Numerology (Know Your Lucky Numbers for Every Sphere of Life)

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Author: V. Rajsushila
Language: English
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 9788122300062
Pages: 118 (1 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description

About the Book

Numerology is the science of numbers, which their immense potentialities over human beings. The numbers govern us and our everyday activities. Every major problem confronting manking should be approached in a numerological way. Whether we believe it or not, the science of numerology has the power to govern over us. In the book, Numerology, the author has successfully encapsulated the wide subject of Numerology, its origin and its various aspects for the benefit of the readers. Being a numerologist herself, Ms. V. Rajsushila has taken care that all the queries and doubts that arise in the minds of the readers are properly dealt with.

It covers all aspects of numerology
Gives the characteristics of the individuals born under different numbers
Covers financial matters, health and marital life
Helps in the selection of the appropriate gem
Gives remedial measures for negative numbers

About the Author

V. Rajsuhila is one of the leading numerologists in India. This book is the outcome of her many years of research in the field. Right from her childhood days, she had a keen interest in Astrology which has been here family tradition. But as days passed by, she was fascinated by the by the subjects of numerology gems and stones. She started seeing in them smart solutions to the problems faced by mankind in their day to day live. She painstakingly, took up these as her profession. As her research into the subjects made headway, the subjects became comprehensible to her. Soon, this knowledge became, in her deft hands, a tool to solve the problems of her innumerable clients. She swears by the grace of Parampoojya Sri Ganapathi Sachidananda Swamiji of Sri Avadootha Datta Peetam of Mysore, who helped her bring out this useful book.



Numerology is the science of numbers which reveals their immense potentialities. Every human being has problems. The major problem is pain and sorrow and attainment of elusive pleasure and happiness. The only solution for this problem is approaching it in a numerological way and fixing a name on that basis. The science of numerology has the power to influence our lives, whether we believe in it or not just as fire has the power to burn things whether we realise its power or not. Numbers have the power to rule us whether we believe in it or not.

The reason for disbelief in this science is lack of appreciation of the applicability of this science. In this book, I have given you proper knowledge of numerology, its origin and changing names appropriately. Alphabets and their sounds along with Nadi chakras have a close effect on human beings characteristics of individuals born in different numbers, lucky and unlucky numbers, colours and their effects on human beings, selection of appropriate gem for every number and the rituals about wearing them, suitable mantras, tantras and remedial measures for negative numbers and so forth.

This book is most useful for business people, as I have explained the selection of business to each person according to his / her birth date and lucky and unlucky numbers in various types of businesses. I have also described the lucky days for wedding ceremonies, applying for a job or research in the educational field according to the birth date of each person.

I hope this book will guide readers and help them secure a bright future.




  Preface 7
1 Origin of Numerology 9
2 Effects of Numerology on Human Beings 12
3 The Alphabets & Numbers – Their Sound Value 19
4 Charaters of People Born on Various Numbers 28
5 The lucky and Unlucky Numbers of planets 42
6 Colours and the Effect of Planets on Them, and Colours for Various Occasions 44
7 Qualities of Single Numbers from 1 to 9 48
8 Numerology & Gems 53
9 Remedial Measures to Neutralise Negative Numbers: Mantras , Yantras and Charities 62
10 Lucky Business for Various People 69
11 Lucky Numbers for Marriage, Job, Education and Childbirth 73
12 Marital Happiness through Numerology 77
13 Meanings of Alphabets 84
14 Repetition of Alphabets 87
15 Business Partnership 89
16 Meaning of Compound Numbers 102
  Conclusion 118

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