happening of an event that has already happened in the past, and a time of that event has only been reported from memory of some persons; and now, that time is being verified in the way that it could have been exact time of happening of that event. Thus mainly the two branches of this system-one is rectification or verifying of the time of an event that had already happened-and the other branch is prognostication of time about the occurrence of an event. This book is mainly dealing with the second branch, but with the facts that have happened for proof and verification of the rules that have been enunciated here. It should be clearly mentioned here that it is not a book for ‘you will be king’ but is a book for; You may be a king’ in such and such time, if you have purva punya for becoming a King. For the other branch of Astrology of Sadhu Paddhati I have written a book on ‘Rectification of Birth Time’ to deal with the Problems as it is reported that an Emperor was born in 1900 A.D. according to some persons but in 1901 A.D. according to the Royal Court. How to decide for actual calendar year? Such other things came within the purview of other branch of Astrology, “Sadhu Paddhati’.

Predictive astrology is based upon Birth Time but time itself has no birth time. It is really an astonishing matter as to how the wise and the sages of yore did make out the exact time of birth of a person when no equipments of modern time were available for them. But it is a fact that they could find out or work out the exact moment of a birth, otherwise they could not have stated about various Amsas of time.

The subject matter of the present book is ‘Timing Events’. Events here mean ‘Happy Events’-the events that cause happiness, cheerfulness, etc. Not only to the persons to whom it happens but also to friends, family, society and to the country. All want happiness and happy events, but timing of events is a very hard nut to crack. Astrology of Sadhu-Paddhati aims at that in a most scientific way. Astrology is a great science, rather a divine science. If knowledge is a science, we cannot see a thing which is not a science, everything which surrounds us, which we see and cannot and not see are all science. This paper, this pencil, this room, this outside are all science and matters of science.There cannot be anything without science.

In Astrology the Sun, the Moon, Rahu and Ketu are by rules held as planet. Thus it is a rule with Astrology, and this rule itself shows Astrology is a science. For the branch of the prognostication of time of happening of events, which is the subject matter of this book, the divisional Charts 9-D Chart, 10-D Charts etc are used along with Rashi Chart i.e. the Birth Chart. The divisional Charts are used as specific purpose Chart. The Specific purpose means for purpose of marriage, purpose of service, purpose of foreign travel etc. The rules for preparing these Charts are given in this book and Tables for these Charts are also included in this book. I have given separate rules for preparing the Charts mentioning the places of the planets on the divisional Charts. Just for example, Hora-Divisional-Chart is silent about positions of the planets. Only Sun’s Hora and Moon’s Hora are given for planets.

But in this book I have given the exact positions of the planets should have in D-2 Chart. I have not used the Trikona System (Trine System) in D-Charts but have used the exact position of the planets as they should have in D-3 Chart for the purpose for which these are prepared in this book have been properly incorporated.

Here in all matters and calculation the units are in ‘years’ so that unit has not been repeatedly used. Had there been other units besides ‘years’ then the units should have always required to be mentioned. In this book this thing has been skipped away. But for this the readers will not be in difficulty to understand each and every step and calculations.

Every event for a man has a normal time to occur but there also deviations from this usual time. A man in a normal way gets married after he gets a living means. But instances are not scant where it is seen year after year passed away but the man remains unmarried. So, his marriage required changed vicinage of event years. It is natural. There the events remain to be seen in other vicinage. No prediction can ever be made with certainty; elements of uncertainty always remain in all predictions of every kind. It is not unscientific; science has to admit ‘principles of uncertainty’


Sybbols Expressing Meaning & List of Abbreviations
An Introductory Presentation
1Preliminary Matters1
2Specific Purpose Charts9
3Badha Signs & Badhak Planets17
4Purva Punya Sthana25
5Prism of Consideration28
6Escalating Factors32
7Reducing Factors39
8Unit Value of Different Factors49
10Vicinity of Event Year79
11Personal Astrological Cardinal Number88
12Events of Marriage98
13Events of Service & Jobs141
14Events of Progeny168
15Events of Foreing Travels193
16Events of Sports & Games214
17Events of Sudden Influx of Huge Amount of Money233
18Events of Awards & Prizes251
19Events of Premiership & Presidentship270
ID-2 Charts D-3 Charts
IID-4 Charts D-7 Charts
IIID-9 harts D-10 Charts
IVTable A, Appropriate Columns Table B, Indicator (Actual)

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